Friday, February 04, 2011

Armchair Thinkers podcast

Quick head's-up: The Armchair Thinkers podcast has yours truly as a guest for the most recent episode (Feb 3 2011) and we get pretty into depth on stuff like The AntiThinker, Other M, etc. Check it out HERE:


Robert said...

FIrst again? :) *crosses fingers*

Comix Book Gurl said...


BIll said...

I hope there's not alot of Other M complains.
You should do a weekly podcast bob.

Shark said...

Well, there is a reason why Samus did not shoot Ridley. She may have PTSD.

Clayton said...

yes, hopefully people DON'T use this as another excuse to bitch about Other M. The Gamefaqs for that game is just a teeming mass of sulking manbabies.

Anyway, that was a rather interesting interview. I also have to hand it to Bob to not take any crap from some of the more vindictive posters on his shows.

Daniel said...

Really enjoy you're podcast appearances Bob. Would love it if you made more. ^_^

Agree with everyone else, hopefully everyone won't see this as an invitation for more Other M bitching.

Tim said...

Other M still sucks ass.

A Tribe Called Helloween said...

"...blah blah blah nothing to do with fan reaction."

Oh. Good to know you are now too good to care what the people who put you where you are think.

Let's get something straight, Bob. You are an not an artist. You are not "pushing forward a truly great vision in spite of criticism because true genius is hated by everyone at first." You are pissing off the people who give you ad revenue and keep you from working a "real job." And this comment makes you look even more like you need a boot to the mouth, especially since a decent chunk of your Screw Attack video was you talking about how you owe everything to your fans.

A Tribe Called Helloween said...

And another thing, you aren't spawning "debate." You aren't spawning any sort of intelligent discussion that pushes any sort of medium forward. You claim to be pushing this thing longer because it "gets us talking." Well, the talking consists of

"Remember when this guy made videos that were good?"

"Yep, those days are long gone."

"Let's go watch Expendables just to spite him."

End covnversation.

Christopher said...

Glad you're not letting the critics get to you Bob. Keep the content coming.

Honestly, I do kind of miss the good old days, when Bob had a mostly positive fanbase, but it's really not all that hard to ignore a bunch of idiots who think that Other M was sexist and The Expendables is better than Scott Pilgrim

Ezenwa said...

Upon hearing this interview, I'm wondering what people are thinking about the Kevin Smith incident. Since this is the Moviebob blogspot, I wondered what people thought of what happened with Kevin Smith. Do you think he's actually gotten so full of himself that he would do something of this caliber? To me, Bob, as a Smith fan, I'm thinking he's finally gotten to the point where he going to be as annoying a director as Michael Moore, if he keeps this up. Yes, that's harsh, but when you've seen one rather portly, successful, and somewhat jaded director doing crazy stuff, you've seen them all. I don't know.

So we're clear, though, who actually did finish hearing all of the interview?