Friday, February 11, 2011

Escape to The Movies: "The Eagle"

Intermission: "When In Rome."


Lucas Neumann said...

Good GOD this was a waste of time!!! and I'm not talking about the movie.

So you found this movie boring and have nothing to say about it, it's like Knight and Day review, when you said that these kind of bland movies that are neither bad or good bores you the most. Understandable.

So because of that you filled the rest of the review by saying that you are better than the rest of us "normal people". I know playing the intelectual movie-snob is part of your "charm" or whatever, it was supposed to be, but you've just came out as a jerk now.

And you even took credits for the creativity in movies! Saying that if it weren't for bored movie critcs, the entertainment industry would just make the same bland "nothing" product over and over again. Yeah, that's right Bob, good movies are made because there are movie-snobs out there to bitch and moan, and not becuase of the creativity drive that people who can actually make a likeable characters and storie have! unlike... you and your antithinker. God bless you movie critics!

And you know what, you could have used this opportunity when you don't have any relevant movie to review to do something else, like the review of the Anvil DVD. I never knew of that band and was introduced by you and I loved that documentary, or a foreigner movie, since you've mentined on you FAQ that you would like to do some of those.

But no, you've just stroked your own ego, made fun again of the King's Speech and Halo and ended by showing off your nintendo fanboyism

Booorinnggggg ZZzzzzzzzzZZZz

Ecosword said...

Lucas pretty much covered it, the bashing of Halo and the King's Speech is also getting boring.

The most you could do is change it up to different FPS titles. You harp on Halo all the god damn time but fall to ever mention any of the Call of Duties which I would say are bigger than Halo seeing as they are multi-console and stroke American militaristic machismo even more than Halo.

So yeah, you complain about a boring movie and become boring yourself especially with bringing in the same jokes you have been using for over a month.

Jon Ericson said...

Isn't it interesting that the aspect of this (apparently) formulaic Roman epic that you found most interesting was that it almost morphed into a formulaic buddy cop story. I guess that would have been ... good?

The Fowl Sorcerous said...

total tangent but I think best 'what happened to the 9th legion' story set-up is Jim Butcher's Codex Alera novels. In which, the descendants of those legionaries fight wolf and the zerg with Avatar: the last airbender style magic.

Daniel said...

While it pains me to say it; you did come off a bit like a slightly pretentious douche.

Not that I don't agree with you, but then again I AM a slightly pretentious douche. So take that for what you will.

Otherwise an enjoyable review.

Also; Always glad to be reminded of the kick ass summer we have coming. ^__^

Varya said...

I so hope you never take criticism to heart and start changing your show. If I wanted to know if a movie was good or bad, I'd watch the movie. I watch you for the rants and your endless quest not to accept the mediocre. Good review.
Oh, and as a Peter Jackson fan I suppose you know about it, but if by some chance you've missed it, check out "Hobbit in 5"'s weekly news about all things Hobbit.

Ezenwa said...

I really can't comment on your review only because I had no intention of watching the film. After "Gladiator" and "300", I'd say I'm pretty much burned out on movies from ancient Greece and Rome. That, and well, Channing Tatum, like Sean Faris, has no place in my mind or heart.

Aaron said...

Nice try Bob, but your excuse for why Super Mario Galaxy 2 wasn't just more of the same was pathetic. And of course, once again you take the time to rip on Halo. We get it. You don't like the game. At this point, its just annoying. Not to mention that its just wrong. You even admit that you BARELY played it. Act like all they added was jet-packs. Forget about the new multilayer game types, improvements to forge mode, the addition of class types, and all of the other improvements.

It's not that your opinion differs from mine that bothers me. It's that you're so fucking ignorant.

P.S.- I suggest watching Yahtzee's review of Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Ezenwa said...

He actually puts Yahtzee over on this vid, along with the Extra Credits people, whom, if you ask both, may have polar opposite ideas about Mario Galaxy 2.

Plus, I think the reason no one really faults Mario Galaxy 2 as much, other than the fact that positive review may keep their jobs, is because, at the end of the day, it's a Mario game, which usually comes out pretty good on the average, if not above.

Yahtzee has every right to hate on virtually any game that comes out, because he does strive for a lot of things like originality and such. But, that doesn't mean he doesn't find the positives.

But, again, it's all opinion, in my view, until it uses fact. Then it's an argument.

Kyle said...

The Escapist has some of the best content on the web. Extra Credits is my current favorite video series.

(You know I love you)

((Oh, and Extra Credits giving a shout-out to Rev's Rants videos? AWESOME. As a long time Destructoid community member that felt VERY good.))

Paul said...

Bit hypocritical at the end there Bob - the criticism of Halo 3 to Halo Reach doesn't apply to to the Mario Galaxy games because?......
oh, you happen to like them so it doesn't count?

Bad Bob, must try harder to not come off like the drooling fanboy you are. I'm not even saying you're wrong about Halo - I'm not a fan either - but at least be consistent and stop trying to pass off your fanboy-ish nature as a joke. We all have biases, start admitting yours instead of trying to dress it up.

Philbo said...

Bob has never said he wasn't a fanboy. We all know this by now.

However, when you are pre-emptively countering arguments that will be put forth by saying that Mario Galaxy 2 was somehow a different case to Halo: Reach (as you know MG2 would be a Halo fans rebuttal), perhaps instead you should look not to make the case about Halo: Reach in the first place.

Be harsh on both, or alternatively say that sequels with one new gimmick are OK.

And don't anyone bring up the Marvel vs DC argument of not being allowed to favour one over the other; Bob is criticising a game development strategy, not a particular Console/IP, and so should do so equally.

Popcorn Dave said...

I don't know if this quote is accurate, but I think Roger Ebert said that a critic should never say "*I* didn't like it but maybe YOU will if blah blah blah". In other words, if you watch a kids' film or a chick flick and you don't like it, you shouldn't recommend it to those audiences.

This review is a prime example of how right Ebert was. You're right that "it's good if you don't know any better" is a poor defense of the film, but it's also pretty patronising and presumptuous about people who aren't film critics. You seem to imply that someone who doesn't watch as many films as you is someone who will just watch any old dreck. Maybe you found The Eagle boring because you know so much about films... but maybe it was just a boring film. This whole review was just really defensive and elitist for no good reason.

I totally get that it’s hard to fill up a 5 minute review with a film like this, but personally I like it better when you just change the subject, like talking about the Smurfs in the Knight and Day review. People are always asking you about foreign films, why not talk for a bit about, I dunno, The Illusionist (French one) winning that critics' prize or something? Or like Lucas said, how about another DVD roundup? Or maybe have a whole segment about those superhero films you showed at the end (okay, maybe you're saving that for The Big Picture). I dunno, I think those would all be better ways of filling up time than what you did here.

Lucas Neumann said...

Err, why people are so hurt because of the Halo joke, Bob does that all the time, it's boring by now (is that a meta joke about how boring is the movie?).

As Dave said, he wasted the majority of his review in reasoning an elitist view of movie critics for no reason ate all. And more so, when picturing "normal people" he picked red necks to describe them. I guess I could just dismiss this as a joke, but he does that all the time.

Bob is the first critc I see that attacks the audience, like he did in the Expendables review, or in his Michael Bay rant when he said "Movies by a douche bag for douchebas". Say what? I liked Bad Boys and now I'm a douchebag?

I hope this is just his "internet persona" talking. But it really annoys me when someone talks down on people like that.

Jack Pipsam said...

zzzzz oh sorry I fell asleep with your stupid Halo joke, really man lay off Halo.

just because you don't like it, you don't have to bring up false statements about the games.