Friday, February 18, 2011

Escape to the Movies: "I Am Number 4"

Intermission: "X-Men: First Class"


ZAENGO said...

good review, but i have something to say about the whole "bulk and skull" thing you talked about. they didnt ever really physically intimidate the main cast, or bully them in that sense. they were mainly just shit talkers, who would hit on the pink ranger and act like dicks to the main characters. they didnt give the rangers a hard time physically, but they were always bothering the rangers by pranking them or insulting them, etc. the reason the completely ripped main cast didnt just up and kick their asses was because they didnt want to hurt normal people, just aliens and monsters. im what you might call a "power rangers enthusiast".

wow, am i a huge nerd or what?

Adam said...

Good review.

To add to the above regarding Bulk and Skull in their attempts to be bullies they were occasionally successful in being really mean but were usually just annoying douches filling the "all bullies are just IQ challenged juvenile delinquents" role. In later seasons they actually became friends with the Rangers.

For my money Power Rangers had a much bigger "Clark Kent" thing going on. Yes, the ripped martial artists/gymnasts who always wore the EXACT SAME COLOR, and were never around during monster attacks never got pegged as being part of the Easter Egg Crew. It's funny as if you watch the old shows they really weren't that careful about keeping their identities secret.

Ah, the icons of my youth.

Euler d'Moogle said...

You share a birthday with Joel Hodgson? Ok, time to punish you. For your birthday we'll send you cheesy movies, the worst we can find. (La la la) You'll have to sit and watch them all and we'll monitor your mind. (La la la)

Luc said...

Happy Birthday, MB!

Lucas Neumann said...

So pretty teens that blow shit up. Yeah. So the Alex Ridder kid still getting job? Huh

Anyways, no where near to be interested in this movie, even if it does have some good action scenes.

Daniel said...


Anyway. Nice review, I might check this out after all I have nothing else planned for the weekend.

Funny story;
For the first minute of the first trailer I thought it was some sort of gritty reboot for that kids show "Codename: Kids Next Door"

For those of you wondering;
Its centered around a massive organization of kids -all of which are assigned a number- who fight the evil and oppressive Adult rule with comically advanced technology ranging from lasers to a space station.
Yes it's as silly as it sounds.

Series' wikipedia article;

I Am Number 4 trailer;

akkuma420 said...

Happy Birthday Bob.
Hope you had a good one.

Moshi said...

I find it awfully telling that you sort of kinda liked this, Bob. It speaks volumes about who you are and how increadibly easy it is to have your sensibilities manipulated.

Lucas Neumann said...

Well, you can't always predict one tastes and what he will or won't like, but he did say he didn't like this most of this film, just when shit began to blow up in a cool way.

I'm not going to "overthinker" MovieBob. But when he likes some stuff, I find hard to buy his arguments. Like the "Love and other drugs" review, when he described the whole thing to be formula rom-com in the most balnd way possible, but liked because he got to see people naked. Dude, we have the freaking internet, having hot people naked on screen stoped making shitty films look good since "Basic Instinct"

Then again, in his "Eagle" review, he says he's bored to death to bland and "normal" movies, and claims that because he knows so much about movie just the "new stuff" excites him, because he's out of touch with "normal people".

Thta's something curious about Bob's review, I never know when he's going to like or not a movie. But when he likes and tries to defend it, most of the time is fail. In tis one I'm suposed to sit through and hour and a half of 20-something guys acting like teenagers, ding that shitty drama so I can see some cool action scenes? Screw that, I'm gonna watch Die Hard again.

Bob said...


That really wasn't even close to the "point" of the Love/Drugs review; but since you brought it up: This might be a "generational" thing, but the whole "sexuality in movies doesn't matter anymore because now we have internet porn" is one of those arguments that makes absolutely no sense to me.

I mean, okay - I'm always just a mouse-click away from seeing some random co-ed with low self-esteem topless on the web, super... but that's NOT a suitable replacement (or even the same "thing") as the comparitively rare chance at seeing nudity from some of the world's most famous/beautiful women - projected 40 feet high, no less.

Sebastian said...

And happy birthday to you, Bob (sorry I'm late :-) ). How old did you turn, 30? Because if that's the case, you're exactly 7 days younger than I am. Not to brag here, but I was born on a Friday the 13th. How cool is that?

Seriously though, there's one criticism I have to levy: Thougtless semi-bashing (if only in passing) of Buffy. OK, OK, I'm a hopeless fanboy of all things Whedon, but I really believed that you, of all people, would recognize the importance and above-the-fray... ness that is "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer".
But devaluating it by implying it's just some anime ripoff? Shame on you!
Now, if you start trashing on Babylon 5 next, I might get REALLY angry!