Thursday, February 10, 2011

Meant To Be

Yes indeed. Let me add my voice to everyone else out there in agreeing that - if Marvel Films and Robert Downey Jr. really ARE seriously considering Shane Black, writer of some of your favorite tough-guy movies of the last few decades and writer/director of the AWESOME RDJ mini-comeback"Kiss Kiss Bang Bang," as a candidate to replace John Favreau as writer/director of "Iron Man 3 - then HELL YES that should happen!

Normally I'd be given to dismiss the web-wide geekgasm over this sort of thing - sure, great idea, but no use getting worked up since our enthusiasm or worry can't really effect a hiring decision. But for better or worse, Marvel Films does things differently than other studios - not only would hiring an out-of-left-field "huh?" choice be in keeping with their practices up to this point, but don't forget that Marvel is widely believed to have picked Chris Evans for Captain America after "floating" his name made the geek-o-sphere go wild. So yeah, might as well get loud and try to get this awesomeness happening.


Just Gavin said...

As a lover of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang let it be said: I APPROVE THIS DECISION!

J_Tracey said...

I'm glad to here you like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang so much Bob.

I'm certainly one of those people who didn't enjoy the second Iron Man, but with Shane Black in the Director's Chair I'll be waiting in line one again.

Curtis said...

I haven't seen Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, BUT evidently he was one of the writers of Monster Squad

As such I support this man

Sarge said...

I totally recommend Kiss Kiss Bang Bang to you, Curtis. You seem like the kind of guy that would like it.

Shane Black also wrote Lethal Weapon, The Long Kiss Goodnight (Samuel L. Jackson manages to chew the entire United States in that movie) and The Last Boyscout. The last two are so horrifically underrated it makes me want to drink.

Kyle said...

I really liked The Long Kiss Goodnight (and Monster Squad) so I need to get my hands on Kiss Kiss Bang Bang apparently.


J.C. Hedges said...


Dav3 said...

That is FANTASTIC news!

I'd glady hand over a written guarantee to see it twice, if they go with Black.

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang is an absolute must see. The whole cast is fantastic, and the dialog is nearly perfect.

Andrew said...

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is brilliant.

And whenever it is on I can wheel out one of my favourite bits of movie trivia.

In the film the girl who gives RDJ the party favour bag at the party is Judie Aronson, Hilly from my fave film as a kid - Weird Science, also with RDJ.

Actually Anthony Michael Hall is in Dark Knight.

dkh said...

Just a question, and I'd love to hear anybody's response, but on a scale of one to ten where one is perfect peace with the world and ten is the raging vengeance of Hell, how mad does this picture make you?

Ezenwa said...


Mad enough to punch a 10 year old John Cena fan. Male or female.

That said, kudos to the directorial change. I'm gonna have to see "Kiss, Kiss...", right after "Hot Fuzz" and "Smokin' Aces".

I'm so behind on current action films