Monday, February 28, 2011



Near-sweep for a safe, milquetoast, wholly-uninteresting bit of Weinstein-backed mediocrity in the top categories, the better among the nominees get to settle for cleaning up in the tech categories.

Feels like old times ;)


Smashmatt202 said...

My thoughts exactly, really upset that The King's Speech won most of the awards...

Then again, maybe I should actually SEE The King's Speech now. I've been meaning to see it for a while.

Benny Ortiz said...

I've got a feeling Nolan won't get a Best Picture/Director nod 'till 2012 when The Dark Knight Rises is released. The Academy has a really annoying habit of giving awards based on turns as opposed to actual achievement. That's why Al Pachino won for Scent of a Woman instead of The Godfather: it wasn't his turn yet.

The way I figure is we oughta stop paying attention to the damn thing as geeks and instead appreciate movies for what they are, not just because they won a pretty blue ribbon.

Lucas Neumann said...

Yeeeepppp. God that was boring. Well, Portman made it, poor thing, she was so nervous. Not a good thing for a pregnant woman.

For the other, well at least that awful movie "kid's are all right" didn't get squat, at least there's that.

Anyways, boring cerimony, the duo of Hathaway/Franco wasn't funny or entretaining, and when the putted the king's speech as a backgroung sound for the montage prsenting the best movies, it's not really hard to guess witch one will win.

But then agin who cares about oscars. Now go, oh gods of Hollywood, go drink you champagne and be self-satisfied.

akkuma420 said...

I have hated the Oscars for some time now, and this year didn't change a thing.
I was hoping that maybe they would surprise the hell out of everyone and say "see, we can change our ways" by giving best picture to Social Network or Inception... but NOPE!
What a crock of shit.
The Kings Speech was fucken boring and didn't deserve anything it got.
It was mediocre at best.
I hate the politics involved in this so called "Awards" show.
Wasn't expecting much from the Oscars, but it still pisses me off every time shit like this happens.

Elessar said...

Feh. Geeks to whine about Oscar voters voting for the films they like instead of the films we like. Refuse to see the hypocrisy. Just like old times ;).

Now I can stop calling people out on this for another year. It's a lonely calling.

akkuma420 said...
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Smpoza said...

Was anyone else really annoyed that they used Star Wars and ET clips for their "significant movies in Oscar history" thing? THEY SHAFTED THOSE MOVIES WHEN THEY CAME OUT! They were nominated for the big awards, sure (except for the latter two star wars movies; they're all basically the same so the other two should only get special effects awards), but they didn't ANYTHING but technical awards. The Academy shouldn't get to act like, "yeah, we recognized the genius of those movies" when time proved them wrong unless they issue a special "we're sorry" Oscar. They should have used clips from Annie Hall and Ghandi; that would have been consistent.

tintaman said...

@Ellessar: Really? Because I'm of the opinion that Hooper did nothing to deserve the Director nod over Nolan, Aronofsky or Fincher based on the directing, not based on how much I liked the films in question. And as much as I'd have preferred Social Network to have gotten the Picture nod, I have no issue with Speech getting it, it WAS a good film. IMO not the best, but nothing really wrong with it.

Kyle said...

I actually watched the whole show, which is rare for me. I always mean to, but it doesn't happen.

I had a blast. I love Anne Hathaway and she looked great in EVERYTHING.

I thought the auto-tune musical section was great and smirked to see Twilight at the Oscars.

Kirk Douglas was a riot.

My favorite moment was when Spielburg listed a group of movies that the Oscar-winning film would join the ranks of, and then listed equally impressive movies that the non-winning nominees would be joining.

rob said...

Well, it's to be expected. The 'academy' is mostly other actors. Actors are attractive voiceboxes. Like fashionmodels are clotheshangers.

Saw Black Swan yesterday. Very gripping movie. I thought Bob's review gave everything away, but not even close! I never expected Mila Kunis to be such a good actress, knowing her only for That70's Show and Family Guy.

Clayton said...

God,the Academy does NOTHING to alleviate this stereotype of them being nothing but a bunch of stodgy, stuck-up, behind-the-times old fart. I can live with The King's Speech getting Best Picture, but giving Best Director to Hooper???? That is pandering. I'm sure Hooper is competent, but let's face it, there are a TON of directors who could have done his job, unlike Inception which took phenomenal talent and TSN which somehow makes a movie about Facebook seem more exciting than seeing a bunch of really smart people talk a lot. Oh well, at least Sorkin won for screenplay and Bale won Best Supporting Actor. Still, it just goes to show that the Academy refuses to adjust and broaden their tastes.

motyr said...

Seriously Bob, The King's Speech was an intensely emotional film, I found myself welling up the entire time. It was challenging and definitely not heart-warming (it basically ends with the announcement of WWII). Cinematography was absolutely gorgeous too, along with the costume design, and, of course, the phenomenal acting by everyone in the entire cast. Far, far superior to the cold and stylish-but-hardly-substancial The Social Network.

But then again, I can't expect a yankee to care.

Arturo said...

-Franco and Hathaway were great
-Looking at Anne Hathawy for 3 hours certainly isn't a bad thing
-Toy Story 3 took home 2 awards (good on Randy Newman)
-Banksy didn't win for Best Documentary
-Incpetion sweeped most of the technical awards
-Christian Bale and Natalie Portman finally have Oscars
-I recognized more people on the Telecast this year than in any other year (don't know if that's actually good)
-Bob freakin' Hope

-WTF Biutiful didn't win Best Foreign Language Film
-Autotune montage was fun...until a shirtless Taylor Lautner showed up (facepalm)
-Best Director went to Tom Hooper and not David Fincher
-Best Original Screenplay for The King's Speech
-Best Picture = also TKS

Elessar said...

No, Hooper was nowhere near the best director and no King's Speech was not the best film. Nor was Social Network, quite frankly, not that it wasn't a great film it just wasn't the best of the year.

The best movie of the year almost never actually wins it. There are exceptions (2003, 2007) but it just rarely happens. This was true last year, but it got to the point last year, with the conversation over Hurt Locker vs. Avatar that people in the geek (or genre film if you prefer) community felt that they're film should win by virtue of being their film, despite, in my opinion, Hurt Locker being the better written, better acted, better directed film.

Look, The King's Speech comes down to this and I'll try to frame it in terms everyone can get: Geeks, Bob in particular. You know that feeling that you got when you first saw Spider-Man beginning or maybe during the first few minutes of Fellowship. It's slightly different for everyone, but you all know the feeling for something.

Well I'd bet you anything that feeling is the exact same feeling that the Academy voters got when they watched the King's Speech. Can you really blame them for voting for it?

Nick said...

No, Elessar, that is not how the Academy voters felt, or if it was, it shouldn't have been. Because the Academy has seen this exact same movie fifty gazillion times by now, it is the exact same formula Oscar-pandering that gets sent to them every single year.

eibbor said...

I approve of the following wins:

- Natalie Portman
- Christian Bale
- Melissa Leo (I suppose)
- The technical awards that Inception won.
- Best soundtrack... sorta.

But, the rest... blech. The "quaint", but ultimately bland and safe film took top honors, twice effectively. Inception and Black Swan were by FAR my favourite movies of the year. The Fighter, as a whole, didn't do much for me. But the supporting actors did a great job. I'd have rather seen Jeff Briges take best actor. I am, however, pleased that the Social Network didn't clean up. It was decent, but I didn't think it deserved anywhere near the acclaim it received.

So, as usual: Oscars... meh.

Adam said...

I have no comment on The King's Speech since I never saw it but for those who are frustrated with its Oscar success can feel glad in knowing that in ten years no one's going to remember it existed anyways. Time is funny that way. Herman Melville was immensley critisized in his day as no one liked Moby Dick when it was first published.

mindjazz said...

More reasons I don't watch the Oscars. Hell the North American International Auto Show is more compelling than these bunch of stuff shirts.

Kysafen said...

"But then again, I can't expect a yankee to care."

Leave it to a douchebag to make a sham film awards show a matter of cultural superiority.

motyr... get the fuck off my internet.

Tim said...

Bob, I have do ask, what do you have against Banxy? I thought exit through the gift shop should have won.

Phillip Bastien said...

Though I didn't think king's speech should have won. I seem to be the one person who actually liked the movie. Bob just seems irrationally hateful of the film because it was nominated but didn't break new ground (but it did what it was set out to do very well). his rather extreme behaviour (his random hatred of all movies with some religious element, his broadstroke generalization of oscar baiting and the academy voters) has been getting more and more exaggerated.

Elessar said...

Wow, that's a really nasty way to put it, can't imagine while art film enthusiasts don't like geeks.

So your position is, they shouldn't like the movies they like? Want to explain to me why they shouldn't enjoy what they enjoy?

And as for the Oscar Pandering, ahhhh just like old times. Y'know the definition of 'Oscar bait' is so broad and such a deplorable strawman at this point, let's just define it as 'Whatever wins best picture is Oscar bait.' That way you don't even have to twist the movies you don't like into being Oscar bait.

As for the 'same pandering oscar formula,' can we examine some recent winners, please? Just for a minute?

So Hurt Locker is Oscar bait. Oh and Gladiator. And Million Dollar Baby. And the Departed. And No Country For Old Men. And Crash. And Return of the King.

Wow, all those movies are exactly like the King's Speech.

Adam said...

Elessar does have a point. If you look at the last decade of best picture winners, whether you want to argue they were the "right choice" we have a western, a look at the slums of modern India, a modern military piece, vignette mash of racism, a gangster flick, an adaption of a Broadway play (half prison drama, half stage show), a female boxer, and an adaptation of what is considered the ultimate fantasy story.

King's Speech may be what comes to mind when I think Oscar bait, but it has been a while since we've seen something like it in the winner's circle.

Danny said...


It is not a cultural thing. I'm British and I'm sick of being told about how we all like The King's Speech, and that its oscar win was a 'victory' for Britain. The Social Network was just a better film. Hell, I'd go so far as to say that The King's Speech was the weakest of all 10 best picture nominees (and yes, I have seen them all).

akkuma420 said...

Thank you for saying that my friend...
It needed to be said.

Novice said...
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tyra menendez said...

Yeah, but now Trent Reznor has an Oscar. So that's kinda cool.

tyra menendez said...

Oh, also it's bollocks that Toy Story was double nominated, like that. Either it can be best picture, despite being animated or it can be best animated. The whole point of putting animated in the best picture category is supposed be about bridging the gap, but a double nomination just shows that it's a hollow pacification.