Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Quest of The OverThinker"

Here's what's going on over at the other blog:

I think this might be my favorite "OverThinker" episode ever, honestly. Had a ball making this, and it came out really good as far as I'm concerned.


Robert said...

Veggie Tales makes you want to gouge your eyes out? :-(

I love that show.

Daniel said...

Loved it! Loved the jokes, the implementation of the story elements, the argument; everything! I've been looking forward to the Quest and this definitely proved it's going to be great!

While my favorite Overthinker episode is still "Who will be Remembered?" this is definitely up there.

Only one teensy, tiny complaint; I recommend you get more people to voice you're characters, it's not that you're a bad actor but it would make each character a bit more special. Unless this new villain is another 'version' of the Overthinker from another alternate universe in which case it makes sense for you to use you're own voice.

Kent said...

Funnily enough I agree a bit with the straw-man. (Isn't that kind of the point though?)

I always love the info I get in your stuff. Though I fully support doing story lines and introducing characters if they help keep things fresh for you. I honestly hate the anti-thinker a lot more because I've met people like him rather than anything Bob's done so far with him.

Karol said...

Well if you are looking for "hardcore" farming games check out Harvest Moon and Rune Factory series.
The other thing that I wanted to say is that I watched a commentary video on youtube. In this video author said that he thinks that there are two type of gamers: gamer and what he calls a "Gamer". gamer is a person who plays games for its fun, and "Gamer" is a person who in addition to above is looking for some message in the games, the reason why.
Here is link to the video but unfortunately it is in Polish.
It is nice and positive video. Im glad just like author that many of my friends are "Gamers".

Good show. What I like in your show is that in forces viewer to think about what you say. And sorry for any mistakes and bad grammar - english is not my native language.

Tom said...

Back in the day, when my youngest brother was about five or six, my evangelical aunt would send us non-Christians "family-friendly" videos, and most of the time they sucked. Then they started to send Veggie Tales episodes. Eventually we started buying them ourselves.

Seriously, Veggie Tales is a delightful show. It has a charming, often surreal sense of humor meant to appeal to older audiences as well and possesses a genuine awareness of popular culture: referencing things from Batman, to Doctor Seuss, to Star Trek.

They also have really nice, dare I say Sesame Street-quality, songs that stay in your head forever. I'll admit your mileage may vary with the sound of them; I've been a TMBG fan all my life and so I can deal with whiny, high-pitched sing-songy voices better than most, but the work certainly smacks of effort and talent.

Though it often takes the Bible as it's source material, it's never nearly as preachy as you'd think it would be (when it was syndicated for NBC, Big Idea Productions were shocked, SHOCKED!, that NBC was able to edit out most of the religious parts "for time".) Their moral lessons, though firmly rooted in Christianity, rarely stray far beyond common sense and are often hard to disagree with.

They also put a consistent effort into universe-building, and I think you of all people can appreciate that.

Seriously, if you can watch
this all the way through (or at least to the 2:30 mark) without finding something funny, I think there may be something wrong with you.

I like your show, keep up the good work.

H said...

gotta say, i wasn't liking the whole antithinker story arc so far, but here the show hit a really good balance of tongue-in-cheek plot and the normal overthinker format, so yeah, i really enjoyed this one, bob. can't wait for the next few episodes of "training."

Darren said...

The plot thickens 0_o

I'm surprised too that the Overthinker even likes JRPGs 0_o

Darren said...

You know the funny thing about this whole opposite thing is that there are people out there that are actually sort of an opposite, or take opposite positions to some of bob's comments in both a funny, serious, and even retarded way. Like

The Under Thinker
The Game Over Analyzer

Ezenwa said...

Looks like your back on track, Bob. Positive comments all around, for the most part, on both blogspots. That said, did you get a chance to see the link I posted on one of your subjects here pertaining to the Spider Man movies and the Nostalgia critic?

Mark said...


Good episode! You mention that it's your best..... maybe that's going a bit far, at least for me, but a good discussion all around.

However, I know you use the idea of the straw man with tongue firmly in cheek, but I can't help but feel like you're discounting the anti-thinker criticism as some sort of never-change-anything fanboyism.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am, of course, one of those guys who has been watching your show since, basically, the beginning, and I also wasn't a fan of the antithinker.

But you mistake my (mild) dislike for the new direction as a dislike for ANY change. I would welcome changes to your format - however, I wasn't a fan of THIS change. I'm willing to guess some of the criticism you've received has been "fanboy-like," but to lump us all together.

I am an artist - a composer - a lesson I've had to learn is that there are two types of criticism - invalid and valid. Sure, some people just "don't get it" and as such make their opinions useless. But other people may get it, but just may not *like it*, and in many cases have specific reasons for feeling that way. It is in listening to these people - not being defensive about it - that I feel that I have grown the most as an artist.

Not putting words in your mouth or anything, or accusing you of anything horrible, but your comments on the matter have left me with a bit of a bad taste in my mouth, despite the success of the episode and your show as a whole.

Remember, the people who have been watching you from the beginning are your FANS.

Reverend Allan Ironside said...


Just kidding, this episode was fine. Although, I realize the greater discussion of it was Casual vs Hardcore gamers, I was hoping my dear beloved Harvest Moon series would have been brought in as a counter to Farmville. Still, the comparison would have been needless given the nature of the review.

Its just I love Harvest Moon. One of my favorite stress-reducing games of all time. And that's why I play games: to reduce my stress levels.

RyuKage said...

You hit kind of a rough patch with some of your recent episodes, but this one actually had a sane message to it. Thanks, Bob.

I actually had a similar epiphany about a year ago. The way I see it, there are no such things as "casual games". There are games being marketed to different audiences than what we might typically think of as "gamers". But just because the game is marketed differently doesn't mean that it's inherently "casual" or "hardcore".

However, there are "casual gameRs" and "hardcore gameRs". It comes down to how often you like and play the game, how much you might know about it, and how involved you are with the game. "Casual" and "hardcore" don't even have to be chained by overall performance.

For example, I like Super Smash Bros. I have fun playing it. But I mainly play it with friends for a few matches once a week. I don't know whose attacks have higher "priority" or why Meta Knight is considered "broken". I'm a casual Smash Bros. player. I'm more "hardcore", however, about Pokemon, trying to raise teams that can win me battles and looking up competitive sites for it. I try to use the best tricks at my disposal to win and recognize where I screw up when I lose. So, while I'm not too Smash Bros. smart, my Infernape (fire monkey Pokemon) could probably pummel you pretty thoroughly.

tl;dr Can we just drop the labels already?

Also, about Dead Space 2. Yeah, what marketing pro thought the "Your Mom will hate this" campaign was good? Oh, this is a commerical for a Sony game? No wonder, then!

untra said...

Best. Fuckin. Episode. Yet.

And you did make a crazy good point of how drop-in/drop-out hardcore versions of games might become more prevelant. It makes me think that with the onset of smartphones and more powerful mobile devices, it wouldn't be surprising to see future partnerships putting, say, nintendo games on the iphone.

Now that blows my mind.

Ezenwa said...


That's one very game I was thinking about. Harvest Moon. Isn't it ironic that they still make games for that series, and it still gets buys, if not great buys, while Farmville gets millions of users?

The concept is actually very novel, if not released on two different wavelengths.

Smashmatt202 said...

You're proud of this episode? Might as well check it out then...

So you've been trapped in the woods for over a month? You look pretty good for someone who's been living off the land for that long. Especially your clothes. Also convenient that you have access to the Internet where you are. Really.

Nice of you to drop the Bulletstorm thing, to show people you're not entirely biased.

I didn't like that Dead Space 2 commercial, because I love my mom and respect her opinion. I like how you pointed out how juvenile the commercials were, though. EA is doing more damage to the industry than Jack Thompson or any else ever did.

OMG, WHEN DID U GET THAT AWSUME TRIFORC TATTOO?! [/sarcasm] Okay, I'm sorry, I don't know what kind of technology you have at your disposal, but that was a pretty sloppy effect.

So wait, the Antithinker's going to come to you? That's convenient, too!

Pronoun said...

WebGL is already nearly there for putting "Hardcore" games on the Web. Heck, I was playing a Tribes 2 type of game nearly two years back. It ran surprisingly smooth. Kinda wish I could remember its name.

I think all gamers should realize that even people that don't live in glass houses would be smart not to throw bricks.

As for the storyline. You do what you want to do. As long as you enjoy it.

TheDVDGrouch said...

That gave me everything I could ever hope for from a new episode of any series.

Adam said...

Loved it. Keep it up!

And I'm actually enjoying the story now that it has a bit more focus to it.

Hirvox said...

Funnily enough I agree a bit with the straw-man. (Isn't that kind of the point though?)

Personally, I think the message has been shot enough already.

matthew_harvey13 said...

Good work Bob. Good call on the Dead Space 2 ad's.

This causal vs hardcore games discussion has always pissed me off. The attitude of these so called hardcore gamers who are trying to protect there elitist patch, I have always found funny as they were never really that hardcore.

I say this as someone older than Bob who has spent most of his time playing computer games rather than video games on consoles. I know PC snob and all that, but had other computers formats before a PC. But when the Playstation generation came along, I though it was great. Gaming becoming more mainstream etc. And I feel the same way with the Wii / iphone generation.

Why can't these self labelled hardcore gamers, who themselves were immigrant into gaming have the attitude to these new gaming immigrants, that those who came before them, did to them. But they can't since they think that gaming was rubbish before they came along and they made it the popular thing it is today.

Well tough, gaming will be even bigger with this new influx no matter what you do. And yourself appointed title of 'hardcore gamers' is bull. If you were that 'hardcore' you would not be playing your FPS's with joypads and 'auto aim'. You would also have some proper hardcore games like non arcade flight sims, RTS's and MMORPG for your platforms. So get off your high horses and give the new guy's a break.

One thing I will say to the new gaming generation though. Being great at farmville does not make you does not make you an amazing gamer. The same way that being great at darts does not make you an amazing sportsman or athlete. Just saying...

R. Dempsey said...

I'll emulate what others have said, this episode hits a nice balance of commentary and narrative.

As someone who doesn't really play many videogames outside of quality time with his brother (And the occasional one that REALLY grabs my attention; IE Metro 2033), I still enjoy these episodes because of the overlap with other topics that interest me more and an intelligent opinion presented well is still worth watching, regardless of topic.

Smashmatt202 said...

He guys, check it out, a Straw Man FaceBook page!!/pages/Straw-Man/192996827384898

I couldn't find a picture of the Straw Man seen in these videos, so a friend of mine made the stupid-looking Straw Man profile picture.