Friday, February 18, 2011

Shane Black to Direct "Iron Man 3"

The Marvel Studios employee-selection procedure: "Leak" risky hiring decision to web. Gauge fanboy-press reaction. Hire accordingly. And so it comes to pass that one of the least-likely candidates plausible for a $150 million tentpole follow-up to what could be the biggest (in terms of scale/scope/buildup) superhero movie ever will get the job - so sez Deadline.

And... since that's really all thee is to the story at the moment, here's the new "Thor" trailer:


Aaron said...

Hey Bob, would you rather have a pencil sharpener for a belly button or ketchup-dispensing nipples?

Mason said...

The new trailer for THOR is awesome!

As for Shane Black directing Iron Man 3: I dunno, a quick IMDBing of him shows that he only has one directing credit, but did a good deal of action movie writing (Lethal Weapon on the plus side, Last Action Hero on the minus side)

akkuma420 said...

Loki's armor kinda looks like Raimi's Green Goblin with horns... Which isn't really a good thing IMO.
Still not really sure what to think of Thor yet.
Gonna see it for sure though, cause I love Thor and I really love the idea that this doesn't look like a cheap cash in such as DareDevil and Elektra for example. (seems as though there was some actual effort put into this)
Plus Anthony Hopkins isn't known to do shitty movies, that's always a plus.
This looks decent, just have to wait and see.
Can't wait for Captain America though... That I'm genuinely excited for.

Josh said...

That one movie Shane Black directed was Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. It showed how he can blend comedy, humanity and action pretty darn well, not to mention clearly playing to RDJ's strengths. I think he'll be a good fit.

R. Dempsey said...

I would've preferred having Favreau make a solid trilogy of his interpretation of Ironman (see Nolan and Batman) then have someone new take the reigns.

It just seems odd having someone else continue his story. But I'm sure it'll be a worthy successor.

Daniel said...

I just have to point this out because it bugged me a bit when I saw it. The god of thunder, who calls upon lightning frequently, is affected by a tazer???

Hiding behind "Harmondale" said...

After his powers where taken away Daniel, but it is somewhat ironic