Thursday, February 10, 2011

X-Men: First Class trailer

Can Matthew Vaughn restore what Brett Ratner destroyed?

Looks like it, yeah ;) Cast looks good, action looks big... Cuban Missile Crisis? Nifty!

And yes, you saw that right: The new "girl Angel" is, essentially, a human-sized Faerie. Kickass. Also: No, that's probably not Nightcrawler - but they probably want you to think so.

I love how "bright" this all is - not just in the "hooray for yellow spandex!" sense but how much of it seems to be set in the daytime and in tropical environments - about as clean a break as you can get from the urban/winter-forest locations of the first two movies (and that one that didn't happen.)


Arturo said...

yeah, that'll do

Dave Kraft said...

@Bob: Uhhh, Bob? That isn't a female version of Angel. The character is named Angel Salvador, and she's an X-Men character with insect-like abilities. She's in the comics.

Any chance them tropical environments are the Savage Land, or meant to be analogous to events in the comic which may be set in the Savage Land? I honestly don't know, as I never read the First Class comic.

But I'll definitely be seeing this; a friend of mine designed the costumes and I'll definitely be supporting her work. :D

Steve said...

Hey Bob, what's your opinions on the first two films?

I rather enjoyed them myself, 2 being more preferable one.

However, I'm glad this trailer doesn't remind me of them. If anything it reminds me a bit of Watchmen, which is good. It's setting itself apart from the first two films, while not going off the deep end like that one movie about that guy named Wolverine.

And it's funny, because I honestly thought this was going to be a bad movie. But the trailer is proving otherwise, defying my expectations, both good and bad.

dkh said...

Man, The Last Stand gets smacked too much. It isn't fair. Truth be told? It's a crappy movie. A really crappy movie. I get that. But y'know what?

It was the only one of the three, the ONLY one, to actually ask what being a mutant means. That moment where Storm, a gorgeous woman with a power that is nothing but beneficial, tells a young woman who can never EVER touch another person for fear of killing them that there's nothing wrong with them, is more powerful than the first two movies combined.

The third movie was a failure that tried, compared to the first two which did little but play it horribly, offensively safe. For that it gets my respect.

akkuma420 said...

Still kinda undecided on this.
I'm a HUGE X-Men fan and have been since as far back as I can remember.
This looks alot better than what I consider those other movies to be... a complete disaster.
Still not a strong enough trailer for me to decide whether or not I wanna see this...
awwww hell, who am I kidding, I know I'll end up seeing it either way.

Daniel said...

What caught most of my attention; Azazel. Seldom having heard of him I'm curious as to how he could be portrayed, I hope he isn't just a palette swap of Nightcrawler. Otherwise a fantastic trailer, can't wait to see it on the big screen.

@Dave Kraft

Be sure to tell you're friend she did a great job, cause the re-imagined costumes are terrific in my opinion. I love the fact that the design encapsulates a bit of every past style, while still bringing in some of its own flair. I see a little bit of the classic costumes, a little bit from the cartoons, even a bit from the past live action films. Whether this was intended or I'm just imagining things; I think they look great!

Ezenwa said...

Call me a purist, but really, can you have an X-men origin film without the very first two?

I still don't think so. It's too hard a hurdle for me to get over. Havok before Cyclops and Jean?

So, I'll probably see it...but I won't pay to...which may mean that I won't.

Meh, it's my opinion.

I will say this; it has a bit more promise than Brett Ratner's abomination....and Gavin Hood's travesty.

bigjkt said...

I mean is this really about Ratner or Fox screwing up this property from jump? Don't get me the first two X-men were good but it's never been about the titular characters it's always been about Wolverine. This looks like the first X-men movie that look like it will be about X-men. Granted Fox still hacked up the story, no Cyclops, Jean, Ice-Man, or Angel because they botched up the character time line to accommodate Wolvy. Just my two cents.

Clayton said...

I am glad that Vaughn seems to be ignoring the continuity set by the original movies (or at least Wolverine) since Emma is in this. It is weird seeing Havok instead of Cyclops, but I never saw the latter as an interesting character (or at least from my experience with the first cartoon and the movies); I'm not even concerned about him not being in MvC3.

A lot of this is going to hinge on Magneto and Xavier. I REALLY wanna see what Fassbender does with Maggie. There's also some other things I think could be cool if they keep with this continuity, but that's for another time.

Now give me my Deadpool movie, dammit!

Chris said...

Do we know yet who or what is the main villain in this go-round? I know I keep harping on this but, it's the villain that is the most important part of these movies.

1st movie - Magneto
Good, safe choice to start out with.

2nd movie - Stryker and Wolverine's past
Lore is always good. Villain was kind of bland though

3rd movie - Magneto again and Dark Phoenix
Magneto was ok, but we had seen this in the first movie. Dark Phoenix was woefully misused. More so than Venom in Spidey 3. There was no way to do the character development needed in one movie and it seemed like they didn't even try.

Here's hoping we get an Apocalypse/Four Horsemen done right somewhere down the road.

Adam said...

I will give pretty much anything a chance and I am intrigued with how they're going about this so far.

I would agree on that regard. When the first two movies brought up the mutant question it was usually in a grandiose "let's wipe 'em all out" sort of way. Thing is the comics went that route a lot of the time too, really only lightly addressing the prejudice against mutants which thematically was supposed to be their key schtick. A lot of the rest of the time the X-Men's fight for equality took a backseat to the villain or the month or adventures in space or other such stuff. In the end comics are weird.

Sssonic said...

Looks solid, all things told. A bit sad they've chosen to explicitly keep this one in continuity with the original movies, as a full-on reboot would've given them a LOT more room to go crazy, but it's also really nice to get a new "X" film that actually looks half-way decent again, so I'll take its connection to the originals as a good sign for now. Not feelin' the new Xavier OR Magneto yet, either audibly or visibly, but we don't get too much of them here anyway so no final judgment there.

Interesting to see that it looks like they've made Havok's power more visibly similar to Cyclops' than it usually is in the comics, very intrigued at the idea of Mystique as a former student of the school (though also cautious of it; the Mystique I saw in the original films doesn't really jive with that idea, so we'll see if they can make the connection feel sensible). On the whole, there actually isn't too much to chew on here, but it is a promising enough first look.

BJames said...

uh man that looked horrible, it just doesnt mesh with footage from the 1-3. I thought 3 was decent, it, spider-man 3, and hell the prequel trilogy get way too much hate- dam internet.

kevmon1116 said...

THAT... IS...SO...F***ING...

Joe said...


Pretty sure the villains are the Hellfire Club. Kevin Bacon's been cast as Sebastian Shaw.

I remember really liking the 1st X-Men film for the casting (well, except Halle Berry given nothing to do). Kind of like the new Star Trek: great casting, good acting, some good action scenes, but really stupid plot. But that film was 2/3 character introductions and 1/3 plot anyway.

2nd film played much better since they didn't have to spend so much time on character intros, although the ending was really forced to set up Phoenix. (My friend jokes that they finally had an opportunity for Iceman to be useful without anyone having to die, then Jean steps in front of the flood.)

I think they and the Blade films fit right between the Burton Batman films ("Look, it's possible to make decent comic book film!") and Raimi's first two Spider-man films ("Look, it's possible to make really good comic book films!").

Varya said...

Yes. That'll do.
I'd still prefer it if they ditched the old continuity though. Too much baggage. crappy baggage

CraftyAndy said...

God Dammit, they sold me. Well I really hope this makes up for the last two films and Xmen Origins and that they just make a all out reboot and make a better story involving sbertooth and wolverine.
Maybe it's the kickass soundtrack, the vagueness of the trailer but I am sold... so far. I'm just hoping that it's not another "the world is at stake" kind of thing.

Reverend Allan Ironside said...

Well, I'm much more optimistic about this than I was X3.

Sadly, all I can hear from mainstream movie goers is "Where the FUCK is Wolverine?"


R. Dempsey said...

I'm a sucker for a genre heavy period film. I don't even like X-Men and I'm pretty interested in this.

Anonymous said...

My heart has been broken too many times. I'm just going to assume it sucks until some braver soul confronts it and tells me otherwise. Like....Bob, for instance.