Friday, March 18, 2011

Escape to the Movies: "Paul" (UPDATED!)

UPDATED with "Intermission," an interview with Pegg & Frost.


Drunken Lemur said...

What? No Intermission this week?

Anonymous said...

Yeah I'm curious about that too.

Anonymous said...

There's a difference between Intelligent Design and Creationism. You seem to be getting them confused.

Lucas Neumann said...

Well, Seth Macfarlane made an cartoon empire because he watched TV and movies in the 80's and sequezzed it in with a generic Simpson rip off, so yeah, our generation is kind stupid that way.

And I think Bob knows he difference, he's being ironic... I hope

Nick said...

You know, the last few weeks, the link to Intermission has always been broken on the Escapist's page for the video, but this is the first week I can't find it at all, not even from your profile. What gives, Bob?

There's a difference between Intelligent Design and Creationism. You seem to be getting them confused.

Yeah, one actually admits that it's creationism.

Tim said...

"In an age when most movies aren't good for any audience"

*Bangs head against desk repeatedly to erase Bob's stupidity from memory.*

RestamSalucard said...

@Drunken Lemur Found it!

Anonymous said...

Nice Nick, don't both actually looking into the validity of the argument, but mock it. Knowledge about a subject apparently isn't needed to be an expert on it and condemn it.

Creationism is more literal biblical view that the earth was created in 6 day only a few thousand years ago.

Intelligent design is harder to pin down since there are many theories on it, but it looks at the physics of the universe to try to back out what that would suggest about god and his plan.

I recommend looking up Stephen Meyer and his book Signature in the Cell. He has a degree in physics and earth science and is far better at explaining it than I am. It's fascinating regardless of if you believe him or not.

Chris Cesarano said...

How come almost everything I like has to pick on religion and faith as being bad or stupid and everything that supports religion and faith is stupid and I hate it?

Normally I'd let something like this slip by, but I'm seriously getting sick of it at this stage in my life. Yes, people believe there is a God. Yes, some of those people are idiots. Some of those people happen to be intelligent, though.

I'd like to hope the "screw you" is exclusively to the idiots, because I'm sick of being a fan of people that insult me.

Reverend Allan Ironside said...

@ Cesarano

Ditto. I personally find it contemptible that the culture of Hollywood so vastly declares themselves to be open-minded and inclusive spends so much time and energy trashing the part of the country between California and New York City.

As for Paul...I can live without it, honestly. Besides, since when do alien movies need to bother with the issue of religion? Never. Why? Deep down inside, no one really believes in them. Aliens are the Jesus of science. Can't prove they exist, but believe any way.

Hey Bob, you don't have to be in two palces at once. Send the Anti-Thinker to see Battle L.A. or whatever. Sounds like something he'd enjoy.

KevinCV said...

I'm so jealous that you got to interview Simon Pegg, Bob. He's one of my favorite British comedians working right now. I follow him on Twitter, and most of his Tweets are -usually- full of comic gold. I look forward to seeing "Paul", despite the R rating. I hope it's as good as I'm hoping for. :)

Display Name said...

To answer the first people, he's probably been taking longer with the Intermissions because he's dealing with PAX

WilhelmVonHaig said...

@ceserano @ironside
Having seen the film I can assure you it is not an assault on religion, but rather an assault on those who attempt to mix philosophy/religion with science, or worse try to disguise religious theoories as scientific ones- i.e intelligent design. You shouldn't be offended by this movie unless you're a fundamentalist who thinks Charles Darwin was a blasphemer and rejects any scientific theory that you think goes against the teachings of a 2000 year old boook.

Chris Cesarano said...

WilhelmVonHaig - I'll take your word positively, then, but last I knew Intelligent Design was the more open-ended term used for "something out there created everything". Which is technically what I believe.

As for my thoughts on Darwin, I got my own issues with him, but I do get your point. Basically the film is more attacking people who don't think about their beliefs rather than those who do.

I'll take your recommendation, then.

TheAlmightyNarf said...

@ Chris Cesarano

The issue is that neither supporters or skeptics of religion put much thoughts into their arguments and neither have much to say or add to the discussion... supporters just spout religious babble, while skeptics just cynically mock it. So, the supporters end up sounding like ass-holes, while skeptics are at least entertaining.

But still, neither are really saying anything.

Harold said...

I'm not sure if I should be happy that I instantly know that was a screen shot from Mac and ME

LK said...

Go look up a book called Of Pandas and People.
It was originally a creationist book, but when the creationist books got kicked out of the classrooms and the whole "intelligent design" crap started, they took the book and just replaced "creation" with "intelligent design". I know this, because I already did my homework. Ask Dr. Eugenie Scott; I saw her lecture about the Dover trial.

ID is creationism. When the Raylians said, that they believed in intelligent design, only that it was aliens, not a god, the ID proponents got very nervous.

I'd like to add one more thing: if you don't follow science and don't have some real understanding of what it actually is, shut the fuck up, your opinion is worthless. If you don't know anything about engines, you don't tell mechanics they're doing it wrong.
Are you going to get an opinion about painting your house from the dink behind the counter that painted a room, last summer, or from someone who does it for a living?

TheAlmightyNarf said...

@ LK

Intelligent design is not creationism. Are many supporters of intelligent design just trying to hide that they actually mean creationism? Sure. But, they are two very distinct ideas from each other and you can't treat them the same way. It'd be like saying libertarianism and conservatism are the same thing because so many Tea Partyers like to call themselves libertarians.

Anonymous said...

on a lighter note and another subject, are you gonna review the Adjustment Bureau?

I thought it was a good movie, the romance took away from the concept, but it was good.

Adam said...

Whats up with science vs. Christianity anyway? Don't they mean Darwinism vs. Christianity? I am a practising Christian and I have a Bachelor of Science.

Anywho, I don't have an opinion set in stone, but am inclined to believe in a divinely inspired evolution. My pastor and I have talked about it, and he said that believing that Earth was created 6000 years ago is not a matter of salvation. Sola Fide!