Friday, March 04, 2011

Escape to the Movies: "Rango"

Intermission: Quit It.


matthew_harvey13 said...

Hey Bob, Good stuff as usual. Except about Paranah 3d which I hated with a passion, even though I knew what I was getting into before watching it. But that's another conversation.

I was interested about the movie preview screenings you talked about. Do they come to somewhere local to you or do you have to travel a long distance to go sit with other critics.

And is it setup in an annoying way where you have to watch all the films a studio is putting out in the next quater all at once or do you get to watch just the one at once.

Maybe an episode about behind the sceens of a movie critic would be interesting.

Nick said...

I too wish that Hollywood would stop pandering to the anti-intellectual "Normalcy Rocks™" crowd.

superuub1 said...

why not do midnight screenings? unless your deadline is like 6am and even if it is that still gives you 3 hours to make the video after seeing the movie.

edward said...

Was hoping for a review on The Adjustment Bureau. Maybe next week. Ringo didn't do much for me. Did you see the live action trailers? Meh!

Darren said...

Fuck Rango I want see Sucker Punch Now that is the shit XD Can't wait until March 25th!

That is the 16 year old in me :D

Lucas Neumann said...

I've been thinking for a while if I should post this, since I'm aware that I'm becoming the negative man of this blog (or a troll), but I gotta say this, and I hope Bob will take this as a constructive:

This review sucks. Not because I think Rango is awesome, and is way, WAY more than just good looks, after all, we are all have our own opinions. But because of how brief and rushed it was. Basicaly it was "an animation staring Deep that's not that ood but loks gorgeous and makes references to old westerns".

And it's not, Rango is way more than that, be the character not being just a placeholder but a likeable guy who's trying to find self, and the very good voice act, especially Billy Nighy. The movies references, like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas or Apocalypse Now that works so well in the feature, or the curious esthetics of the film, mixing cartooning with ultra-realistic textures, something not seen being used this well before (tech that Disney tried before in The Wild) and , the problem with the villain that takes time to present and have disapointing little screen time, or the fact that this is the first time Nickelondeon Movies plays this big in the 3d realm, since ther other efforts in long feature animations are just movie of their series, and the mediocres Jimmy Neutron and Barnyard, and it relly drawns attention that for the first in a long time we see such a good 3d animation coming from somewhere besides dreamworks/pixar.

What I mean is, if you realy can't take material for lousy 5 minutes of review for this movie, then I'm sorry to say that you lack the skills to be a movie critic. Didn't like the movie? fine, but your job is also to inform more about the movie and try to make relevants pros and cons and present them to the audience.

The second half is easily a good theme for your column, there was no need for this filler, it was a half done review and an amateurish one. This way anyone can become a movie critc, even I have a movie blog (in portuguese, but the comics are in english, if anyone is interested:

Daniel R said...

Disappointed but not surprised.
I guess I'll just watch it for the pretty visuals.

Agree with Harvey, maybe you could make a 'behind the scenes' video the next time there's no high profile releases throughout the week. It would certainly be interesting. :)

tyra menendez said...

Does anyone else see Lucas comments, and just skip over them? Honestly, I can't be bothered to read them. Even if I try, the fact that they're always three or more paragraphs of shitty grammar, bad spelling, and careless typos just makes me skip ahead.

Obligatory "fuck Nicholas Cage", goes here.
I'm sure I'll Netflix Rango.

Dave Kraft said...

If only Ghost Rider 2 were half as awesome as that Nick Cage movie lol :)

tyra menendez said...

It kind of was Ghost Rider 2...

Anyway, I'd like to add something about the intermission, that I came across, today.

When not naming political parties and just kind of nudge, nudge, hint, hinting at it, often that's not a lack of courage of conviction, but the studio.
Point of interest:
Scroll down to the section titled Tea for Two.
Regarding an issue of Captain America, where an evil Cap forms a group to violently overthrow the government and a scene of a protest is shown, with one sign reading "Tea bag the Libs before they tea bag you!" From the site:

When the issue was published, one particular sign in this panel—the one to the left of the large sign in the center—caught the attention of a conservative blogger. He immediately shared his own outraged post denouncing Marvel Comics for associating the Tea Party movement and its “reverence for the U.S. Constitution” with a fictitious group of violent, racist insurrectionists. The mainstream media picked up the controversy and soon Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada was issuing a public apology (which essentially described the scene above as a Tea Party demonstration while simultaneously denying that it was meant to be any such thing).

So, yeah, blame the studio. If an artist wants total creative freedom, said creator has to go self financed or be very, very lucky.

SpIdErDaN said...

For once i must heavily disagree with bob here. I thought this film was fantastic. And it was defiantly the best non Pixar cgi Ive ever seen and i think it defiantly beats some Pixar movies. The animation is gorgeous. The sound track is beautiful. The story has been done before but I feel the characters and humor make up for the predictable plot and make the movie fun. Which ultimately is the point for get who its referencing and whether it completely innovative. If the movie is fun and enjoyable to watch then who cares? I watched the review before seeing the film and as i usually agree with bob i was expecting nothing special, but instead i found my self nearly crying with laughter. The joke were stupid and very simple but they were fun, 9/10. However one bad point towards it is how they've marketed it. This is a kids movie that i don't think many kids would get the jokes or references and i feel would get bored halfway through this film. I my opinion this movie is best suited for teens upwards but many teenagers and adults would dismiss it as a kids film, witch i think is quite sad. Aside from this hick-up you do and great job bob , keep it up.

Greg Walker said...

The video appears to be broken...