Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Red Skull looks like The Red Skull

Entertainment Weekly has the first full-body view of Hugo Weaving as The Red Skull. As is becoming redundant in the Marvel Studios films, he looks like he just walked off the page... save for the understandable decision to put "HYDRA" insignias where you'd traditionally expect a Swastika or SS logo to go. HYDRA is still a Nazi-affiliate in the movie, of course, but this gets around the thorny problem of selling action figures and Halloween costumes with specific Nazi symbols on them - plus, isn't it illegal to even PUT a Swastika on something in a lot of Europe at this point?

ALSO: Latino Review sez they know who the villain(s) are in "The Avengers" - actual discussion of THAT after the jump, as it may be considered a SPOILER:

So... Latino Review claims to have confirmed the worst-kept secret in the Marvel Movieverse: The Avengers are up against The Skrulls... and that they're there as hired guns for "Thor" heavy Loki. Amusingly, if true this makes the plot the most literal "mashing-up" of the traditional "Avengers" origin -where they initially teamed against Loki - and "The Ultimates" where they fought a (boring as hell) reimagining of The Skrulls.

Skrulls - like a lot of the early Marvel concepts - are basically "comic-ized" versions of 50s pulp-scifi tropes; they're literally an alien race of bug-eyed Little Green Men shape-shifters. They'll almost-assuredly get some form of makeover for the movie, but I'm hoping they fall a little more on the "Star Trek" side than the "ID4" side - it'd be a trip to have The Avengers swatting around a bunch of pointy-earned green guys in purple onesies; especially if you've still got Loki around to be the more serious "big bad." (I wonder if they'll opt to use "Ha! I've actually been a SKRULL all along!" to write any supporting characters out of the various franchises...)

ALSO: Devin says he knows the basic outline of "Dark Knight Rises." If he's right, it mostly gives a big "yes" to most fans' Occam's Razor speculations (i.e. what the most likely plot possible was) and doesn't seem to give away any major twists - at least nothing you couldn't have guessed at. Still, click with caution.


Nick said...

So, Talia Al'Ghul is the Bat-villain after all... that assuages a lot of my fears.

bigjkt said...

Who ever did the make-up should get an award behind this damn he really looks like the Red Skull.

Tim said...

Hey Bob. Thoughts on the Blade Runner sequel?

Will said...

Comic Book Fans:
This is AMAZING! They got Red Skull PERFECTLY! I am so hyped for Captain America!

Non-Comic Book Fans:
Comic books are weird...

Drunken Lemur said...

About time they do a follow up to Ras al ghul. And yes, Red Skull does indeed look bitching.

Dave Kraft said...

With regard to Red Skull: Looks bitchin'. :)

With regard to the plot? Latino Review was spewing stuff like this prior to a bunch of other films. Fanboy columnist speculation is, more often than not, wrong. Latino Review has been a shining example of this, tossing around rumors left and right.

The JGL rumor has been disproven already, along with the Marion Collitard one. He isn't in the film. Seeing as JGL has a mention here, I am extremely ready to write the LR article off as nothing short of fanboy wishful optimism.

I quote the article when I say, "remember that there are rumors being fed out by the Batcamp that are purposefully untrue," and "Christopher Nolan has gotten very, very skilled at manipulating us nerds and isn’t above throwing out some misinformation from time to time".

I'll believe it when I see it, but I don't see Talia being nearly as popular a follow-up to TDK - with anyone other than the fandom.

I don't think Warners or Nolan would go with anyone so esoteric - as far as the wide, general audience is concerned. Just because Grant Morrison went to town in his rape-and-pillage job on the Batman comics using Talia and a retelling of 'Son of the Demon' that has nothing to do with the events of SotD doesn't mean the wide, general audience knows or cares, even if fans loved it nonetheless.

Bane as hired muscle is one thing, and I can easily wrap my mind around that. Talia? She doesn't seem as marketable as certain alternatives could be, nor do I see how she could tie into TDK.

R'as is one of those choices which most members of the wide, general audience didn't really care so much for, due to him being a bit more esoteric than some of the more classic Bat-rogues. With Ledger setting the bar so high, I seriously doubt Nolan would go with Talia.

That's just my view. I advise serious caution with regard to the online rumor mill.

rob said...

Ithink the Devin guy is way off, the vivillains are way too obscure. There's a bigger chance of Man-bat showig up. Don't think Nolan will go as cheap as Talia finding revenge for the death of her father.

akkuma420 said...

Damn... Red Skull... Just wow...
That has got to be the most perfect recreation I have EVER seen.
That looks amazing.

As for Batman... I know that is all just rumors and speculation at the moment... but I really REALLY hope that Nolan isn't going that route with the plot, that sounds just plain boring.
I'm sure I would love it regardless, but it sounds incredibly un-impressive on paper(or computer... whatever... lol)

Chris Cesarano said...

Unlike everyone else, I'd love it if Talia was the villain, though I'd prefer sticking to the story where she and Batman were love interests (or was that just the cartoon? The animated series did SO MUCH awesome for Batman).

Honestly, I find Talia to be a more interesting character than Catwoman, let alone love interest. However, I can see why they'd avoid that sort of thing (how do you take a two hour film and create a villain that is also a complicated love interest and have it resolve?).

As for the Red Skull, never got into the Captain America comics, but all of the images from this film have me salivating. That looks seriously awesome.

KevinCV said...

If that's really makeup they're using for the Red Skull, than -pardon the pun- color me impressed, especially with the nasal area. I say this because they had to use CGI in the case of Lord Voldemort's face from the 4th Harry Potter film onwards. They basically digitally removed Ralph Fiennes' nose, and replaced it with those snake-like slits. It was striking.

You may had been fooled by Davy Jones, Bob, and holy hell, I was too. But the effects they had to do for Lord Voldemort's face back in 2005 -one year prior to "Dead Man's Chest"- were equally, if not more impressive. Not to mention really groundbreaking.

Daniel R said...

Love it! Absolutely love it! This was the one thing that had me feeling iffy about "Captain America" and they did a great job!

The Skrull would make sense, but what about the Infinity Gauntlet we saw back in Comic Con? Did we just forget all about that, I kinda expected Thanos to be the huge leak.

Holy Crap, they digitally removed his nose?! WOW, I am stunned, I did not know that. O_O

Elessar said...


Devin is probably full of shit.

KevinCV said...

@Daniel R

Yeah. They actually talk about it how they managed to achieve it on the 2 disc version of the DVD. It's really informative. I was shocked when I found out they did that. They said the goal with it was that when you initially look at him, he seems normal. But when you look at him again, you think "That's just not right..." As far as I was concerned, they were successful, because I had that exact reaction.

Stefan Sasse said...

With regard to the legal question: Display of the Swastika (Hakenkreuz in German) is legal for artistic purposes in Europe, or else all these history films like Valkyrie would have one hell of a problem.

Dave Kraft said...

I THINK I know what Nolan is doing for the film. But I will be making a vlog about it, with some pics, video footage and commentary. It coincides with another Bat-media related thing coming out this year, which I believe will serve a kind of cross-marketing purpose..... of sorts.

Stay tuned. :)

(oh, and if you guys just happen to be in the NYC area this May, I'll be at Wizard World Big Apple Con) :D

CraftyAndy said...

aww too bad it would of been so funny to see bunch of kids running around in nazi uniforms. Guess I'll have to fix the costume when I get mine.
Who did red skull end up like that anyways? He looks like a Chaos Marine.