Monday, March 14, 2011

TGO Special Message re: Japanese Earthquake

(UPDATED TO FIX FACTUAL ERROR.) Please consider making a donation to the charity or relief-organization of your choice to aid in the ongoing tragedy in Japan.


Luc said...

Thank you for the kind message. I will do all I can to help Japan

LastRambo341 said...
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Lucas Neumann said...

Here in Brasil we already have a program to send help to the Japanese, me and my friends already helped (few bucks unfortunately).

Wish I could do more, but we also suffered quite a big natural disaster here as well. Thousands were killed in Rio de Janeiro because of the summer floods. Our goverment is still asking for help and donations.

But about giving back to Japan because of games... I dunno, I don't see anything wrong with that, but even if I love games, it's a bussines isn't? The japanese didn't do me a favor by making videogames.

But that's me, regardless of why, I'm with Bob, any way you can help, please do so.

Aaron said...

@rambo: That's not funny. You do realize that this was an 8.9 level earthquake right? That is devastating.

Mason said...

@rambo: wow, you're an ass.

I'm seeing "This video has been removed by the user", which sucks because I would have liked to hear what Bob had to say. I will definitely be donating to the fund when I get paid.

Bob said...

Not cool, don't do it again.

My youtube account (and my screwattack page, where this is also going) are both about 95% gamer-centric, so I wanted to "bring it home" for the folks who frequent those areas. Obviously, we should help just because it's the right thing to do... but I don't think a reminder of how "connected" one may be to a suffering people is uncalled for.

shinsaku Iwatachi said...
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shin said...

Thanks bob

I was in tokyo when the quake struck. I, nor anyone close to me were harmed, but thousands of others were not so fortunate. Strong aftershocks still continue, millions are cut off from electricity, gas and sufficient sheltor or food. Whole
cities have literally been wiped out by massive tsunamis, and there are even dangers of a nucleur meltdown in the damaged reactors.

But even after all this, we are still alive and we are
still here. It will take years for us to get back on our feet, but we will pull through. As a nation, and as citizens of a nation, we ask you to stay with us, and have faith in us.

Thank you all for the help and kindness.

sam said...

i was a little confused whether i could donate to the americian redcross (considering I live in the uk) so I donated to the british version.

Hoping this disaster doesn't get any worse.

Robert said...

@Bob The fact that you make a video for Japan and not Egypt, Haiti, etc. makes it seem that the only reason you are doing this is so that the gaming industry isn't harmed. Since we all know you haven't been quite the humanitarian based on your past blog posts and TBP episodes. Glad you made the video anyways, whatever the motives.

Lucas Neumann said...

I'm pretty sure Bob knows that Tokyo and region, where the main games companies are located, didn't suffer much because of the earthquake (since Japan is used and prepared for earth shakes). The real damage was done because of the Tsunami, destroying the cities by the coast.

Sure, the japanese economy as whole will take a hit, but I doubt it will have deep consequences in the game industry.

rob said...

First of all, everyone who can spare a few bucks for Japan, just wire $5 to for instance the Red Cross, and you helped.

But, just to be clear: Google the term "It prints money"

Arturo said...

I hear Nintendo has already donated 300 million Yen, which should be about 20 million dollars.

Zac Ells said...

@Robert I don't think he's done it specifically due to the fact that Japan is centric to the gaming community.

It's a Crisis, a really bad one, and if by showing people who wouldn't normally donate a way in which this disaster will effect them and then they go on to donate.

all the better, more money for aid.

Nicely done Bob, sadly not everyone is as thoughtful.

Peter said...

Awful. Just awful. I hate hearing about things like this. But I have to question weather or not it really is "too soon" to tell any jokes. Didn't south park make fun of this already? I'm not saying I encourage it (although I will admit to seeing one or two that I did laugh at) but I don't just write off anyone who as a douchebag. Hell, I have YouTube subscribers who live in Japan and said that a few of these jokes actually made them laugh. I also think the amazing atheist covered this quite perfectly.

Also Bob, I'm strongly against you deleting comments. As I said, I make YouTube videos and I get haters all the time. People call me nigger and tell all kinds of offensive jokes and I NEVER delete comments. Seriously, I know you mean well but not cool.

check me out. Big wii supporter.

Lucas Neumann said...

To be fair, one of these deleted comments was mine, I deleted it because Blogger sometimes gets buggy and double post. Bob never deleted any of my comments, and I'm a very sloppy writer (someone on the other post mentioned it, sorry folks, I'll try to pay more attention)

About South Park, they did joke about the Japanese killing whales deal, and in another episode, they said that Japaneses don't have souls. And in the pokemon parody, they showed how the japanese manipulates the world by comparing penises (funny as hell). And that's it about japaneses in South Park.

But before anyone gets all mad, remember, it' South Park, and for what it's worth, Trey Parker speaks japanese, married a japanese woman and before south park happened, he was planning to teach english in Japan. And some say he really digs hentai, but that's his particular business.

ZAENGO said...

thanks bob, this was really nice. do whatever you can to spread the word and help.

and, in regards to the people joking about it, i have a personal philosophy. when someone jokes about a disaster or just something sad, im okay with it as long as its only done to relieve stress about the incident, using comedy to cope, its just another form of grieving. but alot of the people making light of the situation are just being ignorant and mean spirited. that needs to stop.

Ezenwa said...

It's such a brutal tragedy. It's affecting the Japanese markets as well, as various games are canceled and delayed. Plus, I have two friends who live there. I'm nervous for their safety.

Peter said...

Actually, I was talking about the whole "having to wait 22.5 years before a tragedy becomes funny" bit in Jarred has aides.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this, Bob. Especially for mentioning the Red Cross. My husband and I have worked with them for years, and they really do wonderful work.

I got a rare, kind of valuable WoW card at PAX (the random consolation prize for not getting the Spectral Tiger), and we decided to sell it and donate the money to the Red Cross's Japan relief efforts.

As an aside: It's sort of a "woa" to actually SEE you. I assumed you were more than a voice, but to actually see you...well, you just got a whole lot less mysterious.

Clayton said...

whoa, someone musta said something REALLY bad to get Bob to delete a comment; he doesn't even delete TROLL comments. Anyway, the tragedy in Japan is horrifying. Of course, you still get assholes like Tokyo's mayor saying its "divine punishment". Hopefully they can get that reactor stabilized before it becomes another Chernobyl

Anonymous said...

I'm all for donating, and have done so, but how would putting aside a game purchase to donate help? Video games are a large part of their economy so not sure that example would help that much. (Unless it's an American title or something)

How about rather than see a movie, donate? ****ing movie tickets are almost as much as a video game now anyways x_x.