Friday, March 18, 2011

Wonder Woman looks like Wonder Woman...

...would look as rendered by a higher-end Cosplayer.

EW (hat tip to Devin) has the first image of Adrianne Pallicki in-costume as Wonder Woman in David E. Kelley's new TV series. Let's call this the ultimate in mixed-bag results: On the one hand, it's somewhat shockingly faithful - there's absolutely no mistaking who this is supposed to be, and while I'm always more fond of the bare-leg look (both because it emphasizes the athleticism of the character and YES, also for more obvious reasons) the blue pants thing is a reasonable compromise for an actress doing a weekly series. Really surprised they kept the heels.

On the OTHER hand... gah! What's with the cheezy reflective-latex look? Again, I like the DESIGN... but ye gods, the material makes it look like she's wearing a WW costume for a Halloween episode of some other show, not "playing" the character. Maybe it looks better under proper lighting?

Actually, I'm wondering if A.) this IS the "real" final outfit, and B.) if, in that case, the cheese-factor is supposed to be the point. The audition tapes had actresses reading from a script where the character referenced her "old" outfit as being less "appropriate" than her current one, and bemoaning that people still considered the old one more "iconic." This pretty-much IS the old one, just with pants. So maybe this is meant for "flashbacks" to the older suit, and the silly-looking material is meant to accenuate how "lame" it was?

Of course... that same script/scene ALSO involved WW being insecure about her breasts not being big enough (really) and based on this image that's just NOT going to be a believable sentiment; so it goes without saying that the script itself has probably undergone post-casting changes.

I'll say this... she looks better than Nu-Spidey does, so far.


RestamSalucard said...

Ooh, Shiny...

Adam said...

Honestly I have no real complaints. Yes they could tone down the shiny but really it looks like a traditional superhero outfit, and let's be honest, traditional superhero outfits are goofy looking. It's just part of the fun.

Daniel R said...

God that looks uncomfortable.
I myself dislike most of it, especially the latex
I don't think it's supposed to be the 'old' costume. If it turns out you're right, well... I couldn't imagine what the 'new' costume will look like.
Whats with the Lasso of Truth. Looks like someone dipped a yellow rope in glue and proceeded to throw a handful of golden glitter on it.
The Eagle on her chest seems to protrude a bit too much from her clothing. makes it look a bit unusual, well more unusual than an eagle on a Woman's chest should look like in my opinion.
Although, the bracelets and the tiara-esque headband look great.

Also; cue at least 7 comments dedicated entirely to you're little quip about Spidey.

David said...

Farting is going to be really hard in that costume

Blue Highwind said...

I have to say there is next to nothing to like about that costume. She looks like a McDonald's ballpit. Or the tacky backseat to a 1950s Ford. Can she even walk in that without making squeeking sounds?

Seriously, what was wrong with that "new" redesign that everybody hated? That would have worked perfectly here.

CraftyAndy said...

new spidey looks better holy shit can't get ever the refelctive latex. Are they trying to make something along the lines of the 1960s batman and continue to make comics look like a medium solely for children and illiterates?

Dave Kraft said...

Agree with CraftyAndy.

This costume makes her look like a blow-up doll. She looks like she bought that outfit at a Party City. Cheap plastic and latex; no metal or leather on the outfit whatsoever!

If you think this is "high end" cosplay then you don't know a damn thing about cosplay.

THIS is high-end cosplay:

Oh, and this is not "pretty-much" the old outfit "just with pants", Bob. If you think that, you need your eyes checked, or learn how to do a side-by-side comparison.

Dave Kraft said...

Incidentally, the cosplayer in the above pics was part of the team that made Beast's costume for X-Men: First Class.

Dave Kraft said...

Oh, and let's not forget the obligatory Marie-Claude Bourbonnais post. (though this isn't the best example; just something I whipped up on Google on short notice. Go look her up to see the rest of her cosplay).

Yeah, Bob seems to know squat about what is "high-end" and what isn't. :/

Look, I know there's a difference in opinion, but once you have these two as a reference point you can't deny that the WW outfit is beneath the standards set by these two.

Hell, I use two women here in NYC regularly for photo shoots for and we've actually MADE several costumes of this quality. It doesn't really cost very much to do, except for technical design aptitude.

Speaking of, if any of you happen to be in NYC in September for the Fall Wizard World show, one of said women will be tabling with me, and plans to be in different costumes throughout the weekend, so you can see film-grade manufacturing quality in costume design.

Toomin said...

Yeah, um, this costume's better than Nu-Spidey? Bull-fucking-shit, Bob. Come on. I know you hate the idea of the new Spidey, but let's be objective here. This is way better than something that looks like a cheap latex thing bought at a Halloween costume shop.

Martín Cerón said...

What's with the pants???

Dave Kraft said...

I'm prayin' that Nu-Spidey's lenses aren't red. If they turn out to not be red - as they do appear to be in every pic we've seen thus far, including the stuntman's outfit - then I guess it'll just have to settle for "alright". The red on the lenses just seems a bit odd to me, and I think white would be a nice complementary color to balance it out.

That's just speaking strictly from a design and color theory standpoint.

But yes, there is no way this is better than Nu-Spidey. At least Nu-Spidey knows the meaning of material properties, instead of store-bought Halloween party plastic and latex.

akkuma420 said...

This look's really stupid and cheap. Just looks like her pants are gonna rip if she walks too fast or melt if she stands next to anything with high temperatures.
I don't understand how this looks better than the new spidey suit... I mean like seriously... how do you figure?
The new spidey suit may not be perfect, but at least it doesn't look like it was bought at Party World.
Also, IMO, probably shouldn't have used someone with such obvious implants... looks really weird.

Dave Kraft said...

akkuma420: The actress doesn't have implants...... :/ They're just pushed up by the suit.

Btw the actual actress has the wrong face for the role. I mean, here's a close-up

Long hair won't change that she doesn't have the right facial structure or body type to do the role.

But I agree, her pants look like they'd melt on a hot summer day.

Clayton said...

being a regular attendee of Anime Central in Chicago, I can safely say that looks NOTHING like high-end cosplay. Unless the costume is supposed to be latex you don't see the material used that often. THIS is high-quality cosplay:

Anyway, the design itself isn't bad (plus I've always found the leginess of WW's outfit to be overly silly) but it's the material that makes me roll my eyes. I also realized what the Nu-Spidey outfit reminds me of: Ben Reilly's "extreme" outfit during his stint as Spider-Man

Novice said...

The Shiny seems to be the main complaint everywhere. My husband has a huge WW fetish, but he wasn't impressed with this. He's a fan of the (cute yet impractical) star spangled skirt. His two comments were "Well, I'm glad they didn't cast someone stick thin." and "Why is it so shiny?".

Personally, I love the camp of Wonder Woman, and I say if you're going to make her serious, do it the way Darwyn Cooke did in New Frontier.

It's a literary adaptation. The majority of the fans will be dissatisfied with it, be it comic books or Bronte.

RestamSalucard said...

When someone argues that this is not "High-end wonder woman cosplay" and shows pictures as evidence, it would probably help your argument if the pictures showed actual Wonder Woman cosplayers.

Adam said...


Agreed. Also while I would agree that most of counter examples are indeed better made overall costumes they're pretty much all one tone blacks or other dark colors. It's a lot easier to look good in apparel like this if your main color is just black as opposed to bright red, blue, and shiny gold.

akkuma420 said...

@Dave Kraft
Damn... would have fooled me, I guess it's just not very flattering for her.
I would have sworn those where implants... I'll take your word for it though.
I think the point of showing the cosplay pics, whether they bey WW or not, was just to show that even a fan could put together something less cheap, more loyal and all around just better looking than this.
This is pure crap IMO and is sad to see that A fan made costume can turn out better than something a studio with plenty of money can put together.
This is just embarrassing to look at.

Bryce said...

Better than the new Spidey costume?
Yeah, I'm going to have to go with a bit fat resounding NOPE.

Popcorn Dave said...

Yellow plastic instead of gold? What is this, Power Rangers? Actually "Power Rangers" sums up the whole thing, really, although the basic design is good enough. Maybe the materials were picked with TV lighting in mind, and it'll look better when they start shooting.

RestamSalucard said...

@akkuma420 I'm just saying if you're going to compare and contrast, you might as well... compare and contrast. Wonder Woman is the first widely recognizable female superhero; I'm sure there's gotta be a few cosplayers out their somewhere.

And Adam has a point, these examples aren't just different characters, they're completely different styles. Comparing a take on a colour golden age costume to an all black ensemble like Batgirl or Black Cat or Random elf woman in black armor, is like comparing abstract art to still life.

Clayton said...

alright, since people for WW cosplay, have fun: (this one is from an Elseworlds title)

Anubis Soundwave said...

The outfit is fine (may need straps for the bosom), but the material itself is TOO SHINY. Also, the pants could stand to be a darker shade of blue.