Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Zangief Kid" is alright by me

(Warning: Video clip is pretty brutal)

By now people have probably seen this, either in it's original form (after the jump) or in "remixed" form with Street Fighter sound effects. It's been all over the net, turning it's "hero" into an interweb sensation.

Short version: A "stocky" schoolkid in Sydney, Australia who has apparently been a long time victim of bullying, was being verbally and physically assaulted by another classmate... and did something about it. Specifically, he grabbed the bully, hoisted him into the air and smashed him head-first into the ground, "pile-driver" style - amazingly, the bully was apparently not seriously injured. The incident was caught on tape - where it can be seen that the bully was being "cheered on" by several others at the time. Both boys were temporarily suspended, but "Zangief Kid" (nicknamed for an Street Fighter character with a piledriver move) has already become the latest internet nerd-culture folk hero. Onetime victims of similar torment have offered praise; and "Anonymous" has turned it's Sauron-esque gaze upon the school, the bully and his family.

I've been hesitant to jump right in on this one, because you can just FEEL the other shoe waiting to drop... but yeah, I'm sorry - I have NO real problem with this whatsoever. Yes, it'd be nice if bullies and all other problems could be solved without violence. Yes, a piledriver on concrete is possibly a touch too far, YES, "Zangief Kid" and his "fans" are all lucky as HELL that the bully in question wasn't killed - which looks to have been a distinct possibility.

But... yeah, on behalf of bullied kids and especially bullied "fat kids" in the past, present and future... ROCK ON, kid.


Dav3 said...

4:12 am huh?

I'm guessing you can't sleep either, or are you still up from yesterday?

Mason said...

Unfortunately, in my case, my bullies were the size of the victim here, and I was the shrimpy one. So even when crap boiled over, I could really do nothing about it. I did hurl a few trash cans at them, though, but that didn't help my case, and nearly got me suspended.

If I could go back and relive those torturous days, I'd have started swinging fists. I know that's terrible, but every counselor's advice of "just ignore them" didn't do jack!

Dav3 said...

I think what happened is perfectly natural. It reminds me of those videos you see of gorillas or bears going at it in the wild, just a different species.

Maybe it should bother me since humans are supposed to be more self-aware than a wild animal, but on the other hand I imagine the bully learned a valuable lesson here: Let the wookie win.

Robert said...

Dumbass had it coming to him. Rock on indeed

Robert said...


rob said...

I took it with a grain of salt, who knew if the other kid had a violent streak or whatever, but apparently that wasn't the case, typical bully vs. typical victim who had enough.
So, yeah, seconded, Rock on kid!!

Man, that kid did what I fantasised daily about for over 10 years. Thank god it's Australia and not the US, because Bully's parents would totally sue Zangief.

Popcorn Dave said...

Yeah, I wouldn't usually condone this but that little turd was clearly asking for it. Good thing he didn't die though, he was damn lucky after a hit like that (I thought he might have broken something the way he was hobbling about afterwards).

Sara Pickell said...

I think this is one of those cases where things could have gone very wrong... but they didn't so overall I'm okay with it. Seems like a lot of bullying situations would be better laid to rest with a bit(emphasis on it not being the whole) of this than any amount of outside intervention.

Kids aren't the same as fully grown adults, this is just part of the process.

Joe said...

We had a similar incident a couple years ago, where a racist white kid tried bullying a Korean classmate who had a black belt. Needless to say, it didn't go well for the little turd.

Adam said...

I would teach my child to exhaust all options of calming a bully before resorting to more aggressive means, but if those have all proved fruitless and your only choices remaining are "Defend yourself" or "Get socked in the face" well my child you better be prepared to fight.

We can try to deny or change it all we like but sometimes physical aggression is the only thing a person will respond to. It's just nature.

Andrew said...

if either of them learned anything from this encounter it's that they have to change their strategies when encountering each other. I fought against my bullies back in school (even bashed one's head into a locker) but they don't simply back off. They regroup and attack in greater numbers or they torment you psychologically.

And as much as I want to assume that the "Zangief Kid" is an just an innocent victim who fought back, I can't shake the thought that we still don't know the whole story.

PotRoast said...

The problem with violence as an answer is that it's the easy one. It often has long term consequences. I think Casey's actions were probably warranted here. Not only as self defense, but as a message to an inattentive school administration that there is a problem that needs fixing. I just fear any satisfaction (not to mention the excessive amount of encouragement from teh webz) Casey might have gained from letting loose all of that pent up frustration and anger might lead to more violence in the future. Particularly in cases when it is not so clearly warranted.

Chris Cesarano said...

@Joe - Holy crap, I had no clue that level of racism against Asians existed anywhere these days, especially somewhere like Canada. Holy crap.

@topic - To me, the punishment to Zangief Kid would basically have to do with the attack used. Don't try and kill someone, after all.

However, I hate how schools have to try and "keep things fair" so that both of them get suspended. Bullies are only capable of bullying because they're not afraid of the system. I mean, really, what DOES a school suspension, or even expulsion, matter? It's a bunch of days off, and considering the modern school system you can clear that work load out in a weekend. These kids aren't afraid of that sort of punishment and choose targets that ARE afraid (or at least respectful) of it, as it's just a part of them being weaker.

So I say suspend the damn bully and give Zangief Kid no more than a detention. He was only defending himself, and honestly, this should hopefully put an end to it.

kevmon1116 said...

I'd been bullied through most of my public education. At one school it actually got so bad I transferred the next semester. By highschool I learned it was best not to confront the dickheads at all and zen myself with the knowledge that I was going to college and they were going nowhere.
I even had a bully at my first job at McDonalds. Dipshit wouldn't leave me alone when both of us were supposed to be working. That's how shitty this town is, you can't escape the assholes no matter where you go.
I fully understand this kid and think that, if I had been there, I would have given that little shit hell too. Maybe the piledriver was too far, but that shit will think twice about messing with him again.

PS. Funny story... one time, in gym, this dickwad said he'd give two bucks to anyone who hit me in the face with a dodgeball. So, I walked up to asshole... and smacked myself in the face with a dodgeball and told him to pay up. That was funny. Naturally the dude just flipped me off, but I still lorded over him the fact that I turned his lame little bullshit game against him.

Smashmatt202 said...

I know you've been a victim of bullying, but really, fighting should not solve anything.

Blue Highwind said...

What did he expect attacking a kid three times his size? OWNAGE that's what.

Axle said...

My feelings towards were pretty simple.

Bullying: Bad.
Kid fighting back: Good.
Piledriver onto concrete: Holy shit are you serious!?

So... net positive I guess. He shouldn't get into tons of trouble but he definitely needs a talking to about not doing stuff that could seriously hurt someone else.

Just Gavin said...

Good on him, violence in this case was the only way, and guess what, it makes you feel amazing afterwards when you actually win.

Luc said...

It's like David and Goliath, but this time Goliath won, and rightfully so.

Jones said...


Someone looks like he doesn't know shit about being bullied as a kid. No one, and I mean no fucking one can help you when you're being tormented every day at school. Not the adults, not your friends, no one. This kid should be rewarded for having balls the size of a house, as he takes responsibility for a problem nobody even dares seeing. So take your peace speech and shove it.

Caliostro said...

Note: That wasn't a pile driver, that was a body slam. A piledriver involves dropping someone vertically, head first, into the concrete. Casey could have pulled it, he held the idiot upside down long enough to just drop him.

What he did was a rather vicious body slam. He held him up, and slammed his whole body down on the concrete.

That said, some people need to put hysteria aside and realize that Casey (i.e.: Zangief kid) did absolutely nothing wrong. He was assaulted, he fought back. Had he killed the kid, that would have been tragic (sort of), but just self-defense.

Don't wanna get your face smashed into concrete? Don't attack people. Seems simple enough.

R said...

For me it's easy to feel conflicted. I think he was totally justified in dealing a heavy retaliating blow. Something to say "You want to fuck with m? THIS is what you get!" Maybe lifting him against a wall and punching his several times.

But the head-dropping move could have easily killed the kid. I can't help but wonder if we'd all be cheering him on if he had stabbed the bully, and the bully still lived. That would also have been a potentially deadly attack.

In the end, I do side with him though. Because even though his counter-attack was way too extreme, he's probably been tormented by bullies his whole life and he isn't even thinking clearly when this stuff happens. A rage fueled by an entire childhood of being bullied can be powerful stuff.

akkuma420 said...

As far as I'm concerned that little chump had it coming.
Have seen this video multiple times already and it never get's old.
Very satisfying.
When you have exhausted all other options, Violence can sometimes be the only way to get through to some people.
Telling a teacher/adult will stop the problem at the moment, but will just warrant an ass beating on the way home from school or sometime in the near future.
"Talking it out" will get you branded the name "Pussy" and the inevitable beat down.
Sometimes you need to take it one step further.
Guaranteed that little shit will think twice before he tries to fuck with someone 3x his size.
Just a painful life lesson.
Zangief Kid gets a thumbs up in my books.
Just shows other kids that are being bullied that have exhausted ALL other options that maybe it's time to try defending yourself.
Let the bully swing first so it's considered self defense, then let him/her have it.
This kid is my hero.

cedric said...

I don't by it. How do I know the bigger kid was'nt talking about the other kid's mother or something days before? Give me the whole backstory then we'll see.

Arman said...

The moment you put your hand on someone else's throat you deserve whatever retaliation comes your way. Casey was attacked, he had every right to use as much force as he needed in order to dispatch his attacker. If that means body slamming him, then that's fine with me.

Bully's only stop victimizing you when you prove to them that you are able and willing to escalate the situation to a level of violence completely disproportionate to anything they could possibly do to you. Its the way the world works.

You can bet, that Casey will never be a victim of bullying again.

Anthony Arndt said...

Hail to Casey! I support this young man 100% He *clearly* didn't start the fight but when he exercised his right to self-defense he used the appropriate level of force to end the confrontation then stopped. In school, I knew a lot of kids who were bullied. I was too but never by the same kid twice. I didn't start fights but I didn't just accept any grief. Don't start fights but move to finish it with the minimum risk to yourself with no concern for your attacker.

When it comes to bullying, peace is never the answer. Bullies do not respond to reason and passive response. Respond in kind and if they make it physical, defend yourself.

Laserkid said...

What really strikes me here is how many people want to punish this kid.

I've been in his position in school growing up and when i dared to hit back to get my stolen backpack back on the bus and was beaten to a bloody pulp putting me in in house suspension with the bully was the clearest sign the school didn't give a damn about circumstances.

Bullies don't care how much you try to be peaceful they know theres nothing you can do and the power is theirs because the school system will punish their victims with them. As long as this is the case the only defense a kid has is him or herself - and showing that one can very well fight back to that level is about the ONLY chance a bullied kid has to stop the bullying since no one else will.

rob said...

The kid gave an interview (site might be dutch, but the video is australain)

CraftyAndy said...

He should of slammed him twice to make sure he got his message through. "Don't fuck with me."

CraftyAndy said...

And bullies never seem learn their lesson. You think columbine and virgina tech and the rest would of inspired people to make sure they don't help create people with a potential to snap. You wonder where crazy fucked up people come from well it's because people at school will gain up on one person and torment them for years like they did with this kid. They ducked taped him to poles, kicked and beaten him up and all his supposed friends didn't want to be around him. Congratulations parents you do a good job raising your kids, do they attend church every week too?

They're all lucky he only body slammed the fuck and not come back with a gun.

Dev's Media Reviews said...

Your clip has been removed from Youtube man. I did, however, see the Zangief Kid slamming the bully's head down to the ground with the use of the Street Fighter Music.