Thursday, April 21, 2011

Best "Thor" trailer yet is a VW/Superbowl spoof

Hast thou dawwwww?

Obviously a takeoff on "Little Vader," and a funny one, but part of me hopes the whole "kid loves Thor" bit isn't just wishful thinking on Marvel's part. One thing the early reviews seem to agree on is that this is the "youngest" Marvel-movie yet in terms of likely appeal - i.e. it's more about the straight-up fantasy/heroics than it is about Iron Man's middle-aged ennui or Hulk's anger issues - and it really would be cool to see one of these things take off primarily with kids in a big way.


The Mason said...

That was awesome! Thanks, Bob!

Very much looking forward to the movie.

tintaman said...

Since I'm in Australia and it's already been released here (awww yeah, finally some advantage for living in the land of delayed releases)'s awesome. Really good for nerds, really good for kids, and surprisingly funny. Got some big laughs at the screening I saw, whilst still being heavy enough that the drama worked. Not sure if it was just my unfamiliarity with the comics but the twists were relatively unexpected, bonus at the end was cool and...yeah, generally just really good. Probably as good as the first Iron Man, if a little less serious.

Reverend Allan Ironside said...

Loved it. My four year old son is asking for the Thor Hammers in stores now and h keep begging to see the movie after i showed him the trailers.

If he'd learn to stop asking questions every two seconds and just watch the movie, I might do that.

existance said...

Just saw it tonight. Holy shit, it was awesome. The action was fun, the jokes were funny and the drama actually worked really well, instead of feeling shoe-horned in. Characters getting upset can be rather touching and Loki isn't a one-dimensional villain, etc.

There are a few references to the other avengers, although it took me 5 minutes of wondering why one of the SHIELD guys was allowed to use a bow instead of a gun before I realised it was Hawkeye. There are two lines I noticed that seemed to be written there specifically for the fans. I think you'll really enjoy them. The first of the two lines had me fighting to urge not to laugh, because everyone else in the audience was completely straight-faced when it was said.

It occurs to me that I forgot to stay till after the credits to see whatever teaser they were going to give us this time. Damn. Oh well. I'm up for seeing Thor again :)

Sarge said...

Nice touch that the dog's name was Loki, and the car had the license plate ASG 4RD. "Lollolololllololl."

My cat's name is also Loki, but we spell it "Loqui" because her full name is "Res Ipsa Loquitur." Get it?

Joe said...

Reminded me of that scene in Adventures in Babysitting with the little sister fangirl and the mechanic (played by Vincent D'Onofrio) she thinks is Thor:

KevinCV said...

@Sarge My older brother and his wife have a Siamese cat named Loki. His full name is apparently "Loki Pyewicket" or something like that. All I remember is that the second name sounded vaguely Tolkien-esque. :D