Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Big Picture: "MovieBob's Junk Drawer"


Sssonic said...

Not entirely sure why your projecting your own miserable teenage years onto everything else from the same time period is supposed to make your glib use of the "The 90's sucked!" mantra any less annoying; yes, opinions on an opinion show are fine, but I rather thought having some sort of intellectually honest backing of said opinions was the point of this show. I mean, if I wanted opinions that were just glib, douchebag soundbites with no real thought or reasoning behind them, I could just go watch FOX for a few minutes.

Smashmatt202 said...

Say, I just found out about this guy also on the Escapist. He's kind of like a mix between Yahtzee and MovieBob. He's like MovieBob because he talks about random things in an insightful (while in-your-face) kind of way and he's also...


And he's like Yahtzee because, unlike Bob, he doesn't contradict himself by pretending to be a "sit down and talk, touchy feely kind of guy" while most other times he's an arrogant smartass who takes every opportunity to demonize the people he dispises. Not, like Yahtzee, he a douchebag and he's not afraid to show it.

His name is Jim. And he's answering your questions (on Twitter).

First episode is about movies and video games, and how people need to stop comparing the two.


Philbo said...

"dolphins are basically the Joker of the ocean"

Just that one line made this the best big picture yet (for me).

counterpoint said...

not to be a taxonomy-nazi or anything, but technically speaking, Orca WAS about a dolphin! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orca

TheDVDGrouch said...

I'm totally on the same page with you on The Simpsons. Not the funniest stuff ever anymore but, still very entertaining to me personally.

Adam said...

You know I'm not completely convinced Nintendo is announcing a new console yet. When I look at the supposed features, HD graphics, better online, more traditional controller (with a twist), it sounds like nerd wish fulfillment. Plus I'd read in a few places that sources are saying that Nintendo is trying to recapture the hardcore market with this which I can't honestly see them saying (whether or not it's the right business decision is a different thing entirely). Of course the rumors are so widespread and rounded at this point that I'm probably wrong, but I'll be convinced when Nintendo themselves actually says something.

akkuma420 said...

Information overload... awesome.
Best episode yet IMO.

genguidanos said...

I'm not sure ... under what circumstances, making a new continent in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean is in any way a useful application of genius intellect. Especially when you consider that you have a very conveniently placed Pacific Ocean just 3000 miles away, which has plenty of room to accommodate a new continent or two.

Sssonic said...

@genguidanos Actually yeah, I also have to disagree with Bob on the smart-but-evil-is-better-than-good-but-dumb. True, "good" doesn't have the same practicality as "smart", but in this dichotomy that's a positive. After all, someone who's intelligent but EVIL will, by definition, do active harm to the world; indeed, depending on how smart they are, they could do a LOT of harm. Someone who is good but stupid, meanwhile, may not be able to accomplish much, but at least they aren't likely to make things any worse. Just my opinion, though.

Dave said...


Amen. The 90s were awesome for nerds.

We had reboot, beast wars (still the best written transformers property ever, with some of the best toys), dragon ball z with the ocean dubs, about 5000 seasons of power rangers, we had the golden age of the jrpg, the last truly great nintendo home console,pokemon for those blessed 8 months before it became a phenomenon and was just a really badass jrpg that made everyone bring the gameboy they bought in 1990 to school. Some of the most important games of all time, buffy, gargoyles, 3 star trek series, the cold war was over so we didn't have the soviets to worry about and because international terrorism hadn't directly affected the US yet, everyone pretended it didn't exist.

there were dozens of sci fi shows on tv, there were no reality shows. MTV showed music instead of annoying tween crap. It was not politically savvy to be covertly racist and overtly misogynist.

Oh and it also gave us buffy, xfiles, angel, Babylon 5, earth final conflict, exosquad and the entirety of the amblin animated shows (Pinky and the brain et al), GOOD trek movies in theatres,
not to mention the Disney Renaissance.

Oh yeah and they were bookended by a pair of movies called Terminator 2 and the matrix.

Not liking the 90s should be grounds for having your nerd card revoked.

Popcorn Dave said...

You left out the DCAU, Dave. And the X-Men cartoons!

At least Bob's honest this time and admitting it's just because he was an awkward teenager at the time, but damn, you'd think an awkward teenager would have appreciated this stuff all the more.

Will said...

Honestly, I am happy with your answer to the "90s sucked" thing. I love the 90s but thats an understandable reason. You're never going to love to something if you had a miserable time during it.
Kind of like getting your ass kicked in a particular game a million times over. Game maybe great but you're not going to love it.

As for Nintendo rolling out a new console.... egh.

I'm of the school of thought that consoles are today's arcades. We're looking at the last few or less console generations before things like OnLive, you know, actually start working and wipe out consoles.
That isn't a surpremist PC gamer thing. PC gaming is going to die as well.

Cloud-computing, portable gaming, and streaming video games built into TVs seem like the future as much as I hate the idea of them.

Just an opinion, course.

Dave said...

@ Popcorn Dave

I also didn't mention are you afraid of the dark, Animorphs (now being relaunched with modern poculture references!!), nicktoons or shadow raiders.

There is too much concentrated awesome in the 90s to mention in one post. Which kindof proves my point.

And I while I doubt anyone is surprised that bob is willing to write off an entire decade simply because he wasn't having fun in it, I don't call that a valid excuse. I was miderable in high school too. Everyone is. It doesn't mean that 1999-2003 sucked. We all have preferences, naturally. For the life of me I can't understand why peopel fetishize the 80s to the degree we do. Does charles in charge really need to be remembered?

But NO self respecting nerd/geek/whatever we are calling ourselves these days, especially one who identifies himself as a gamer (a nintendo fan at that) has any business seriously acting like the 90s didn't rock their asses off.

Really the only thing that really truly blew in the 90s (aside from the fashion and about 70% of the music) was the lack of internet.

Timothy said...


In my opinion a truly evil but brilliant person would realize something.

"the strong make many, the weak make few, the dead make done".

A true evil genius will never accept "For the evuls" or any variant thereof as an excuse to do an act.

Goodwill/Good PR are assets on a balance sheet for a reason you know!

Sssonic said...

@ Timothy: In which case they're just doing harm under the guise of smiles and good PR. That does not make the harm they do to the world any less real or dangerous.

Kyle said...

Great episode, Bob. Totally fun. Doritos shell = taco shell with cheese dust... yep, same thought here.

Timothy said...


Let me rephrase that.

"If you're a dictator and your people are trying to overthrow you you're doing your job wrong."

A truly evil genius/dictator, knows that abusing his worker/customers/citizens is a stupid idea. True he might not get the extra 500k in his account, but the fact he gets to walk up to the holier-than-thou democracy country, and pull out a graph showing his approval ratings are overall HIGHER is his reward. Getting to kick the "good" people in the teeth and off the high-horse.

Then again I personally believe evil/good is a state of mind, and ultimately good vs evil, is more short term vs long term planning debate.

Giuseppe said...

I think I disagree with you on almost everything and when I do agree with you it's for different reasons.

Having said that - you never fail to make me want to watch more.

Good work sir.

Sssonic said...

@ Timothy: Except if he is NOT abusing his people/subordinates/etc., what makes the dictator you speak of "evil"? Because even if you accept "Good" and "Evil" as states of mind rather than cosmic absolutes, which is closer to my way of thinking too for what it's worth, "Evil" is nonetheless a term meant to refer to wrong-doing, to things which are harmful or morally corrupt, in which case the dictator in question must still be doing something harmful to the world at large to be deemed "evil" in the first place. I also feel it is hard to imagine a dictatorship wherein SOME degree of abuse to its people does not happen, but that's a whole other issue.

Popcorn Dave said...

Off-topic, but Bob will probably want to report on this if he hasn't seen it already:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard will star in The Dark Knight Rises, but not as who you think

So it's not the Talia revenge story we were suspecting? I guess it's all to play for now.

Back on topic, I liked this episode as a whole. I think the rapid fire format works pretty well and there was some good stuff in here. If you do it again can you put some kind of divide between the segments, like a title card or a sound effect, or even just a little pause? It was a bit confusing at times.

Smashmatt202 said...

Okay, onto the episode itself...

I kind of like this Junk Drawer idea, I'd like to see more of them, if possible...

1.) So when I heard this, I thought it was stupid, and in the back of my mind, I kind of knew it was a publicity stunt, but at the same time, I find some people who genuinely believe this and support it. It kind of supports the notion that celebrities are almost guaranteed to win in political elections, because it almost always comes down to a popularity contest.

2.) lol, that's pretty much true. I like comments like this, because it basically proves you're not a fanboy, since you willingly take the piss out of Nintendo's shortcomings. I have to say, it's a major improvement over your first Game Overthinker episode.

3.) When I heard that, I'm like "Ew, that's disgusting!" I wasn't at all surprised to hear that you would try it out. But me, no thanks. I LOVE Doritos, and I think Taco Bell tacos are pretty good, but I'd prefer to have them separate. Also, the whole thing just sounds really unhealthy. Not that it matters, but still.

4.) "They'll never stop The Simpsons! Have no fear, they've got stories for years, like; Marge becomes a robot! Maybe Moe gets a cell phone, has Bart ever owned a bear, or; how 'bout a crazy wedding! Where something happens, and do-do-do-doo! Sorry for the slideshow! Have no fear, they've got stories for years!"

5.) Yeah, I read about that on the Escapist. And I didn't bother to comment about it. Because it's not worth it. Bleh. :/

6.) So, I guess some people weren't on board with you about the G.I. Joe movie. I dont' see how making it "gritty" will improve it, but I guess it doesn't matter at this point, since they're giving it to the guy who made the JUSTIN BIEBER MOVIE! Geez!

7.) Well, here's the thing. Being smart is good, but being evil means that you'll never be able to use those smarts for anything useful, because it's going to be so focused on doing douchebag things like taking over the world or selling an atom bomb to Hitler, and it all ultimately doesn't matter because good is always destined to win anyway. Still, since you're already smart, and since you've already admitted to being on Magneto's side in one of your Big Picture episodes, I'd say the choice is rather obvious.

8.) Well, yeah, BOTH the movies sucked, but I think everyone agrees that the second movie's story was WAY more stupid and incomprehensible then the first.

9.) Okay, yeah, that makes sense. Worst years of your life, I can get that. STILL would like to see you comment on the good things from the 90's. Particularly the animation, whether it be Batman: The Animated Series, Animaniacs, or the Disney Renaissance. Actually, the Super Nintendo came out in the 90's. Does THAT mean it sucked? The Nintendo 64, too! Then again, you hated the trend the PlayStation started, so maybe videos games wouldn't be a good example. Still, say something nice about the 90's for once. You can still hate the 90's for all its shortcomings, but at least admit that SOME good came out of it.

10.) lol, dolphins, the Joker of the sea. It totally makes sense, and people really need to take a closer look at what they think dolphins are.

genguidanos said...

Heh, I'm not disagreeing with Bob's premiss that "Evil But Smart" is better then "Good But Dumb". I'm disagreeing with his decision of using a picture of Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor from Superman Returns as a visual representation of that premiss. "Evil will always triumph! Because good is" .... I forget how the rest of that quote goes but you get the idea.

Reverend Allan Ironside said...

The 90s gave us the SNES, Sonic SatAM, and Swat Kats. They did NOT suck.

Man, I had an angry, awkward time with my teenager years too. Surprisingly, that all came to an end when I got married. But then I hated being single, so..

RestamSalucard said...

When I heard about killer dolphins, I immediately thought of page 70 from Dr. McNinja: Death Volley.


(Spoiler: Don't worry the guy deserves it.)