Saturday, April 02, 2011

Does this "Green Lantern" footage change your mind?

An abridged cut of the "Green Lantern" footage that went over BIG yesterday at Wondercon has hit the web:

Alright, I'm A LOT closer to "sold" now.

No, it doesn't "solve" all of the issues people were having with this - Reynolds still seems a little A.) young and B.) "flip" to be playing Hal Jordan, and the while the suit keeps looking better the mask still looks out of place and cheesy (notice Tomar-Re, aka "ChickenFish-Man," handwaving an excuse for him to not wear it most of the time.) But for the most part... yeah, this is looking MUCH more promising now, at least visually.

If nothing else, GL fans have to dig seeing that massive gathering of wacky aliens in their matching uniforms (shots like all the business on Oa here I sort of what I was hoping to get in the "Trek" reboot, actually...); and I stand by my affection for how retro-scifi the stuff with the inflated-brain mad scientist and the giant monster (Parallax?) tearing up Coast City looks.

The early trailers were underwhelming because (supposedly) more than HALF of the film is "animated" to one degree or another, and all they initially had to work with were mostly Earthbound scenes; giving the impression of nothing so much as "Younger Iron Man Goes To Space." THIS, on the other hand, shows off the bigger-picture: That it's a huge, cosmic, outer-space scifi epic - "Star Wars," but with a superhero angle.


Sssonic said...

Credit where it's due, this is definitely better put together in terms of editing, communication of information, and general ambience than the first trailer we got with "Deathly Hallows, Part 1". That said, no, I don't feel much more optimistic about this movie now than I did before. The visuals do indeed look solid as you say, and the handling of Oa and the Corps. are truly magnificent (though the whole "mask will appear only when needed" thing seems a touch unnecessary, since it shines a spotlight on how unlikely it is that such a flimsy mask would hide anyone's identity) which is indeed something to be excited about.

Thing is, this movie sold me on its vision of Oa and the Corps. from the first trailer. What it hasn't yet sold me on, however, is pretty much everything else. Still not buying Reynolds as Hal, still not digging the choice to make Hal Tony Stark lite, and I remain extremely uncertain that Hector Hammond is the right choice for Villain here, nor am I all that sure this film's going to have room for both Hammond AND Parallax.

Still, I'm hardly dreading the movie. I'll definitely want to see it for myself, after all, and that's something.

Dave said...

This acually showcases what I hold to be the big problem with the film. It feels like two movies.

One, the sprawling spaceopera with the entire GL corp (and sinestro seemingly NOT being a villain right away for a change) with badass mosters and awesome fight scenes and effects (and I just gotta say how I love that uncanny valley feel the suits give off. They manage to look just slightly unreal, even on the aliens). Oh and Captain Barbossa is tomar re. Yes.

The second movie is the one on earth, that keeps reminding me of the first hulk movies(possibly due to hammond reminding me of the leader). As it stands, the sceenes on earth seem to coem from a very different, much lamer film

Oh and minigun? Warner Brothers, if you want Kyle Rayner just fucking use Kyle rayner. because you've got a leading man who looks nothing like hal jordan and behaves like a mix between Rayner and gardner.

MovieBob said...


I'm not a fan of the big minigun either, but taking a look at the shot a second time makes me think that what we're seeing is actually a joke about why making a gun with a GL ring is dopey.

Notice he's on Oa in that shot, which is a strange place for a GL to need a weapon of any kind, let alone a giant machine gun. My guess: What we're seeing is an out-of-context snap of a "training" scene, and that it's immediately followed by a funny "payoff" about how useless a gun would be against the kind of stuff they generally face and how Hal should think more creatively.

Dave said...

@ Bob

Oh I don't hate the minigun itself. Miniguns are awesome. It's just out of character. Hal Jordan was more for the giant fist/ simple laser beam.

Rayner is the one who does the hyper complicated constructs like guns and giant mecha. In fact there was one issue where he was fighting wonder woman and he created an lmg. IF I remember correctly he had upgraded to a tank by the end of the issue.

To put it simply, this ain't hal jordan. Which is ok, I always found him a bit boring. But if you are going to go with the square jawed leading man action hero, then do it. The attitude that Reynolds brings, as well as the footage so far, seems to suggest they grafter Jordan's name onto Rayner's everything else.

Tyler said...

I really wish I had been able to go to that panel yesterday. It would have been awesome to see all of it. My friends said the room was full an hour before it even started.

I have to agree with Dave on his point about the suits. The uncanny valley effect is still there. I can't help but notice that it doesn't look quite right. Having seen this though I must say that for good or for ill I am still excited to see it.

Oh, and seeing Jon Favreau for cowboys and aliens was great. We actually got to see the aliens if only for a split second. It looks like it's going to be fantastic. Everything about it looks great.

akkuma420 said...

I really dig how this trailer gives the movie a more serious and almost mature overtone as well as a sense of wonder and danger.
This trailer is gonna really spark people's interest ALOT more than the others before it.
This made me much more optimistic about this movies fate.

ryanhawkes40 said...

I'm at least kind of OK with the Kyle/Hal amalgamation. Hal's always been the least interesting Lantern and the greatest retcon in recent DC history is Geoff Johns getting anyone to believe otherwise. He does have probably the best origin story of the bunch so mixing the two works alright for me. It's better than straight Hal or Kyle at least.

Blue Highwind said...

What if a bunny was the first thing to find Ivan Ooze's crashed spaceship instead of Ryan Renolds? Would there be a bunny Green Lantern? Because that sounds more interesting, honestly.

Landstander said...

AWESOME. It's like watching the Hindenburg and Titanic crash into each other.

This looks to be a spectacular failure of epic proportions. And I will watch it grinning ear to ear.

Ryan would not have been my choice for any Green Lantern. They should have held him over to play a Wally West Flash.

Watching this trailer, when he was asked his name I actually for a beat expected him to say Van Wilder. Not good.

Rachel Wyman said...

Actually yes, this does change my mind. The first trailer had me seriously doubtful that this would be a good green lantern story, or even a good movie, but this trailer looks so much better and far more like what I was hoping for.

LK said...

Hal was such a stiff they teamed him with near-commie Green Arrow where Hal learned a (leftist) lesson, every month. Granted, it was the 70's and they were trying to cater to the counter culture that 60's Marvel thrived on.
Denny O'Neil pretty much saw a character with a lot of power and no personality and decided that Green Arrow was his polar opposite. It was like the Odd Couple of superhero comics.

Arturo said...

Now that's more like it. Although...
did he just learn the oath by staring at the lantern??????

Kyle said...

I really want to see it. I hope I get to soon.

Dave Kraft said...

Have we not learned anything from Spider-Man 3? A few minutes of advertising footage isn't necessarily a good representation of how 2+ hours of film will be. Sure, it looks pretty, but for all we know the rest of the film could look like total ass.

It will have to stand on its own legs upon release, as far as I'm concerned.

Right now, though, it doesn't change my mind. Pretty special effects (which happen to look like videogame cutscene footage) won't redeem shitty storytelling or crappy dialogue.

Dave Kraft said...

@Bob: Regarding your actual point regarding the mini-gun.... uhhhh, wrong. The mini-gun is one of the weapons also seen in the trailer for the videogame tie-in. Expect it to be in the film NOT in the sense you're guessing.

Also, just breezing through the comments I spotted something about an uncanny valley effect. Let me just say YES to that. Having seen some of the footage in 3D from the last trailer (which was completed footage), I had a HUGE uncanny valley effect when Reynolds did the snap-change and inhaled (it's the "I know, right?!" scene). It looked very inhuman, like he had no internal organs. I barfed on the guy sitting in front of me. It wasn't pretty. And I'm not one to have a weak stomach.

CGIing the suit was a mistake, as far as I'm concerned. And remember, seeing it on the big screen (or in 3D) is VERY different than watching a Youtube clip.

Popcorn Dave said...

It's a lot better than the first trailer, but the first Dave has a point about it feeling like two movies. I hope it makes more sense in the final version.

I also haven't trusted trailers since I saw the ones for Revenge of the Sith and Matrix Reloaded way back in the day.

Chris Cesarano said...

I feel like it is confirming all the reasons I never really got into DC Comics. There's just something about the aesthetic that drives me away. It was a pretty interesting day in College when I realized one of the problems with The Phantom Menace was that all the aliens looked ripped from an DC comic. Yes, I'm talking about the two-headed announcer.

I'll probably see Green Lantern eventually just so I can support the industry, but it's hard for me to get fired up when I've never been sold on any DC Comic other than Batman. I'm much more excited to see how Matthew Vaughn handles X-Men: First Class.

Of course, I haven't been an avid comic reader since I was a kid, so my knowledge on all these franchises is...well at this point primarily coming from you, Bob. Nonetheless, even hearing about the story-lines, Marvel just appeals to my sensibilities more.

Arkynomicon said...

Huh, that actually looks pretty good. Gonna hold out for reviews before deciding to watch it though.

Vault Dweller said...

they really shot themselves in the foot, i think. putting the origin story in real time was a bad idea hector hammond was also a bad idea. a good idea would have been starting the first movie after hal quit to go "find himself" then cities start vanishing and finaly EVIL GUARDIAN acts 1, 2, and 3. paycheck please

CraftyAndy said...

Beautiful, nice to see they didn't go the superman route in terms of story. I would of rather of watched my GL: First Flight movie again. All I know is that I want MORE!