Friday, April 15, 2011

Escape to the Movies: "Scre4m"

Don't bother.

Intermission has some other slasher movies.


Psyckid008 said...

OK, lets forget for a second how horrible the 80s sucked for a moment (which by the way, all of the slasher movies from that decade including Jason were complete shit to without the rose tinted goggles on) and forget for a moment the objectively better music, movies, and cartoons that the 90s had and really evaluate the quote. Randy "The Ram" Robinson said this while discussing with a friend how much better bands like Poison were than bands like Nirvana which he felt ruined everything. Bans like Poison. Poison. POISON!!! Let's make this absolutely clear. Poison is perhaps the worst band to ever reach mainstream success. You can compare them to any other successful band in history except for maybe Chicago (another 80s atrocity) or Nickelback and Poison will always be the worse one. And to say that this abomination (along with other shitty hair metal bands like Mötley Crüe) were better than one of the most important rock bands in history shreds any hint of credibility that the quote has. The 80s sucked, the 90s wasn't perfect but much MUCH better, end of story.

Despite that unfortunateness, I loved this review. I think it was one of your best reviews since Transformers 2. The best negative reviews are the kind that really dig deep into explaining how every single thing in a movie fails like the RedLetterMedia review of the Phantom Menace or the Spill review of Sucker Punch. I never liked the Scream movies and have absolutely no intention of seeing this one. Also, I laughed at how you kept calling it screforum (even though it should have been pronounced screform).

But there is one minor gripe (other than the now tired 90s suck quote), what was with that snipe against Bradley Cooper? He's a pretty good actor and he was great in Limitless which is one of my favorite films of the year so far. I don't expect you to respond to the 80s/90s thing but this has spiked my curiosity and really does deserve an explanation.

Jones said...

Mötley Crüe kicks ass and deserves being in music history's hall of fame solely because they wrote Kickstart my heart.

Psyckid008 said...

@Jones >:(

Audrey said...

Kevin Williamson does a nice job with The Vampire Diaries, if you ask me. :) Since the last half of season 1 it's become my favorite show on television.

dkh said...

Aw man I was so hoping for an Atlas Shrugged review.

The Grey Man said...

I have similar issues with the Zombie Survival Guide. As someone who started watching stuff like the original "Dawn of the Dead" back when others my age weren't allowed to watch R rated movies at all, it really sticks in my craw when some chick who is younger than me to begin with asks me something zombie related, then when I answer she brushes it off with a "no, no, no. Man, lemme tell you 'bout the zombie survival guide." Twat.

Anywho, I like the "Scream" movies, but I'm also a fair bit younger than MovieBob and its release didn't hinder my status as the movie guy for my particular 5th grade class.

Joe said...

@Psyckid008, Nirvana were always overrated (though David Grohl is brilliant) but they were definitely better than Poison. A drowning cat sounds better than Poison. And the 90s gave us genuinely great bands: Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against the Machine, and Tool top the list.

Oh, and I like Bradley Cooper for the most part but Limitless was second only to Sucker Punch for dumbest movie I've seen so far this year, and Cooper couldn't save it. And at least Sucker Punch had visual style and an awesome soundtrack in its favour.

Daniel said...

Bob, quit hating on the 90s. Seriously, knock it the fuck off. Or at least next Big Picture, talk about something you really LIKED that came from the 90s.

Tim said...

@Daniel: He already did. Mystery Science Theater 3000. The show aired from 1988-1999 meaning it spent less than two years in the 80s while airing through out ALL of the 90s making it a 90s show.

Sssonic said...

Just to definitively disprove Bob's "90's sucked" theory:

The first "X-Men" movie (which is in a lot of ways responsible for the many awesome Marvel movies that have come along since)
God knows how many awesome video games: Symphony of the Night, Ocarina of Time, Star Fox 64, the "Monkey Island" games, etc. etc.
Jeff Smith's "Bone" comic book

That's just off the top of my head, there's plenty more I can think of if you want. This isn't just good stuff, either. This is GREAT stuff, from movies, TV shows, music, but only 'cuz I'm too scattershot in my musical tastes to really judge it by decade generally speaking.

Kyle said...

I like the Scream movies and I liked Ghostface-guy as the bad guy. LOVED him in fact. He could be stopped by a refrigerator door being opened or by a doorknob getting caught on another door. If he got hit with a beer bottle, it looked like he FELT it. He paid for his kills. I get so sick of the Killer getting creamed by a big pick-up truck or bricks or something, then move said pick-up truck out of the way to saunter over to his next victim.

The 90's were okay. I really liked the Disney Afternoon cartoons.

Enigma said...

I pretty much disagreed with 90% of the review, but I love it when you make negative reviews. Always a blast to watch.

Rob said...

@Sssonic, yeah, but think of all the bad stuff that happened too...

The Olsen Twins
Full House
House music
Vanilla Ice
Ubisoft in the 90's
And many more.

Timothy said...

Yeah, I'd stop with the 90's quote as well Bob. It's becoming apparently all you're doing is pissing off your fanbase with it.

Plus....this review just screams "elitist" to me. I mean ok maybe the first scream wasn't a great movie, but the reason for the rage just seems weak. It seems to come across as "They introduced the idea of studying reoccurring themes in media (now a days casually referred to as tropes) to the main stream audience".

I mean it just comes across as "It's popular now it sucks" sort of thing.

On the other hand, doing it with a horror movie probably wasn't the best choice. Megamind did it with the comic book genre and I found it ok. Maybe romantic comedy would be a good way to do this style of deconstruction. Then again it would probably boom, cause let's face it when broken down to their base elements a lot of rom-coms become....oh how do I put this STUPID, and lampshading it probably wouldn't gain you many fans.

Then again you might make the one romantic comedy men actually like more than the females.

Giuseppe said...

Oh yeah, a perfectly fair non-bias reviews. Post-modernism killed horror... I thought generic derivative films killed horror.

Stick to sucking off Miyamoto. ZING.

Psyckid008 said...

@Rob: First of all, Ubisoft rocked in the 90s with the Rayman games. In fact the still rock with Beyond Good and Evil, Prince of Persia, and Splinter Cell. Sure they make a lot of casual games but I see no problem with making games for that audience. And Daikatana came out in 2000. Anyway, let's look at all of the treats the 80s gave us.

The Garbage Pail Kids Movie
ET 2600
Ronald Reagan
And SO much more...

Psyckid008 said...

By the way Bob, you made mistake in the video. 1996 was the 7th year of that wonderful decade. Not the 6th. Let's count to prove this.

1990- 1st year
1991- 2nd year
1992- 3rd year
1993- 4th year
1994- 5th year
1995- 6th year
1996- 7th year

counterpoint said...

@Psyckid008 and Joe

You guys are going about it the wrong way. True, The Ram in The Wrestler compares Poison to Nirvana - obviously an awful comparison. But Bob did NOT compare these two bands. While he may truly believe the 90's sucked, I doubt he would choose the same comparisons as the Ram, and probably just uses his image for the referential effect.

Your aiming for a cataclysm by comparing the hard rock of the 80's (butt rock like motley crue, poison, van halen, and other stuff) to the hard rock in the 90's (the grunge bands you mentioned, etc.). Hard Rock or related genres were FAR BETTER in the 90's than their counterparts in the 80's.

But what about OTHER genres of music? Pop, for instance? Compare, say, Michael Jackson to, say, Brittney Spears or N'Sync. And what about something like New Wave? The Cure, Tears for Fears, etc. These bands have literally no analogue in the 90's, because the genre no longer existed. Yet these bands are great. I could come up with many, many examples (I am the "music guy" to bob's "movie guy"), but the point is simple: some things were better in the 80's, while others were better in the 90s.

And remember, 90% of everything sucked, so it's way too easy to pick one crappy thing from a decade and pair it with a masterpiece in another decade and call it proof. Sorry, it doesn't work like that.

And as far as other things... Somebody mentioned Ocarina of Time... Personally, I'm not sure how "fair" it is to call the n64 era games "better" than the 80's NES games. The vast differences of technology make it hard to argue that Oot may appear "better" than the original Super Mario Bros.... but is that really true?

Lastly, guys, be aware that the decades don't really divide as clearly as we might think. Yes, technically 1990 is "the 90's), but truly the cultural aesthetic does not actually follow decades so purely. Consider Alternative Rock and grunch - certainly a product of the 90s, but something that didn't really, really take hold until after Cobains death in '94. The dominant pop music in the very early nineties - with the exception of Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer, and the emerging dominance of mainstream rap - was essentially the same as that of the late 80s. Butt rock was still in vogue until it was destroyed by grunge.

Good review Bob. I didn't mind scream 1 because, well, I was an adolescent and was NOT the "movie guy" (i was and still am the "music guy") so didn't recognize its suckage at the time. Call it the "Independence Day" effect.

Lee said...

Vanilla Ice came out in the 80's, didn't he? Like right on the cusp?

Anyway, yeah, Bob has yet to meet the challenge of making a balance sheet of good/bad 80s and 90s stuff.
If you take a hard look and quantify that stuff, you see they were pretty even in sucking.

Hyrabethian said...

Bob, you know you need to do it!

Have one of your episode of Big Picture be about the 90s.

You know it's time to address that issue, and say what every teenager had to go through coming to age in those angsty, colorless, flannel shirt wearing because being dull is now COOL...or on the flick side...15 sizes too big wearing, pompous ass, chauvinistic wanksta ass...years.



Hyrabethian said...

Oh and...


That whole "OK, lets forget for a second how horrible the 80s sucked for a moment."


You must have been born in the 90s, because you just wasn't there and don't know...You can't have any possible idea of how wrong that statement is!!

And I forgive


CraftyAndy said...

If I have to hear how great the eighties was with it's specifically cashing in tv shows, slasher genre overflow, with only a handful of great movies (like every decade) I might go creeper and explode. sssssssss

Anonymous said...

You know what Bob, I certainly don't always agree with you since I for one absolutely love Baz Lurhmann's Romeo and Juliet and love Dawson's Creek with out a touch of irony, and really kind of hated Avatar. However, I do respect you. That being said, I'm sick of you hating on the decade that brought us Gargoyles, The Shawshank Redemption, Animaniacs, the Counting Crows, The Sixth Sense, the Batman cartoon, the Beastie Boys, Sex and the City, Weezer, The Matrix, and most importantly Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You might not love, or even like, all the things I just listed, but for me all those things make the 90s rock.

Anonymous said...

And I didn't even mention the Disney Renaissance...till right now.

Ezenwa said...

If anything, the 80s and 90s gave me the guiltiest of guilty pleasures.

So, no I don't think the 80s or the 90s sucked, honestly.

And those pleasures?

In the 80s, I got Super Mario Brothers in cartoon form as well as Captain N.

In the 90s, I got Nirvana and I loved them along with Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, and yes, even Stone Temple Pilots, but they weren't the guilty pleasure. Nor was it professional wrestling (WWE's Attitude Era, ECW's Hardcore Revolution, the Monday Night Wars) and its resurrection into the mainstream.

In the 90s, I got more of the same from Captain N and Mario, if not for the first two years. But the guiltiest of guilty pleasures that I got in the 90s that proved that the era didn't suck came at the middle and tail end.

That, friends, is Japanese Anime making a big splash in America. Specifically, in my case, it was Dragon Ball Z.

So thank you 80s for Captain N and Mario in cartoon form. And, thank you 90s for Dragon Ball Z translated in America. WIN!

Ezenwa said...

Oh, and as for the review, I never wanted to see Scream, so I really can't say.

Chris Wyatt said...

I was never a huge fan of the scream series either, and while scream 4 didn't change that, I will say that it was the only one in the series that I came close to liking. mainly just because it was a slightly better slasher flick than the last few. more gore, higher body count, some adequate kills. Its still not nearly as clever as it thinks it is, but I was more entertained by this one than any of them. On my blog, I gave it 2.5 out of 5.

Arkynomicon said...

I recall I was okay with the first Scream movie. Mostly because the majority of all slasher movies are bad and contain characters that had it coming.

But most horror movies that has come out from Hollywood since the 90's has been bad. Only horror movies I have really enjoyed where Asian ones that where probably not confined with pg13.

But yeah, I'm pretty confident Hollywood is incapable at making a good horror movie. Mostly because they rely to much on cramming in stuff like love sub-plots in to everything just for the sake of playing it safe.