Monday, April 25, 2011

It's Real

Nintendo announces a "Wii Successor" for 2012... in a pdf.

We'll all find out how much money it's going to cost to play the next Mario, Zelda, etc. at E3.


Reverend Allan Ironside said...

The Nintendo Pattern continues: First was innovation, second is upgrade. Meanwhile, Gamestop exeecutives are wondering what they're gonna do with the influx of old, used Wiis about to be tossed at them over the next year.

Eric Fuchs (BlueHighwind) said...

They're not going to delay Skyward Sword for a release on the Wii 2, are they? That would suck. Also, what about Xenoblade and Last Story? Are their translations getting dumped to focus on this new console? The Wii still isn't dead for me! Its too early!

By the way, I've already named this console the Twii. 2 + Wii = Twii.

Adam said...

I still have hope that Zelda won't be delayed. The Wii has released next to nothing of note this year and the next console won't get here until 2012 sometime. They've got to release SOMETHING for it between now and Christmas, and Zelda, Last Story, and Xenoblade would make for a happy swansong for me for the little white box.

Anyways this E3 just got a whole lot more interesting. It's still weeks away but until now there were no big stories to look forward to.

Off-Topic: Hey Bob, apparently they started shooting The Avengers movie today, even though Captain America was still filming. Really chugging along aren't they?

David Howard said...

"Project Café/Stream will reportedly come with updated motion controllers with even more accurate tracking, a controller with a large 6-6.2-inch touchscreen with eight buttons and dual analog sticks, store games on a Blu-ray disc and cost anywhere between $350-400."

Chris Cesarano said...

By the way, I've already named this console the Twii. 2 + Wii = Twii.

I'm on board.

I don't think Nintendo can pull anything out of their ass that's going to garner the attention of the masses, not like with the Wii. At first, the thing was controversial. "Dude, motion controls? It'll never work! Say hello to the new Virtual Boy!" "Dude, motion controls? AWESOME! Now that everyone has played it at E3 we know it's good!" "What? All those doubting third parties that didn't start development on games until they saw it at E3 don't have titles out by launch? Fuck Wii and fuck its shovelware!"

Ahh, the cycle of douchebaggery.

Nonetheless, I'm excited, and if I could afford a $500+ plane ticket to LA I would certainly go. I'd love to try the thing out.

Rob said...

@Blue Highwind, you're not the first to use that.

I have my doubts about the authenticity of the PDF though.

Reverend Allan Ironside said...

Guys, i love my wii, too, but facts are facts: this Wii has been nothing but Nintendo first party titles and motion control shovelware

This system might have mass sold to family living rooms, but the lack of third party support once again cripples the system. Frankly, I'll be holding my breath for this new system and if it can deliver better what the Wii can, I'll buy it.

Hell, if it delivers the lightsaber game that Wii was SUPPOSED to give us, I'll dump the old Wii like a sack of bricks. Don't pretend I'm the only one who wanted this game from the moment you saw the remote and motion controls.

ScrewAttackSamus said...

Nintendo has become the talk of E3 a month and a half in advance

Adam said...

@Reverend Allan Ironside

I love my Wii as well, including a fair share of the honest third party efforts. In fact I think about half my Wii games are 3rd parties. But yeah I've about reached my peak on the interest for the library. All I really want now is Super Paper Mario (havne't played it yet), Zelda, and a smattering of the Japanese titles that haven't been announced for outside release yet.

Can't ditch my Wii altogether though. It still plays Gamecube games (doing Mega Man X collections right now; so awesome) and I'm guessing this new one want be compatible that far back.

Smashmatt202 said...

I don't know about you, but personally, I'm looking forward to seeing the next Super Smash Bros. and the revival of a classic Nintendo game. Or an obscure one. Like Gumshoe! Or Mole Mania! Although personally, I'd like to see the Mole Mania sequel on the 3DS, since the original game was on a portable system.

Aaron said...

Nintendo really let me down these last two generations. Hopefully this one will be better.

Unknown said...

It's too early I say. I mean I'm as anxious as anyone to see what crazy/fun/awesome/creative thing pops out of the Nintendo cap, but I still have a ton of Wii games to buy/play.

I haven't even played Donkey Kong Country Returns yet! Or Lost in Shadow! And didn't The Conduit 2 just come out? That's three of a long list...

God I'm behind.

Chris Cesarano said...

Hell, if it delivers the lightsaber game that Wii was SUPPOSED to give us, I'll dump the old Wii like a sack of bricks. Don't pretend I'm the only one who wanted this game from the moment you saw the remote and motion controls.

Actually, my first thought was a Morrowind-style game where the nunchuck was movement and shield controls and the Wiimote was sword controls. I also thought of a first-person spell casting game. I could've cared less for a lightsaber game, but that's mostly because Star Wars canon outside of the original trilogy is nuts, crazy and I just have no interest (UNLESS someone decides to make a Republic Commando sequel).

Unfortunately, third parties seem to lack all sense of imagination, and by time any of them got creative the gaming masses were already throwing their Wii's overboard.

Honestly, a Nintendo console is worth it for the first party games alone. In fact, at this point so is the PS3 (which is why I bought it recently). I went into this generation favoring the Xbox, but by now I'm curious as to what the Twii will be doing and, most of all, what games Nintendo has for it.

Though now that I think about it, thus far my best Wii experiences have been Resident Evil 4 (why hasn't anyone imitated this style of game when it obviously works so well? 3rd parties are lame, that's why), Metroid: Other M, Dead Space: Extraction and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. Three are third party titles, and while one is a port it is the best damn port on the whole system.

I'd follow those up with Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles and Super Paper Mario. Then there were a lot of games with potential, like Deadly Creatures (if they replaced all the scorpion levels with more spider levels it would've been fantastic) and Mushroom Men: Spore Wars.

Now that I think about it, the Source engine is old enough I don't know why they never ported Portal to Wii. It would've been a perfect fit for the platform.

Basically, I don't blame Nintendo for any lack of third party support. I'm willing to dig for the good, and at the very least I know Nintendo will always have something for me. I think the big issue is you don't really see marketing for 3rd Party Wii games. The only non-Nintendo game I've seen TV spots for since MadWorld is Epic Mickey.