Sunday, April 03, 2011


(NOTE: this is a straight-ahead shout-out, NOT an advertisement - no one has "asked" me to reccomend this site, no compensation has changed hands, etc.)

Most people on the indie/amateur movie circuit probably already know about Detonation Films, but in case you're in that group and you don't know them you really need to: Basically a whole site of professional-grade stock footage for explosions, fire, debris, bullet-hits, flares, etc. shot against key-ready greenscreen, bluescreen or oldschool black; most of sold for VERY reasonable prices and a TON of good stuff that's straight-up FREE for download.

Pretty much all the fire/explosion FX you've seen in the recent "OverThinker" videos came from their freebie stock, as it happens, so I figured I owed them a shout-out: Keep an eye on this site, it's a GREAT resource.


Robert said...

I am a big fan of explosions.. especially the kind you don't have to pay for.

Thanks for showing this.

David said...

Always happy for more resources. Thanks for the tip.

adminsmithee said...

Hey Bob,

Thanx for the great link!

What is also a very good site for youre stock images and really good tutorials on aftereffects is

Tutorials are for free (and really awesome) and the stock is very reasonable and there is some free stuff also.
(i'm not connected to the site in anyway)

best regards,
Admin Smithee

The Partisan said...

Resources bump FTW.

This could come in handy...