Wednesday, April 27, 2011

MUCH better "X-Men: First Class" Trailer

Like. Like. Like. LIKE. LIKE. LIKE!

"We can be the better men."

"We already are."

YES. THAT is what a fucking "X-Men" movie fucking sounds like.


Kyle said...



Adam said...

Even as an X-Men fan I wasn't too excited for this at first. I didn't flat out hate the last X-Men movie X3 (even though it fairly deserved) watching it still felt like the air was slowly leaking out of my tires. As much as I love the Phoenix storyline they really shouldn't have attempted a movie of it.

But this, this really does feel right somehow. I'm even kind of glad now that most of the characters they brought in I don't really give a toss about. This could really be good.

CraftyAndy said...

Maybe, I'm still getting the x-men origins feel. I'm just hoping they disregard the past movies altogether and probably best to find a new wolverine. You have to admit (assuming this one is good) even though the past movies made money the studios do seem to be aware of whether or not they are well received.

Mildra: The RPG Monk said...


Popcorn Dave said...

Sweeeeeet. Please don't suck, oh God, please don't suck.

Clayton said...

Good times. Now where's my Deadpool movie?

Arturo said...

Hell yeah!!

akkuma420 said...

Yea... This trailer is MUCH better than the first one.
Wasn't really feeling that first one... But this one makes the movie look very promising.
I really REALLY hope they disregard those "other" movies... they did the franchise absolutely no justice what so ever.
This could be a GREAT starting point for a reboot of epic proportions.
This I'm very VERY much looking forward too.
Let's just hope It can delivers.
Crossing my fingers.

akkuma420 said...


Sssonic said...

Not bad. I still can't say it looks great, and I'm REALLY not feeling how wimpy our new Professor Xavier feels, but on the whole I'd agree this looks and feels a lot closer to the ideal X-movie than either "The Last Stand" or "Wolverine" by a country mile, and I find myself surprisingly intrigued by the decision to tie in the emergence of the Mutant race with the Cuban Missile Crisis. We'll see if it can pull it all together, but at the very least it seems to be on the right track, and after two movies which managed to suck almost all my interest in the X-films right out of me, that's REALLY saying something.

Dav3 said...

Maybe. That's the best I can do right now because I still remember how awesome the Wolverine trailer looked, and how awful the movie turned out.

The fact is Fox has yet to produce a comic book movie that delivers the goods. Just make a list of the best and worst comic book movies, then take a look at which studio they came from.

Sony did Spiderman, WB has Batman and Watchmen, even Universal managed a decent Hulk.

What has Fox given us? Well, besides X-Men 3 and Wolverine, there's Fantastic Four 1+2, Ghost Rider, Elektra, and Daredevil.

On the other hand that is one DAMN good trailer!

BJames said...

this looks horrible!
Sad to see what has happen to the xmen franchise, almost as bad as what happening to Spiderman with the new reboot.
I hope I'm wrong but as it is now, this looks horrible.

The Karligarchy said...

Would it be unreasonable to hold out for an omega red?

Phantos said...

The Karligarchy:

RE: Omega Red: It would make sense, given the Cold War setting.


It's been too long since Kevin Bacon has been in our lives. I just never imagined it would happen again at the same time as holy shit fucking X-Men you guys

munchie64 said...

Ahhh... X-Men 1 and 2. Also the directors cut of Daredevil is pretty good.