Monday, April 18, 2011

One more TGO Episode 50 Trailer

Milking it? Probably... but it's not like I can turn around at this point. Below, the Exclusive trailer for "War of The Thinkers;" the humor value (or lack thereof) may depend wholly on how burned-out you are on "Dead Island" spoofs at this point...

The actual episode/mini-move is still set to debut on ScrewAttack a week from tonight, April 25th at 11pm ET.


Tim said...

Am I the only one who finds it a tad ironic that he has the gall to criticize ANY film when this is apparently the best product he can come up with?

The Fowl Sorcerous said...

because the skills needed for analysis and critique are identical to the skills of production.

Tim said...

I love how that comment pretty much acknowledges that Bob sucks at this.

Robert said...

A Fowl Sorcerous is a natural wordsmith.

Bob said...

I can't wait. Looks fun.

@fowl: Um... was that REALLY the best way of phrasing that?

motyr said...

@Tim and Bob,

come on now, fowl didn't say he sucked at this at all, he's saying you can't judge a critic by his skills at producing zero-budget mini-movie sketches on am I the only one who finds this series fun? (and one of the better story-archs when it comes to online commentators?)

Ezenwa said...

You aren't the only one, motyr.

Luc said...

Looks good. can't wait to see it.


MovieBob, every time I go to the main page of this site, all of the videos and ads turn on and play at the same time automatically. Please do something about that.

Smashmatt202 said...

Well, I've never seen the "Dead Island" trailer, but I can say one thing, in that this trailer spoofs how trailers usually reveal the biggest twist in the movie.


I'm assuming there's more to it then that, because I distinctly recall at the beginning of the "Quest of the Overthinker" arc that you said that, even though a beloved GO character WILL DIE, you said it won't be the Overthinker himself, obviously.

But wait... Was that just to throw us off? To make us think that the Overthinker won't die just to shock us when he does?

...Or did you just forget about that by the time you made episode 50?

Either way, it's really confusing, and I can only hope it gets less confusing by the time episode 50 comes out.

Phantos said...

Tim, don't you see? This is great news! He's finally killing this thing! =D

Smashmatt202 said...

It's weird. I've seen a handful of people say they like this storyline and look forward to more. And as long as there are SOME fans of it, that's enough to keep Bob going, if his own ego won't do.

And people who keep saying it's his own series he's not getting paid to do, that's true, but at the same time, the whole reason the series became what it is is because of his fans and loyal support from him. Doing something that most of them openly despise is like a a slap in the face for them. And while this storyline is almost over and it's pointless complaining about it still, the fact that he said he'd make more Antithinker episodes just to spite his complainers, I feel, is going too far.

...But then again, it's good to hold contempt for your audience. Just ask Michael Bay.

Arturo said...

I want a trenchcoat

Arkynomicon said...
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Arkynomicon said...

Actually, I'm just gonna copy-paste my opinion that I posted on another blog.

"Yeah, at this point the whole abortion of a story-arc is just tragic to watch (knowing what could have been). The worst part is that the critic can't take critique and stubbornly pushes on.

I used to respect Bob. Sure I didn't agree with everything he said but he always made his argument clear and never had to rely on this crap.

I did kinda start to notice that his bitterness about things where shining trough the increasingly more transparent episodes. But I figured that everyone is entitled to go trough some rough times and so I decided to cut him some slack and just roll with it.

Then the story started and it seemed like a cry for desperation. Bob possibly being tired of his routines in life and wanted to spice things up. To bad for Bob that the result is what it is.

With the 50'th episode I know that I will see Bob's absolute low-point in his internet career. Mostly because Internet fight scenes are always awkward and insulting on both ends to watch. "

I'm not being a jerk about this because I hold some kind of stupid grudge against Bob. I just pity how stubborn and overly proud he is at times and can't see it himself.