Sunday, May 29, 2011

"Bait 3D"

hat-tip: io9

Later this Summer we're getting "Shark Night 3D," a just-for-lulz B-movie about vacationing teenagers trapped in "salt water lake" that someone has filled with sharks. Not a bad premise, but the prospective PG13 rating doesn't bode well for "Piranha"-level excellence.

So, instead, I'll look forward to "Bait 3D," an Australian(?) production wherein a sudden flood (tidal wave?) during a grocery-store robbery traps a group of shoppers and robbers with a pack of hungry sharks carried-in by the water. Yes, really:

I like how "slick" it looks - the production values are pretty impressive, particularly for a movie about a shark attack in a grocery store.


Fett101 said...

Seriously? This is the sorta premise I would expect on an SNL digital short.

Drunken Lemur said...

Based on true Australian events.

tintaman said...

This looks kooky and ridiculous (in a good way) but also incredibly innappropriate considering the seriousness of the floods that (especially queensland) have experienced this year.

John.E said...

@ tintaman

I agree. I just hope that the flood in the movie isn't meant to be the same one.

TheAlmightyNarf said...

Looks suspiciously like Deep Blue Sea.

Blue Highwind said...


Arturo said...

I'm surprised nobody has come up with something like this until now.
i.e. use a flood as an excuse to insert sharks on any given situation

The Grey Man said...


Agreed. Looks like there's finally a way I can get that "Sharks on a Plane" movie started.

alan_ferrett said...

Michael Sax = Samuel L Jackson of Aussie (in my opinion).

herry said...

thats totally different movie i think first time someone has used this topic for movie overall is a nice movie 9/10

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Joe said...

Um, they still have their guns. This movie should be about 10 minutes long.

Lido said...

Turns out the movie isn't quite as off the wall crazy as I might've hoped but it's still good shark fun, check out my full review here: