Friday, May 20, 2011

Escape to the Movies: "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides"

Summer 2011 has it's first official dud.

The embed isn't working for some reason, here's a link to the site itself again until it does:

"Intermission" offers some stuff you can do INSTEAD of watching the shitty Pirate movie. You're welcome.


Aaron said...

Didn't Red Dead Redemption already yank the sandbox out of the reflexive Scarface-worship that's permeated it for so long?

Adam said...


Yes, and I welcome the continued trend of that. Plus in Noire we get a more modern setting without falling into the mob or gangsta cheese. Win!

As for Pirates thanks Bob. I had little hope for this for pretty much every reason you listed. Yes, Jack Sparrow was the main reason to see the first three films, but I feel that the other two heroes never get their proper due. Yeah, the whole guy saves girl thing is a done to death trope. At least it gives the movie a freaking point plus I thought Keira got plenty of fun time throughout the trilogy). Without some "normal" people around to ground the thing Jack is just a walking Looney Tunes escapee.

Sssonic said...

I'm sort of surprised "watch the first 3 'Pirates' films on DVD" isn't on the "Intermission" list; working off the assumption that "Pirates 4" sucks (which I won't say for sure 'til I see it myself, which I intend to do with my Mom this weekend), that would be the best option for those looking to get their "Pirates" fix, after all.

Sofie Liv Pedersen said...

I liked it... but that may be because I am a huge swushbuckler fan I and I believe that inward itself as a genre is hugely lacking attention, two swushbuckler movies is coming out this year, this and the three musketeers and the three musketeers looks like shit. the last prober Swushubuckler I can remember is the first pirates movie and before that, the mask of Zorro.. Legend of Zorro and the Pirate sequels (safe this one.) doesn't count, they are over doing it and tries to be important warfares rather than swushbuckler movies. It honestly buggles my mind that no one makes swushbugglers any-more,you should think someone had picked up on the first pirates movie and the genre.. but no. which just makes me enjoy it even more when it does happen. And especially just the first ten to twenty minutes of this movie made it worthwhile for me.. though i have to admit.. it went down hill from there :/

Oh shezz.. I am just going to go watch Black Swan... not the Nathalie Portman Ballet movie.. the Pirate movie with Tyrone powers, that is an awesome movie!

Rob said...

Really? You didn't like Geisha?

The Grey Man said...

Was the "Alice in Wonderland" bit a reference to the Plinkett reviews? The joke itself and the intonation in your voice ("...oh...") was pretty similar.

kevmon1116 said...

So, my old man and younger brother went to see Pirates today. As I had seen your review and informed my dad of how you described it, he decided to let me sleep in. I woke up and went for a walk. When they came back, I asked them how the movie was. Aparantly my brother got a well-deserved nap out of it.

Thank you Moviebob. Your wisdom spared me the embarassment of filling a movie theatre with my snoring.