Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Extra Consideration (UPDATED!)

I'm back on "Extra Consideration" this week, talking the School Shooter Mod with James Portnow and Jim Sterling.

ALSO! The Other Blog has some preview-images of "Game OverThinker: Episode 51," which is set to go live this Thursday night at 11pmET.


Robert said...

Bob there is sooooooo much overthinker stuff you could be making great videos about like new lara croft look and 3DS stuff.

more overthinker! plz

Phantos said...

You and James Portnow brought some good points to it, but man, I'm disappointed that The Escapist is supporting Jim Sterling this much.

At least with his own show, he's quarantined and I don't have to see or hear his angry, go-nowhere, hit-over-the-head word diarrhea. I hope people who do like Sterling can now compare that with your and James' comments, and see that you can talk about controversial topics without coming off like an attention-seeking brat.

And I hope one of those people is named "Russ Pitts".

Nick said...

That's a little unfair. When Sterling isn't trying (way way way way waaaayyyy too hard) to be funny, he's capable of being clever and insightful.

Not nearly as much as James, Bob, Shamus, Graham, or even Yahtzee, but he does have some interesting things to say when he's not punctuating it with his godawful stand-up routine.

Phantos said...


Yeah, he does have interesting things to say. Like the following blurb for his latest Escapist vid:

"Very much how men and women of the military defend this nation's freedom overseas, Jim Sterling defends Call of Duty. In many ways, Sterling's cause is more righteous and noble than anything a soldier has ever, ever done."

Either he's joking, making a serious argument or he's just saying deliberately terrible shit to direct attention to himself. Is there any outcome here where it isn't painfully clear he's our version of Bill O'Reilly?