Friday, May 06, 2011

Post-Movie Podcast: "Thor"

Steve Head and John Black graciously invited me to join their PMP show this week, to run over our immediate reaction to "Thor." And also Collegiate Quidditch, for some reason...


Arturo said...

You guys were having a great time talking about the movie.
BTW, "getting hammered" > "hammer time". by a lot.
SRLSY, I'm surprised barely anyone has used it.

Daniel R said...

It's called a Quaffle, ;)

Really enjoying you're various podcast appearances Bob!

I myself loved the film, I had such a terrific time watching I'll probably end up seeing it for a second time with my Cousin tonight.

Thor's the film I was most looking forward to this year and it has definitely paid off. Asgard looks awesome, Branagh's abilities meshed with the material in a terrific fashion, the score was awesome, Idris Elba as Heimdall was amazing, Marvel is progressively getting better at portraying the shared universe, and Hemsworth plays the character really, really well.

In my opinion, Thor has managed to capture lightning in a bottle (Yay, Puns)
now we'll see whether Captain America can too.

carl said...

its in new Mexico, which, if you know your hulk stuff knows that its the home of the original testing range for the first gamma bomb, (which MADE the hulk) and the place the hulk goes whenever he wants to be left alone. i was sad he only gotta teeny tiny reference.