Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Dangerous Method

Trailer for David Cronenberg's upcoming feature, adapted from the play "The Talking Cure." Viggo Mortensen is Sigmund Freud, Michael Fassbender is Carl Jung, Vincent Cassell is Otto Gross and Keira Knightley is a patient hankerin' for a spankerin'...

"Twilight - But For Psych Majors And Not Sucky" is supposed to debut at the Venice Film Festival in September, no U.S. release date has been set.


Ian T. Campbell said...

Twilight didn't *invent* the love triangle, you know Bob. I's existed for a very VERY long time both in fiction and fact.

Avistew said...

When it read "the writer of Dangerous Liaisons" I thought "what? Didn't he die before Freud was born?" then I realised they probably didn't mean Pierre Choderlos de Laclos but whoever made a movie out of his book.
Kind of misleading.
Otherwise, looks pretty interesting. I enjoyed Fassbender in First Class, and well, it's always cool to see Cassel (only one L) in something that isn't French. His wife is generally the more international one.

Hadn't heard of the play, either.

jojjo said...

The story of the most successful pseudo-scientific scam i human history (if you don´t count religions or Marxism, witch I don´t think you should)... Could still be a good movie though.

p.s. Someone had so say it, sorry.

alan_ferrett said...

Cause noone can be wrong, can they? They have to know data that hasn't been collected yet.

jojjo said...

I don´t mean that being wrong is pseudo-scientific, no no; that´s inevitable. Now making up theories with the pretense of explaining almost everything, without any ground i data, and making them up in a such a way that they are effectively unfalsifiable, that´s pseudo-scientific.

Again: sorry for sounding like a know-it-all jerk. I have fury ;)

ZAENGO said...

bob, i just want to say this. i am, as a fan, genuinely proud of you.

because "hankerin' for a spankerin'" is one of the best things you have ever written or said in any format.

Aiddon said...

patient and future psychoanalyst.

Phantos said...


I like Bob as much as the next nerd, but I don't think we should give him writing credit for the Simpsons episode he lifted that line from.


This is the second wackiest idea for a movie with Sigmund Freud I've seen. 1st place goes to the one where he teams up with Sherlock Holmes to fight crime.

Phantos said...

Also, Bob, thank you for putting the videos AFTER the jump now to avoid clogging the main page.

It's nice to know you only ignore 99% of the comments you get.