Friday, June 24, 2011

Escape to the Movies: "Cars 2"

EDIT: I am aware that there is a spelling-error, it's being worked on.
EDIT: I am also aware of the bitter irony in mispelling a common Latin phrase in a video posted directly below one making fun of people for walking-out of "Tree of Life."

INTERMISSION is a "fanboy-free" breakdown of "Green Lantern" - no comic stuff, no geek nitpicks, strictly it's failures on basic filmmaking.


Anonymous said...

Gee, I did like the Green Lantern movie... And apart from the "critics" from Rotten tomatoes, I saw a lot of people enjoying it too. Anyway, just saying that this bashing is getting kinda long Bob. You do realise that you showhorn in stuff like Scott Pilgrim, The expendables and such every chance you get, it's getting annoying.

And this "perception" of betrayal that "movie geeks" have from Pixar for doing a "Nascar movie", I think it's just you that thought that Bob. The first car wasn't about lla about Nascar anyway. It was about slowing down and enjoing the little things in life and show how parts of the North America culture are dying because of modern progress. You really gotta let go of these High school hang ups you have dude, you are starting to see bullies here they don't exist.

Just saying, it's getting kinda pathetic really.

And I wouldn't say anything, but since you went to nitpick the Green Lanter movie, I'm gonna nitpick you, it's "in memoriam". If you are going to use latin to be an smart ass, at least double check it, because instead of telling the joke, you become one.

Adam said...

I see The Green Lantern really got to you, Bob. I understand as I probably felt the same way about X3, but please don't ring this bell for too long.

Now to Cars, thank you for what I consider a fair take on the movie. I don't really care about it or the first one though I thought it was ok, but I've always found the Pixar fanclub's vehement dislike for it just kind of sad since when you get down to it what seems to be their major gripe with it is that it exists. I love what Pixar does too, but it ain't cheap to make those films. And the bills have come first.

Although I am kind of curious as to how you can dislike Larry the Cable guy yet seem to reasonably enjoy a movie that centers around him, or at least a cartoony PG version of him. Maybe a missed a trick somewhere here...

curtdogg said...

Aw poor Bobbie, did little ol' coconut buyer get you upset for posting a parody of you in the comments thread? Nice way to make sure that you're either never criticized, or making the people who criticize you look like morons. for anyone interested.

Axle said...

On a positive note, I got the If Looks Could Kill reference.

Kyle said...

I liked this review, Bob. It was actually kinda refreshing. As opposed to "This is a good movie" or "this is a bad movie" You told us about some of the things the movie has to offer, some things where is lacks. I like that you mentioned the type of movie is is, and the type of moviegoer that might enjoy it.

It felt like you were empowering us to make a good decision, instead of making the decision yourself. Both are valid, and with your role as critic the former is totally within your job description. It's just nice to see the latter. :)

curren.waters said...

The only thing I agree with in this review is that the Toy Story short is quite hilarious.

The first Cars wasn't quite as good as Pixar's other work, but it kept me laughing, and while the characters themselves weren't all that interesting, the message itself about how classic styles shouldn't be neglected the way they are these days is actually pretty thought-provoking. Even if that message wasn't compelling, I do like how they were actually trying to deliver something more than worthwhile. Trying and failing is better than not trying at all, or at least, that's what I was taught.

It seemed to me that Cars 2 did actually try to be emotionally compelling as well, but this time, they tried it on Mater, and it just comes off as idiotic. To me, Mater being the main character in Cars 2 is a perfect example of that rule you pointed out in your Pirates 4 review. You know, how a cliche plot line becomes intriguing when you add a goofy sidekick in, and how that sidekick is eventually given his own movie because audiences love him so much. Mater didn't work for me as the main character, as any development they try to give him comes off as either stupid or a confused joke.

The film isn't terrible, and it does have some slick animation, but the story feels padded and not one joke made me laugh. Pixar's perfect reputation has officially come to an end for me, and I do hope they improve in the future.