Friday, June 17, 2011

Escape to the Movies: "Green Lantern"

A complete and utter disaster - immediately a contender for the worst film of the summer and a new frontrunner for the worst superhero movie ever made. I'm STILL a little bit shell-shocked by it.

"Intermission" is about "X-Men," which looks even better now.


Robert said...

Worst superhero movie ever? Need I remind you of the first Hulk?

Smashmatt202 said...

@ Robert

The FIRST Hulk? You mean back in the live-action TV series? Which I sometimes confuse as a movie...

Anyway, I haven't seen Bob this mad since his review of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Yeesh...

So, I'll wait until the movie is in dollar theaters to check it out. In the meantime, I'll check out the new X-Men movie, which I've unfortunately neglected do to until now.

CraftyAndy said...

I completely agree. Though this movie didn't make me as mad as you coming out of the theater. I know this is one of those movies that is going to weigh on me. It's just so weak. We never get to follow the more interesting stuff. They should of just did a live action version of Green Lantern First Flight. You know movie bob. You should do a review of that. I am curious what you thought of that version.
Though I don't know about the effects, I must be numb or blind because I don't see them as that bad.

Popcorn Dave said...

Wow, I'm tempted to go see it out of morbid curiosity now... don't worry Bob, I'll wait 'til it's on TV or rental or something, don't want the studios getting the wrong idea. ;)

It's too bad... I don't know a lot about Green Lantern (really I only know the Superman TAS episode and your blogs) but he seems like a pretty awesome character to make a film out of. Oh well, maybe if this flops hard enough someone will reboot it in five years' time or so.

Fett101 said...

So you say it's worse than Transformers 1. Is it worse than Transformers 2? :D

Adam said...

That sucks. Thank goodness I’ve never cared about GL. Sorry Bob.

Re: Intermission

*WARNING: Massive X-Men: First Class and other X movie Spoilers Follow*

X-Men First Class was miles better than X3, but I did feel the last 10 minutes or so were just way too rushed. The ending kinda felt like a fire sale of X-Men plot points. Bam! Beast is blue and hairy now! Bam! Magneto all the way evil! Bam! Mystique crosses the line in the sand! Bam! Xavier gets injured! It just felt like they had to get everything out right now because they were afraid there wouldn’t be a sequel or anything. And thus I don’t feel like Magneto and Xavier’s friendship ever developed to the level that such a fallout would warrant the obvious connection and conflict they had in the original three movies. It just didn’t feel like they got enough time. If they didn’t intend to do another prequel I guess I understand, but you could easily have gotten another full movie out of the loss of their friendship.

And the Dark Phoenix Saga: I too was one of the ones whose heart skipped a beat when Jean Grey died in X2 and the Phoenix sign appeared. Jean Grey is my favorite X character after all. But it also made me wary as while Dark Phoenix is probably the most highly regarded X story not to mention one of the most acclaimed comic book story ever told, it just doesn’t have that much to do with the core themes the X-Men supposedly exist for i.e. oppression, racism, personal and societal acceptance, etc. You could have translated DP unto any series with pretty much the same results. And so to do a movie about it when the first two were clearly about the societal effects of mutation as well as the various characters personal journeys seems really unfocused. That’s one reason why X3 was so disappointing. The mutant/human war reaches a climax, and oh by the way here’s Dark Phoenix. It takes away from both plots while fulfilling neither.

But if they really wanted to try again I would be willing to watch so what do I know…

Christopher said...


Tell us what you REALLY think, Bob. Jeez, you'd think the filmmakers had some personal vendetta against YOU. They just made a bad movie in your opinion. No need to get so butt-hurt over it. You're supposed to be a professional...

biomechanical923 said...

@Robert and Smashmatt

I remember the first CG Hulk movie.

Of ALL the villains they could have set Hulk up against, the directors thought it was a good idea to send Hulk after a f!@#king HULKIFIED POODLE?

A Poodle? Seriously?

biomechanical923 said...
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biomechanical923 said...

[Edited due to language butchery]
I never cared much about Green Lantern either. Mind you that I've never read the comic book, but I always just chalked Green Lantern up next to Superman on my list of "too powerful to care about" superheroes.

He has a ring that can make anything.
Yes, anything.

So instead of being able to enjoy the storyline, I always get pissed off that they seem to forget that they have superpowers. I always think to myself, if the ring can create anything, why the hell doesn't he just make some green nuclear bombs? How about a green 50-foot-robot?

Adam said...


I don't know much about how Green Lantern's powers actually work or their limits. I've just been told he's on the higher end of the DC power spectrum.

I always thought he was DC's version of the Invisible Woman minus the invisibility part. He can make force fields or pretty much any shape he wants out of the energy limited only by his imagination and project it as necessary, but I don't think he can create anything that can act independently (i.e. no green robots or giant animals or whatever that could move about on their own). At least I think that's how it works. Someone correct me if not.

counterpoint said...

so, you liked it, then?

David (The Pants) said...

One question: How many years until somebody better can try again, trying a hand at a good Green Lantern movie? What's the gap for Superman again? 5, maybe 6 years?

Mads said...


The green lantern movie sucks up cash that would have otherwise been used for other movies. It doesn't exist in a vacuum. Every time a nerd-tastic movie comes out crappy, it's a big deal for our favorite kind of genre fiction.

So yeah. It's a big deal. The green lantern may have cost us something like at the mountains of madness.

A professional reaction _is_ outrage, so the viewers are able to project their inner voice unto bobs on this.

On the xmen front...Bob, I get why you're excited, but it's still just a continuity error in first class that probably happened because they really, really wanted the climax to mean something.

I'd love to see a lot more xmen stuff but wolverine was the big shot at making something worthwhile with a single x-character. It didn't work.

I hope to see more prequels that reinforce the retcon so they can work forward with the good parts of the x-men continuity...but till then, this is just an error that might have fortunate side effects.

Heir to the Throne said...

Funny Moviebob criticizing any script as a gigantic pile of cliches when he praised Avatar and complained with anyone called it Dancing with Smurfs.

TheDVDGrouch said...

That sucks to hear although I guess I've been preparing for this bad news since the first trailer.

What dose this mean to DC movies on the whole now? dose this cripple the chances of a Flash movie or something like that? I guess it really comes down to how much money this turd pulls in.

Aiddon said...

I think I'm just going to lose interest in superhero movies after Dark Knight Rises. Sure, I'll still see them if they're GOOD, but this saturation of comic movies is getting to be way too much. Marvel is faring no better as far as I'm concerned since the only recent they've made that's actually good is X-Men: First Class (Iron Man 2 and Thor were just above average at best) and I'm not looking forward to Captain America. I'm just wondering when the bubble is going to burst.

Paladin said...

Would the Jack Black version have been better or worse than this one???

Justin Smith said...

In a summer of with so many super hero movies one of them had to be terrible.

Varya said...

Damn you Bob, first you get me to start to really like Green Lantern, picking up the comics and watching the animated movies, and then you crush my hopes of seeing my new obsession being made justice on the big screen.

cathal said...

Well, maybe it's bad, but there are several reasons I can tell that I'd like it a lot more than you.

1: You act like the costumes are completely ugly, but you show me footage of them, and I don't think they're ugly at all.

2: You think Silver Surfer was worse than Fantastic Four, which it completely wasn't. If the film's like Silver Surfer I'd actually be happy enough with it (simply in-and-of-itself as a movie).

Phantos said...

I actually don't mind the costume, from what I've seen in the trailers. And I kind of have to give a bit of lee-way with the mask, since there's probably no way they could have made that look right, even with the biggest budget in the world. Real, and it would look cheap. CGI, and it would look fake.

RocMegamanX said...

Hopefully, Reynolds can still be salvaged in the Deadpool movie...that is, if they put him in the movie.

So what I'm guessing from this is that if the following superheroes/superheroines get movies:
Green Arrow
The Birds of Prey
The Question
Blue Beetle
Wonder Woman
Static Shock
....they would suck too?

BTW, do you think they should have gotten Geoff Johns or any of the comic writers to write the movie?

Psyckid008 said...

NONE of this would have happened if people had just listened to me and cast the Old Spice guy as John Stewart and made him the star.

akkuma420 said...

I dunno... I didn't think it was THAT bad...
Reynolds was not right for this role, that's for sure.
I still think Common would make a perfect GL.

Reverend Allan Ironside said...

Alas, the dream of the Justice League movie dies with Ryan Reynolds, a man who claims to love comics, and yet has destroyed two classic, beloved characters. I think its safe to say that Ryan Reynolds is the kiss of death when it comes to comic book characters: first Deadpool, now Green Lantern.

curren.waters said...

@HeirtotheThrone: Cliches aren't necessarily a bad thing as long as they're used right.

Anyway, I knew this movie would be bad. The craptastic CGI was a clear hint that the filmmakers simply did not give a crap about what they were putting together, and the performances did not look that good.

Phantos said...

@ Psyckid:

Terry Crews, or the "I'm on a horse" guy?

I mean, you can't lose either way. Just curious.

Psyckid008 said...

@Phantos: I'm on a horse guy.

Chris Cesarano said...

Just came back from it. The theater wasn't too packed, whereas both times I saw First Class the theater was filled to the brim. Don't think you have to worry about those numbers, Bob.

I have no interest in DC comics outside of Batman. Never watched Justice League on TV. Only real exposure to Green Lantern (other than jokes on shows like Big Bang Theory) is The Big Picture episodes. Also, the beginning of the movie I was to the right of some loud whore girls that kept laughing really loudly at dumb shit. After the first fifteen or so minutes they actually started watching, but the entire beginning I just couldn't get into the film at all. Partly because of them.

The other part was because Hal Jordan's character was handled horribly. With no knowledge of him at all, they try and paint him to be this wild and crazy guy with Daddy issues, but halfway through they decide he's got commitment issues instead. They attempt to tie it in with his old man issues, but it just doesn't work. If you took his old man out of the equation and made it more about his commitment to other people, that he's afraid of getting that close to someone for fear of seeing how fragile he truly is, then it would have made him a stronger and more relatable character while being a Hell of a lot less cliche.

This is the same mistake they made with the villain (not Parallax, will get to that in a moment). The two characters had a history, but it was brought in way too late when it should have been there from the get go. It's like one of the first folks with the script had good and subtle ways to develop both characters, and then someone came along later and said "No no, that's not good enough. Let's throw in some Daddy issues. The crowd'll love that".

Parallax, meanwhile, well, it seems Bob doesn't like Parallax to begin with so I can't say much. All I know is they seemed to take what was a yellow dragon cloud and instead turned it into yellow-tinged octopus smog. Ultimately he felt way too large scale to be an immediate villain. I get that they wanted Hal Jordan to prove himself as being a worthy addition to the Corps (and a worthy successor to the original ring's bearer), but a smaller scale would have served better. Parallax would have served better as a background entity, having minor influence until the third movie where everyone wants the inevitable Earth-destroying big bad. But at least make his motivations more interesting than "I WILL SWALLOW EVERYTHING UP!" At least Unicron made use of Galvatron as a pawn and even said he "considered sparing your wretched planet of Cybertron". He should be the template for all Epic Level Space Gods.

That or something out of Lovecraft, at which point there is no rhyme or reason, just madness and evil.

Chris Cesarano said...

(Sorry for double post, character limitations)

That said, I do believe this is an issue of Bob 1) having preconceived notions of the film, and 2) judging based on his knowledge of the comics. In the end, this film felt no worse to me than Spider-man.

In case I have to defend that, I mean, I respect what Sam Raimi did for super hero films, but God damn if he didn't make some campy and cheesy affairs. The guy can't have a scene with a villain without trying to turn every female extra into the next generation of scream queens, he turned Peter Parker into Peter Pussy, he turned Mary Jane into Kirsten Dunst, and even threw in B-Movie shlock like Green Goblin busting in on Aunt May as she's praying "deliver us from evil".

I loved the movies the first time (the first two, at least). Every second viewing, however, it's like I'm watching Transformers again. Every single flaw makes itself more obvious.

I expect Green Lantern to be the same. Every cliche and mis-step will stand out more. But that doesn't make it Transformers bad. It was entertaining enough that I'd say it's on the level of Spider-man.

Even so, I won't be buying it, because, well, I can't even watch Spider-man anymore without picking apart every wrong step made. So uh...yeah! Green Lantern was decent enough summer blockbuster shlock, better than Transformers, no worse than Spider-man.

At least, as taken from the perspective of someone with no familiarity with the comics, nor the passion.

Still, I'd support First Class if I had to choose between the two.

JP said...

I just came from the theater after seeing this movie.

Unfortunately, Bob is COMPLETELY WRONG about Green Lantern.

I consider myself a tough movie critic, and I definitely notice bad dialogue and poor acting. This movie had neither. Sure it's not going to win any Oscars and it is fairly cookie-cutter, but that doesn't mean it's at all bad. I liked it a lot.

Oh, don't anyone get mad at any movie for being non-original. Avatar was apparently loved by all (I HATED IT) and it was an awful rip off of several movies. So what if any movie draws/copies from other movies? What movie doesn't?

The CG isn't nearly as bad as Bob says. Any CG can be picked apart if that is what you are looking for. It's all fake, and any mind can pick that out if you want to. However if you just sit and watch and not TRY to see it for what it is (fake) then it looks fine. I thought the glowing suit looked really good, and Parallax is a great evil entity to fight.

I like a lot of Bob's reviews, but he is extremely wrong here. If you like super hero movies then you will like this movie.


O.T said...

I dont know Bob, how can it be the worse super-hero movie ever without breastplate nipples, stupid dancing, or Jessica Alba?

@JP justice points

You dont seem to be making your own points, just trying to refute the ones Bob made. Thats not a good way to make me listen to some one I dont know's opinion over someone else I dont know's opinion.

RestamSalucard said...

I'm the guy whose job it is to go into a movie theatre and make sure stuff doesn't go wrong, and even I couldn't stand watching this movie for more than ten minutes. I could not sit through this movie if they paid me, and I don't think anyone else has ever meant this more literally.

Thankfully, we still have X-Men and Thor playing in the other rooms, so it's not all bad, but, I don't know how I'll survive when we get the new Transformers.

JP said...


I am not paid to review movies and am not going to type up a few thousand words to defend every aspect of this movie. I did feel it was necessary to give an honest opinion here, especially since there is a ton of hate for this movie an I have no idea where it is coming from.

I made points I thought were important. I said the CG is good, the acting/dialogue is good, and the movie as a whole is good.
I believed the CG, I was not turned off by the earthbound scenes as some have been, and I feel the movie worked well as an origin story. I thought the actors did a fine job selling everything.

Is this a masterpiece of cinema?? No, it's not. However it is by no means a failure. It is WORLDS better than X3, Wolverine, and any of the Transformers movies.

motyr said...

Aw, this really sucks.

I just started reading recent Green Lantern material and I'm really getting into it. In my opinion, Green Lantern is an interesting and fairly complex superhero, and I've grown to like the comics. A lot.

I've pretty much pegged this movie as "bound to suck" since I saw one of the first trailers at a screening of Harry Potter 7, but, over the last few weeks, have looked forward to Bob's review. I started to get an inkling of hope that maybe, just maybe, they could pull it off and the trailers didn't do it justice. Ryan Reynolds was even starting to make sense in his role as Hal Jordan, to me.

However, Bob's review combined with recent cast appearances on late-night talk shows (they bring clips of the film with them) have really discouraged me from seeing this movie. I just don't want to see something I like be butchered on screen, no matter how laughably horrible it would be.

I've seen rumours lately that there will be a second and third Green Lantern movie, but I assume these are just tentative and will only go through if this movie makes a tonne of cash. However, didn't X-Men Origins: Wolverine make enough dough to warrant a sequel? It all-but-killed a potential series of X-Men Origins movies, and they've ret-conned that pile of shit. Maybe there's hope for a Green Lantern reboot in a few years after all.....

Thanks, Bob, for a great review.

Dave from canada said...

I'm calling complete and utter bullshit on that entire review. I thought it was great fun.

The fight scenes worked well, there was a good amount of action, and there was imaginative use of the ring constructs, even managing to throw in some of the old goldenage cartoony elements like catapults and whatnot.

And the new costumes worked quite well, especially once you notice they react to what was going on with the ring.

It's better than ANY of the marvel studios movies with the possible exception of the first iron man.

I have to wonder given bob's tendency to...overidentify with properties that he doesn't take personal offence at a jock being portrayed as a hero and the villain being a schlubby balding, mustached geek.

The film is no dark knight or xmen 2, but it's a fun, if unsurprising superhero movie.

@ Heir. That's because he hadn't decided beforehand that he was going to hate it. Bob's been ragging on the movie since day 1. And bob runs on confirmation bias.

Anubis C. Soundwave said...

@ Dave from canada:

My take on his review is that he(Movie Bob) had (reasonably) high expectations going into GREEN LANTERN--as previous comic book movies this year(Thor, Iron Man 2) had proven themselves on the big screen. Unfortunately, GL failed epically to meet said expectations.

This wasn't like Michael Bay's take on the Transformers franchise, where you knew it was going to suck from Day One.

(aside: I knew the moment I saw Optimus-After-A-Trash-Compactor-Had-Its-Way-With-Him Prime and the other TFs I had grown up loving looking equally fragged on trailers and Wikipedia. I said: "No. Bay's vision is not for me." and moved forward with my life.)

No. Movie Bob expected WB to bring their A-game to compete with Marvel Studios...but they failed. That's why he's...upset.

Dave from canada said...

@ Anubis

(great username, BTW.)

If i thought that was true, I wouldn't have a problem with it. It could have been better, sure.but it is by no means a bad film.

I can deal with someone not liking it or finding elements weak. That's why we have differing opinions on things.

Case in point, your opinion on transformers. The series has grown on me over time, so i don't mind (it doesn't hurt that I was growing up on Beast Wars and thus the complaints about optimus looking wrong have distinct shades of Trukk not munky for me....and that I think G1 was bloody awful.). I can deal with peopel not liking it.

But comparing Green Lantern to steel? That's like comparing dune to Battlefield Earth. It's just him being needlessly petty. And given his negative posting about the film throughout the buildup just screams an ulterior motive here.

Though it was fun as a kind of preview of what his Amazing spiderman review will almost certainly look like this time next year.

Anonymous said...


For nearly three years now, I’ve followed your work, starting back on YouTube with the occasional film review and the Game Overthinker. In that time, save for the extreme hatred of Halo, you and I share opinions almost all of the time. As such, when I saw your review of Green Lantern, I was actually thinking I’d be pretty miserable when I saw the film this weekend.

This is the very first time I’ve ever thought you were just absolutely wrong in your review of something.

It wasn’t a great movie, and it definitely isn’t up to the same level as the Marvel Studios films we’ve grown accustomed to, and no where near the quality of DC Comics films have been lately, but it is a good movie.

There are a lot of common gripes, most of which you mentioned…miscasting, bad special effect decisions, trying to put too much in the script, horrible main villain, too little of Oa, little things that could have made this movie the sprawling space opera that the Green Lantern series should be had they been slightly altered into something better.

There are ways to fix most of these quickly, the film’s version of Parallax is actually a Controller using yellow energy, throw away the family subplot, and rename Angela Bassett‘s character,. These quick changes, and the film would have been much better, even with the miscasting and poor direction.

Now, I’m not the biggest Green Lantern fan out there, definitely no member of HEAT, and actually think the Emerald Twilight makes a great story arc (in theory, though, sadly, not in execution). I don’t know if you are, but given from your reaction, this would be comparable to both of our reactions had Hollywood pulled something like this (again) with the Super Mario Brothers. However, as such, I think you gave this film a really hypercritical review, and I implore you to give it another chance before comparing it to anything as horrid as truly bad geek property films, even though they could have done a much better job.

That’s just my opinion though…


Anonymous said...

How can you say this is the worst movie of the summer with Transformers 3 waint to be unleashed.

Chris Cesarano said...

@Dave from Canada:

It's better than ANY of the marvel studios movies with the possible exception of the first iron man.

It's stuff like this that just makes me wonder if you're saying stuff to troll. :P

I'm glad to not be in the minority on this one, though. At least, in terms of MovieBob's comment section. Ultimately it seems there's a 50/50 chance you'll either like or hate this movie (yet to meet someone that out and out loved it, though).

Dave from canada said...


I'm pretty sure the only one trolling is the guy saying this movie is worse than spiderman 3.

And strip away the guaranteed fan waking over continuity porn and take the marvel films on their own merits and outside Iron man they range from average to poor.

Hulk was ok...but nothing special, and iron man 2 was an insult. The same basic plot as the first film but with some incredibly lazy 'foreshadowing'(by whihc i mean advertizing) for movies that haven't come out yet. Half the major plot poinst don't even serve the story...and those that do aren't resolved in any interesting way.

I've already expressed my issues with thor.

I'd put Green Lantern at a solid B. Up there with the burton batman films. It's a fairly rote movie that gets by some some very neat action scenes and the strength of its leading man...much like iron man.

And it did do one veryu impressive thing. It took sinestro and portrayed him in such a way that a non fan will not see him as the villain. IN any other film they'd be throwing "He's going to be a bad guy" flags up all over the place. But they don't. They treak him like the disapproving teammate hal must impress...and doing that without even knowing they'll get a second movie takes some serious gumption to even attempt.

Hell, even Nolan and co couldn't resist name dropping the next sequel's villains.

MovieBob said...

@Dave from canada,

I'm sorry, but I find that assertation re: Sinestro to be simply ridiculous - they could not have done a WORSE job of "hiding" his villainy, and that's even overlooking the unavoidable fact that he has the word "SINISTER" in his name.

He's racist against humans, he's a jerk to Hal right off the bat, his "master plan" for beating Parallax essentially entails "let everyone on Earth die" and "let's push the never-push-this-button button." It's incredibly blunt and lazy, and it does NOTHING for the story other than to remove the possibility of Hal having a visually-interesting opponent to fight.

The ONLY reason Sinestro isn't just evil right off the bat is because "tease the more popular bad guy at the end" worked for Batman.

Dave from canada said...


He's racist against humans, he's a jerk to Hal right off the bat, his "master plan" for beating Parallax essentially entails "let everyone on Earth die" and "let's push the never-push-this-button button." It's incredibly blunt and lazy, and it does NOTHING for the story other than to remove the possibility of Hal having a visually-interesting opponent to fight.

Change the names and you just described Spock.

Dave from canada said...

@ Bob. Furthermore, and I should not even have to tell you this, but most of the criticisma you leveled at him work for any other lantern but tomar re.

Kilowog is MUCH more overtly anti human during the training montage...are you saying kilowog is going to be evil?

The guardians themselves are in favour of the sacrifice earth to gain the time to beat parallax plan. Hell Sinestro spends the entire damn movie asking them to do SOMETHING about all the dying worlds until they eventually spill the beans.

His entire arc in the movie was growing to consider Hal a worthy replacement for his lost friend. Hence when Hal goes back to defend earth sinestro's words are "Good luck, green lantern". Showing that he accepts him now.

What, were you in the bathroom for all his scenes? The more you try to convince me the more it makes me think you weren't paying attention. Which lends credence to my 'wanted to hate it from the beginning' theory.

Chris Cesarano said...

I think what the Marvel Studios films remembered is that the character development is more important (in the case of comic book characters) than the events. Or rather, the events should drive the development. This is why films like Hulk and Iron Man have been so well received (well, Hulk seems to mostly be ignored, which is a damn shame because everything about it is awesome...with the exception of Liv Tyler, who seems incapable of delivering a line without that quiet whispy voice).

I think Green Lantern tried to deal with similar issues as Thor. You end up having two separate stories going on simultaneously that are battling for the viewer's attention. The story in space and the story on Earth. For Thor, the story in space was the most interesting, while on Earth, well, it was entertaining but love story was certainly ham-fisted in just because that's the sort of thing summer blockbusters have. If you removed that and made the Earth story strictly about S.H.I.E.L.D. it probably would have been stronger. Even my sister felt the love story shouldn't have been there, and her tastes in film are...well, in her words "an hour and a half to entertain me. It's not supposed to make me think, just to be fun".

Discussing movies with her is hard for me, but it allows me to use her as a sort of gauge to how the general public will view a movie.

Anyway, so yeah, Thor had unnecessary elements as well. However, I feel everything handled with S.H.I.E.L.D. and Asgard managed to make it stronger than Green Lantern. Instead of Asgard we have Oa, we have Hal Jordan's daddy issues, and we have the government trying to get in on the alien stuff (oh, and MovieBob, as for that cameo, I'm pretty sure she's alive as Hal Jordan kind of shoved her out of the battle zone and down one of the hallways).

The problem is it feels the aliens were given less importance than what was going on in Earth, which would have been more interesting if it was handled a bit more properly. Maybe they didn't get as proper a director as Thor had, I don't know. The two are very comparable movies, but in the end I'd say Thor is the better one.

I had a thesis somewhere here that I've forgotten. Monday morning at work and all.

JP said...

I'm at work so I'll have to make this quick.

I disagree with Bob's comment below and have a few points I'd like to make.

"He's racist against humans, he's a jerk to Hal right off the bat, his "master plan" for beating Parallax essentially entails "let everyone on Earth die" and "let's push the never-push-this-button button." It's incredibly blunt and lazy, and it does NOTHING for the story other than to remove the possibility of Hal having a visually-interesting opponent to fight."

1. racist against humans and a jerk: You just described MANY alien characters that have existed in countless works of fiction. Some good, some evil. Everyone has character flaws, his just seem to be on the surface. Nothing really shady there.

2. his "master plan" for beating Parallax essentially entails "let everyone on Earth die" and "let's push the never-push-this-button button.": Again, it is not uncommon at all for sacrifices to be made when battling evil or fighting a war. The Corps has to look out for thousands of worlds and civilizations. As a wise Vulcan once said "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few". If they really thought they could win (and save many other worlds) by sacrificing Earth then how is that evil? Also, that plan was agreed to by the Guardians. It wasn't just Sinestro.

3. It's incredibly blunt and lazy, and it does NOTHING for the story other than to remove the possibility of Hal having a visually-interesting opponent to fight.: I see nothing lazy there. They had a tough call to make (regarding how to defeat Parallax) and they made it. Regarding this idea that Parallax wasn't interesting, I completely disagree. That thing is supposed to be an embodiment of (and powered by) fear and it delivered for me.