Thursday, June 02, 2011

"George Lucas Strikes Back"

Yet another jokey, reference-packed fan-film comedy sketch mainly about 30-something film geeks "dealing with" The Prequels and the looming figure of George Lucas? Yawn.

Doing it as a high-concept "Oldboy" spoof? Genius.


Anonymous said...

PFT, no surprise there. I've seen enough SW vs ST to know to expect an evil Treky behind it. Us Prequel truthers already knew it was an inside job by Trekies.


Aiddon said...

Oldboy is such a great movie.

carl said...

i dont know about "high-concept" but its worth a chuckle.

look. the prequal movies were BETTER then 4 5 and 6. i got bored halfway through the number 5. and you could see how each one was going to end after watching about 30 minuets.

i can see how 4 5 and 6 would have been good movies at the time, but now the effects are so out of date that i could not focus properly on the plot. critical to all sci-fi films is immersion, and i could not for the life of me get into the 4 5 and 6. it just looked so bad.

CraftyAndy said...

This and the documentary about him looks promising.

Arturo said...

I wanna high-five the mastermind
behind this through the Earth.
Although, I imagined the hallway scene would have lightsabers instead of a hammer.

Aiddon said...

this calls for a rewatching of the Red Letter Media reviews. Seriously, those rip those crappy prequels apart from every aspect including the bad story-telling, lazy shooting, crappy framing, and over reliance on dull, sterile CGI.

Josh said...

Whaddya know I was just complaining about George Lucas and his loss of integrity last night. That aside, this looks awesome. Oldboy is a really good film and it was probably the least expected place you could take a George Lucas revenge flick. Also I love the inclusion of Shortround.

Aiddon I second that notion RLM here I come.

David (The Pants) said...

I can't decide if I want to

A) see this movie get made and then see it.


B) believe that this is "based on a true story" if you know what I mean.

BJames said...


any second now, fanboys will attack.

My opinion, ROTS is better then ESB.