Thursday, June 23, 2011

"Killer Elite" trailer

Hat-tip: Hollywood-Elsewhere

Good sign: That business with the chair. That's cool.

Seals the deal: How can you NOT respect an action trailer with the balls to use "Rock You Like a Hurricane" in a non-parody context? Exactly - you can't.

Not bad either: Cutting-to-black on a guy getting punched in the nuts.


bigjkt said...

Is that Clive Owen with Hitler Stache? That seals the deal for me.

Ezenwa said...

Statham and Owen in the same film? Transporter meets Shoot em Up? Throw in De Niro and you have a sweet fall film to end the summer blockbuster season. I'm sold.

Axle said...

Fall? Good. Looks awesome but I don't want to mess with my superhero movies only summer plan.

biomechanical923 said...

Am I the only person who has no fucking idea what Statham said when he was sitting in the chair 0:16.

It sounds like he saying "Or is an Avatar butt as I say it is"

Clive Owen looks a little bit like the late Peter Postlethwaite at 0:12

motyr said...

>start trailer
>jason statham
>oh god, lame
>chair sequence
>that's pretty sweet
>de niro

Mads said...


It isn't over till both sides say it is.

Granted, my hearing isn't epic, but my speakers are, so there's a good chance I got it right :)

alan_ferrett said...

I wonder if this is a remake of 'the killer elite'.

Vault Dweller said...

rock you like a hurricane on a gutiar + orchestra played over statham rescuing dinero from hitler-owen

(o )>(0 )

Arturo said...

Bob, I was just about to ask you about this.

Steven said...

Live action Miranda, aww yeah!

Joe said...

Jason Statham vs. Clive MF Owen? And De Niro? SOLD.

I really hope this is better executed than Jet Li vs. Statham in "War".

Mads said...


Well, she _is_ live action on Chuck, too....

Benfea said...

Ew. I think I puked in my mouth a little, but mostly I'm traumatized by the thought that I can never un-see that trailer.