Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Muppets: Full Trailer


Sofie Liv Pedersen said...

awww, okay, this had me now, I am sold, so sold!

And.. I think this wins the price for best trailer joke I have ever seen.

"There will be driving."

*car packed with people drives really slowly and everyone sits in absolute silence*

Rob said...

Please, they had me at the first teaser-trailer.

Jim Henson's creative originality, making so much with such simple puppets, really shows how entertainment these days has changed.

deathtopenguins said...

There's a quick shot of them at the ATLAS detector in the LHC...Uh Oh!

Mike said...

Completely unrelated to the video. (i could find the contact form :p)

So :
-long time reader/viewer
-nice blog/videos/articles etc keep it up :)

-concerning your site ( u might wanna not put the videos directly on the main page - the strain of opening 10 or more flash movie windows causes the site to lag a lot (when u first open it) (it gets really annoying at times and i even avoid opening it because of that sometimes)

Anyway, great job and keep it up :)

Adam said... win...I'll actually go to the theaters for this. Just please, PLEASE be as awesome as the trailers!

Sofie Liv Pedersen said...

btw.. can't believe I haven't stated this before.

I am so glad, so very extremely happy, that this seems to consist only of the original muppets and there is no. "Muppets tonight." characters in it..

I mean, I totally get why they had new muppets back then, as new puppeteers joined the group and old dies (Note how Rolf the piano dog never appeared in a movie after Hensons demise, and Scooter never did after Richard Hunt died.. may they both rest in peace, they certainly brought something special to the world.)

And that is how it should have been, some passed away, some of the characters died with them and new people arrived picking up some character and create their own as well, there is only one problem here.

I hate pepe the king prawn! Oh that character bugs me! I hate him so much, he is a true pain to me, Jonnhy Fiama.. god.
Clifford even gets tiring real quick.. And none of them is in any of the trailers! Huzzah! Huzzah huzzah huzzah!

Man, Pepe as Toto in Wizard of Oz was annoying! And darn it, I know there is going to be cameos in this movie, but there is no chance any of them will be as randomn as Quinton Tarantino loudly proclaiming what a gore feast the muppets are supposed to show us now.

Mupptets Wizard of Oz is a terrible movie.

Popcorn Dave said...

I've been having the same problem as Mike lately. This blog seems to take a long time to load compared to other blogspot blogs I use. I never thought about it being because of the videos, but it makes sense as there are always tons of videos on the front page. Could you maybe put some of them in the "after the jump" section, so we don't have to load them all at once?

Smashmatt202 said...

So apparently Bob is convinced that this movie will be awesome, but there are some people who think that the Muppets haven't been good since Jim Hensen died... Or since Disney bought them or whatever.

Personally, I think Muppets make anything better.

Varya said...

I like the fact that Jason Segel wrote this movie. If you look at Forgetting Sarah Marshall, (my favorite Romantic comedy of all time!) it's basically a love letter to the Muppets, so this feels like the next natural step.

TheAlmightyNarf said...

Hell'a lot more optimistic about this movie than I was when they first announced it.

My only issue is that it seems a bit like a "fan service" movie giving a lot of shout-outs to the original series and not really trying to be funny movie on it own. Though, that could just be because it's an early trailer that mostly only fans are gonna see anyway.

Landstander said...

First, what the heck is that human looking Muppet in the suit and tie? For that matter, what is with the live action Wall-E?

Also, I reject the old Muppets only conjecture for this film. Bobo the Bear is in the trailer (Muppets Tonight), while Clifford was created by Henson himself for the Jim Henson Hour so wouldn't prove anything either way.

Pepe is by far my favorite new Muppet. Love him dearly and I see he is listed on Imdb as in the film (grain of salt there of course. Elephino.)

Finally... where did that trailer come from? It's not an official Muppet or Disney channel.

TheAlmightyNarf said...

@ Landstander

But, this one is:

Chris Cesarano said...

I get the "fan-service" vibe as well. I feel like they did great with Muppet Christmas Carol after Jim Henson died, but since then I just haven't been able to get into them as much. I found Muppet Treasure Island to be boring and Muppets From Space to be tolerable, but Muppets should never be "tolerable". Also, my niece got Muppet Wizard of Oz, and dear God is it one big steaming pile of shit.

However, they've been doing great with their YouTube shorts lately. I figured they've been figuring out the perfect format for Muppets in the modern day (what with the original show being a series of shorts clips, really). Jumping into a movie after that, looks more in the style of the original films, at least.

I'll see it, but call me cautiously optimistic.

Pat said...

Looking at post-Henson Muppet Movies, I can stand behind the Muppet Christmas Carol and Muppet Treasure Island. They were both a lot of fun and were genuinely funny in their own right. The Muppets from Space was absolutely horrible, and the Muppets' Wizard of Oz was unspeakably horrible. Since then, they've basically been collecting dust.

But what's great now is that all of the people who were kids during the Fraggle Rock era of Muppets are now fully grown adults and want to bring the Muppets back into the spotlight to reclaim what had been frittered away by studios who just didn't understand what people liked about the Muppets. It looks like this new movie understands and loves the Muppets and I'm hoping that we'll get the first good Muppet movie in over a decade.

Judging from the trailers, it doesn't look like it will blow our minds, but if nothing else, it clearly has a lot of heart, which goes a long way with the Muppets. I'll definitely be there on opening weekend.

biomechanical923 said...

@ Sofie Liv Pedersen
"*car packed with people drives really slowly and everyone sits in absolute silence*"

While the radio is playing "Ma-Na-Ma-Na" I laughed.

*Chicken gets sucked into the Large Hadron Collider*

Ok, that won me over.

biomechanical923 said...


"If you look at Forgetting Sarah Marshall, (my favorite Romantic comedy of all time!) it's basically a love letter to the Muppets, so this feels like the next natural step."

Yeah. the vampire puppet play at the end is pretty much the best part of the whole movie. I don't know if that's saying much though.