Friday, June 17, 2011

New TGO on The Other Blog

FYI, the "Blackwater Game" is the topic on a NEW "Game OverThinker" episode now LIVE on ScrewAttack and The Other Blog. CHECK IT OUT.


Robert said...

Bob please combine both blogs.

Phantos said...

I think the intro was actually LONGER this time. That's like the opposite of what we wanted!

That said, thanks for bringing this to my attention. Now I can say that the Ubi-soft guy wasn't the worst thing to come out of this year's E3.

Mike said...

Just think how annoying it would be if Prince was from your home town. And if his family helped build a lot of the community gathering places. Actually, I feel really bad for his family, all the good stuff they have done for my area, and then he comes along and makes the name Prince synonymous with "Evil Douche".

Oh and the other big family that helped build stuff around my area... are the people who started Amway. So role models are a mixed bag here.

Chris Cesarano said...

I wouldn't be surprised if most kids playing the game think Blackwater is a completely fictional thing.

I'm not going to pass judgment yet. No one knows what the game is about or if it'll be a recruitment anything. For all we know it'll be biographical of certain events that went down.

Honestly though, the best sort of interest to have is none. 505 Studios is insignificant, meaning most of the reviews will label it a 6 or 7 out of 10 and toss the game in the garbage. It'll be passed over for the latest Call of Duty. Hell, the fact that it is Kinect already means the player base will be limited.

Making a big deal out of this is akin to making a big deal out of Manhunt. The only people that will really care about it are the people who are trying to protest it.