Monday, June 20, 2011

Post-Movie Podcast - Green Lantern etc.

Steve Head and John Black invited me back to the PMP this past weekend; mostly to help deliver a eulogy upon the untimely passing of "Green Lantern." Give it a listen. (direct-player after the jump.)


Varya said...

I'm pretty certain the guardians aren't all male. Two of them becomes renegades and marry, starting the blue lantern core.
Wow, me, correcting MovieBob, on a subject he got me into. The student becomes the master... unless I'm wrong, then the student goes back to his seat

TheDVDGrouch said...

Your really becoming a regular of the PMP, I probably would have never discovered them if not for you.

I saw Green Lantern on Saturday and I swear I didn't know if I was going to cry or puke. And talk about crazy big plot holes how on earth did Green Lantern know to go and save Tim Robbins & Amanda Waller? that scene was just plain pathetic.

Aaron said...

Can you do more with the armchair thinkers?

VictorZA said...

I've only listened to the X-Men: First Class PMP, and while the content and discussion was great, the noise in the background put me off. Is there any chance that has been sorted out for this one?

Steve Head said...
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Steve Head said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Steve Head said...

Regarding the noise (or as I like to think of it.. ambiance), we used to record in a studio, but we found it more convenient to meet-up and record "on location."

However, because of the periodic LOUDNESS of things around our table (damn coffee machines), I'm trying to make some arrangements that will get us back into a studio-like environment.

It's a very important issue - where we record. We've recorded in movie theaters (which sound great), coffee shops, restaurants and, yes, even from the bleachers of a baseball diamond (the "Thor Outdoors" episode). Wherever, as we must. But we're going to solve this. We're going to try some new things in upcoming episodes.

VictorZA said...

Thanks Steve, glad that you guys are looking into it. While I get the benefit of ambience, it's those "loudness" spikes that become the problem.

But then again, podcast's like's "Bombcast" are done in-studio and don't suffer at all for the lack of ambient sound.

Cheers from South Africa - Vic

Ezenwa said...

Hey Bob.

Since, I'm sure you won't be reviewing "Bad Teacher" this Friday (yea, I wouldn't either), I have a suggestion:

Why not review "Paranoia" starring Brad Jones (The Cinema Snob)? That would be a very interesting sight to behold. Internet reviewer worlds collide!

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