Wednesday, June 15, 2011

presenting... "AMERICAN BOB"

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Below, the first episode of my attempt at a political-comedy/commentary show; "American Bob." This is an INDEPENDENT project, produced entirely by me and is NOT affiliated with any other business, organization or entity that hosts/produces any of my other shows. First episode is about Anthony Weiner, some of the material will be familiar to frequent followers of this blog, my twitter, etc.

It's a little rough around the edges at this point, but topical is topical. I'm intentionally trying to hold back on the geek-specific references in this case, to differentiate it from the rest of the output and broaden the potential audience. Yes, I am aware of the inherent "me-too-ism" in starting a political-bitchfest series during an Election Year.

Not going to be everyone's cup of tea, I understand, but any feedback and/or views are appreciated. There will be ZERO crossover, in terms of topics and (hopefully) jokes between this, OverThinker (new episode tomorrow night!) and the Escapist series, so fans of those who don't care for politics should feel under NO obligation to watch it.


The Offender said...

You sum up my thoughts on this almost exactly.

Smashmatt202 said...

I'm just going to go out and say it. Bob, you're not that good at comedy. Or at least, I don't think your attempts at humor are that funny.

The Mason said...

That was REALLY funny and interesting. Please do more of this!

Chris Evans said...

That came off as more of an angry partisan rant.

Bob said...

I'm sending this to that waste of air DrinkingWithBob.

He ruins the name Bob. Fuck him.

Robert said...


Hopefully you can keep your political bullshit from your gaming and movie shows.

Oh, and you're still a dumbass. Just because YOU have to lie to keep a girl "interested" in you, does not mean every man in a relationship has to lie.

Sofie Liv Pedersen said...

Well, you said you wanted honest response so here is my honest thoughts.

Straight out of the back, I didn't laugh at much as ones, I didn't even smile, in fact, I got tired of it after the first half.
This is weird to me, as this is kind of like "the big picture." over again, only your allowed much more freedom as it is your own independent project, and you can say what ever the hell you want.. which you do.. clearly.
And I really like the big pictures videos, they always maintain my interest all the way through, I frequently wish some of those videos were twice as long.. So why not this one? it confuses me, it even confuses me that I didn't smile, because I usually do by your videos.

You swear an awful lot in this video, and I don't think that is helping you.

Perhaps it's the subject as that is not something I particularly agree with.
It's true, a lot of men are assholes like this, and even more women likewise so. I've met plenty of guys with this exact conviction about love and partnerships, and even uses that as excuse why I should go home with them for a quickie. It makes me sad for them.. really sad.
I know it can be different, it can be done. So the subject, it just hit wrong with me.

Actually personally what I think should be done was that married couples should not be afraid to be like Gomez and Morticia Addams! if you ask me they are like the ultimate most ideal married couple in the world! That is differently my idea of an ideal marriage, and it can be done.. sort of.. no not entirely would be to tiring, but you know, we shouldn't be afraid to act like that, world would be better for it.

The video.. I don't know, I need another one in the series to chew on and compare to. I think the subject and your view on it was to distracting for me to pay attention to anything else.

Varya said...

I liked it. Yes, I prefer your geeky stuff, but that's because I'm a geek, so yeah...
But it was interesting to hear american politics being discussed by someone that usually thinks in many of the same ways I do.
I'm from Sweden and our politics are quite different, and what we get from american politics isn't all that informative. A lot of the time it's "hey look at those crazy Americans".(Don't get me wrong, I still think you are crazy Americans)
In Sweden, "family values" isn't such a big political issue. Yes, we do have a few parties that "support family values", but the opinion that family values is just another way of saying "we decide what a family is, not you", has quite a steady group of supporters here.

Sofie Liv Pedersen said...

Oh right, should probably mention! Am Danish, so these political thoughts may just not matter to me, perhaps it's just because there is no way for me to relate.

Except in that whole love and partnership thing, where your perception makes me a bit sad.

Sigh, plenty of people are asses, plenty of girls and plenty of men are asses, even if your a good person you could very likely end up falling in love with a wrong person, but then it's just about trying again and do better.
If the world didn't work this way we just wouldn't have so many bland love pop songs now would we?

Shattered Glass said...

Maybe you just did this because the Congress Person in question was a man, or maybe just because for forever and a decade no women were aloud to be politicians--in America, but you seemed to portray being a politician--in America--as a men only sort of thing. I don't know your speech just had that connotation. Otherwise great stuff; so long as your rules go both ways.

Cartogriffi said...

I received a poll call in the middle of this asking about the "stability of marriage in the US." That was both creepy and hilarious.

I enjoyed the video as a political opinion piece but I'll admit it lacked the MovieBob humor that makes me love your other work so much. If you want to make this a regular feature I'm interested to see where it goes. If it becomes an infrequent piece reserved for those issues that really get to you (and don't seem appropriate for The Big Picture) there's plenty of value in that as well.

I loved the Big Picture-esq use of your own image.

Dave from canada said...

One small quibble bob. Lincoln probably would have gotten in trouble for fooling around on his wife. What with liking dudes and all.

Samuel said...

I agree with the general point on Americans being too interested in their politicians' home lives. You sort of lost my interest when you started ranting about marriage and lying and whatnot, though.

You're entitled to your opinion, of course. I don't doubt some marriages are as you describe. On the other hand, though, you can say the same about any relationship if the parties involved are of a particular mindset. It's not just marriage. One-night stands usually have to be set up a bit if that's your thing. Friendships have to be maintained. Family relationships drift apart if they're paid no attention. What is the big revelation supposed to be here? That human beings, as social animals, have to occasionally (gasp!) work at being sociable? I don't agree with an assumption that a close relationship with a member of the opposite gender is always going to be the most difficult and deceitful in anyone's life, if that was your meaning.

Anyway, that section seemed a bit too typical of the usual internet "obligatory anti-establishment" stuff, at least in my opinion.

The other part was better. I think, again, you make fine points about politics, and it was entertaining enough. Your videos are always fairly witty.

Finally, though, I believe I've heard the sentiment expressed before that Leave it to Beaver was not a documentary. In fact, every freshly dumped 14-year-old on the internet has made it a point to let me know at some time, I daresay.

WilhelmVonHaig said...

I liked this and agreed with pretty much everything you said. I think its ridiculous the amount of value people put in marriage when it comes to politics. Just look at how many people complained about Ed Miliband (the leader of Britain's labour party) because he had children and was living with a woman who he wasn't married to (allthough there weren't that many people who complained, and most of those who did were conservatives who hated him anyway)

Reverend Allan Ironside said...

The title needs to be changed to "Moviebob's MSNBC Resume"

I stopped watching at the comment "Keep These Assholes out of the White House" Seriously, Bob? It wouldn't matter if Sarah Palin dove into the sun to save a newborn kitten, you--like all the other people who do likewise--only see the (R) at the end of her name and toss them off the fucking cliff withtout one thought to anything anyone says.

I hope one day a member of the Tea Party saves your life.

As for Weiner, maybe the reason he's losing his job isn't because he sent silly pics to silly girls, maybe its because we all caught him doing what he does best: LYING HIS FUCKING ASS OFF.

Not only lying, but more than willing to put the blame on Andrew Breitbart. Now, feel however you want about HIM, but the truth is that Weiner LIED and then was perfectly content to blame AB all day and all night.

This country is in a pretty shitter right now, and it ain't the fault of anyone whose name rhymes with Tush. Not three years after the fact

patrick.b.healy said...

I would love to see one of these every week or so.

MajorRed53 said...

Personally, I'd rather you put your spare time into more GameOverthinker episodes instead. But this wasn't too bad of an idea.

ftwbroadcasting said...

I <3 movie bob, no matter the show.

The Partisan said...

I don't give two flying shits about politics. Never have, never will.

But I enjoy Bob's trains of thoughts (don't always agree, but I enjoy his rhetoric).

Cool beans, dude. You've got my thumbs up for what it's worth.

Dave from canada said...

@ Rev.

What would that have to do with anything? Hitler loved dogs. That doesn't make him not an asshole. News flash. People are complex. Even the insanely stupid or evil. Pretty much ANYONE has some redeeming qualities.

A Tea Bagger saving bob's life wouldn't make their views any less racist and stupid.

Sarah palin could feed stray cats for a year out of her own pocket and that wouldn't make the fact that she's a self involved, anti intellectual, sadistic, mentally backwards, misogynistic control freak with a moron factory between her legs who is so insanely stupid that even many republicans don't want anything to do with her any better.

David (The Pants) said...

I like this.

Adam said...

Video feedback: Hmmm...I think I need one more before I can decide if I want to continue watching this or not as it mostly felt like a very angry partisan rant. I don't think there's anything wrong with that really but it seems more conduicive to letting off personal steam (hey Bob, you ever consider taking up boxing or something? I think it would do you some good) rather than stirring up any discussion (aside from Right wing knee jerk reactions).

On the marriage issue: I think we care so much about people being married because we still inherently believe marriage is good. Don't get me wrong, I think marriage is good when it's right. The vast majority of the time it isn't sadly. At least 50% of marriages end in divorce and I wager at least 50% of marriages that are ongoing are miserable ones. This is how we get lies like "The first year of marriage is the hardest." No, it isn't if you do it right.

I'm fortunate enough to know several couples who are doing marriage right and the first year together is just as good as the fifth, tenth, and beyond. They don't always agree but they don't fight. And they are close and safe enough with each other that they can be honest about those little things like "have I put on weight?" or "I don't like some of your relatives". They're their own people who agree to put each other ahead of everyone else in their lives. It's very simple, and sadly very rare. So we romanticize it, and we believe that just because a couple is still together they must be doing something right, even though if you actually looked closer you could see they both really do hate the situation.

And Bill and Hilary Clinton do have an understanding. That understanding was Hilary wanted to be president someday.

kevmon1116 said...

Bravo Bob, not bad at all.
Looking forward to the possibility of more "American Bob."

Aaron said...

What's the difference between Sarah Palin's mouth and Sarah Palin's pussy?

Not everything that comes out of her pussy is retarded.

Chris Evans said...

Do people on the left ever stop and read their own comments? Really some of the most hateful stuff I've ever read. I really feel sorry for you.

Peter said...

@Rev: It doesn't matter what party she belongs to, Sarah Palin is in fact an unbelievingly stupid woman and I hate her for that reason.

And yes, it is Bush's fault. This is a fact.

@Aaron: Don't let anyone convince you otherwise. That comment is pure fucking win.

TheAlmightyNarf said...

I've already replied to this when it was a blog post a bit back, so I won't get into that again.

On that note, I love that you're doing a show about politics. One of the things that has always bugged me was that you're political views have never been nearly as well articulated and thought out as your views on gaming and nerd culture in general, and I've always assumed this was because you never took the time to flesh them out the way you do for you're gaming videos. So, I hope doing "American Bob" gives me as much insight into politics and "Overthinker" does into gaming. I look forward to further episodes.

Avistew said...

Okay, let's see...

1) I knew these arguments of yours already, but I likes how you explained them in the video better.
I enjoy the fact that you're posting videos about politics, and I agree with you that the state of things is BS in the US, but I disagree with some other things you said.

2) I think honesty is about people, not relationships. I'm the kind of person who will say "this doesn't taste good" or "you've gained weight" and expects the same. And I'm married.
Mind you, I'm also divorcing my first husband, and after breaking up I realised he was keeping a hell of a lot of secrets from me. But I'm pretty sure that's because he's insecure and never truly understood how I work. My second husband gets me much better on that.
But yeah, I think honesty is about trust, and if I can't trust someone enough to tell them the truth about things, what business do I have being in a romantic relationship with them? I'm less likely to lie to them than to my friends or family (not that I do that often, but it happens).
On the other hand, I'd imagine that when you have casual sex, there is no real reason to say anything that's true (not even give your real name). Doesn't mean you can't be honest, of course, just that if you're not, nobody cares.
Ultimately though, I think it's silly to talk about honesty when relating to politics. Of course they're not honest. They're politicians. Whether they're honest or not in their private life doesn't matter at all, when it comes to politics it's about saying what will get you the most votes even if you don't believe all of it.

3) I don't see why stable relationships have to be monogamous, or why a nonmonogamous person shouldn't get married. First, some people work on a primary/secondary hierarchy, sp marrying their primary makes sense. Secondly marriage provides advantages, which I understand sucks, but it still is an incentive to get married. I'm not talking about saving some money on your taxes here, I'm talking about being allowed to live in the same country, or in some places being allowed to adopt together, for a couple examples.
And in the US, it seems it's important when you're a politician that you are married. That's ridiculous but hell, that's probably why a bunch of them do get married, because it's an unofficial requirement for the job.

(To be continued...)

Avistew said...


4) I do think it's an US issue, and I'm not sure why. Maybe you're more Puritan, or more about getting into people's personal business. In France, 2007's presidential election ended up between a separated man (who was on his what, third wife by then?) and a woman who wasn't married to the father of her kids. That kind of thing was never pointed out here, I only heard it from the US media (hadn't really thought about it myself).
Then after being elected, the president divorced and married a model, and sure people talked about that a bit, but believe me, people were pretty much patting him on the back for it.

If you go back further, Mitterand (former president) had two lives, two wives, and the press knew about it, but didn't mention it because they felt it was nobody's business. It was only revealed with his consent, when he was close to dying and when the daughter of his second spouse was already 20. By the way, he already had the double life thing before he was elected. And he's the guy who stayed President the longest (14 years). Oh, and it was revealed while he was still President (although the year before the election, and he didn't run again since he was dying).

And that guy who's on trial on rape charges? He's notorious for having sex with a lot of women who aren't his wife, and people just don't care when it's consensual.

Really, in France you'd think it's almost considered a good thing when politicians have more partners. a) shows they can multitask, and b) they don't risk being frustrated and starting some war.

So yeah, I don't really get the big deal. Hell, even when I was in exclusive relationships, sending pics and erotic messages was expressly fine and not considered cheating, so to me it's a big non-story.

Kyle said...

I liked it okay. It seemed to take longer to say what you were saying than was necessary. Still, I liked it.

I wouldn't want this to take time and attention away from the geeky stuff you do, but if its what is on your mind, then get it out of your head and in a video. That's cool.

Daniel said...

@Reverend Allan Ironside
I don't vote for politicians on whether or not they can do really brave and awesome things, Reverend, I vote for them if I find I agree with their policies and I don't think they're out of touch. Palin fails both of these.

Hell, if heroism was the qualifier for Political office, wouldn't Superman have gotten to be the President by now?

Also, while the country isn't exclusively acting stupid because of Bush, I distinctively remember the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, our standing with foreign nations, (which is important if you want to call yourself the leader) and the economy entering the recession during Bush's run. Also, since Obama's been in office, we've finally started implementing a national healthcare overhaul and eventual public option (yes, we fucking need that, no, it won't cause rationing, no there won't be death panels.) we've been actually engaged in pulling back troops, and we got Osama without having to start wars with OTHER nations, and basically told Pakistan to go fuck itself. (which we should have done a LONG time ago.)

So yeah, Obama rocks.

Silens said...


First off, I do understand why politicians tend to want to be married before approaching office - namely, because it allows them to present a nice comfortable front to the average voters who see the ads and think 'Hey, that guy and his family is somewhat similar to ours, and thus probably hold similar values'.

I think another thing is that people probably see Weiner's antics as a sign that he's not trustworthy and thus not suitable for office. Me, I tend to look at a man's record when asking for resignation, not his sexual activity, but the general public doesn't tend to see things that way.

I do agree the whole 'family values' arguments tend to fall under bullshit as a way of perpetuating backward stereotypes that don't really fit the modern family mold (and ostracise those live comfortably outside of it) - but then again, I'm twenty-one and have a working and happy relationship with my family as a whole, and I can see how many in the general public don't share that opinion.

As for the video... eh, it's a little too short to leave much of an impact, your points are a little too sparsely developed, and while I don't mind the swearing, I can see how some would find it distracting. If you have time to do this, go for it - could be interesting.

CraftyAndy said...

I like this bob! MOar!

antecedentless said...

Like your excelent "Complex Issues" overthinker video, you let your (wrong, very wrong) personal political views be known, but kept them separate from the thesis at hand, which is good.

As for the thesis itself, well, I will just quote the Apostle Paul as my counter argument. Much of the structure of our government was based on existing church governance, so while the standard of "one wife"/"self controlled"/"good family" is not explicitly in the constition, it is a standard that has been aptly applied for the most part.

"The saying is trustworthy: If anyone aspires to the office of overseer, he desires a noble task. Therefore an overseer must be above reproach, the husband of one wife, sober-minded, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach, not a drunkard, not violent but gentle, not quarrelsome, not a lover of money. He must manage his own household well, with all dignity keeping his children submissive, for if someone does not know how to manage his own household, how will he care for God’s church? He must not be a recent convert, or he may become puffed up with conceit and fall into the condemnation of the devil. Moreover, he must be well thought of by outsiders, so that he may not fall into disgrace, into a snare of the devil." From Chapter 3 of Paul's first recorded letter to Timothy; ESV translation.

(I am going to guess that one of your family members was/is a dues paying union member, fighting more over slush fun-excuse me, "benefits" than actual pay)

Mads said...

@ Moviebob

Bravo. You articulated your point of view excellently compared to the blog post. I knew you could do better, you knew you could do better, and we were both confident it needed to be said.

Here's a problem though: American Bob is not factual enough. I get it, running time was already a bit long for this kind of thing, you'd already rounded up some good points concerning broader american politics,'s not enough.

You want to do a political version of the game overthinker or the big picture, you've got an excellent format for it here.
I know and care about american politics - I read the daily beast: politics to highlight stories, I watch the daily show to observe the absurdities, I watch colbert to be able to observe the flaws in the pundit arguments of the week, and I watch real time with bill maher to hear the fundamental conflicts of a given week articulated by smart people. Essentially, I'm well versed in this kind of thing, I have been invested for years (every daily show episode since 06). I'm probably your core audience for this kind of thing.
So, yeah, your show fits right into my regular lineup of talk shows. I understand and can relate to all of your points; mostly, it works, and it has a good sharp edge to it. It's as entertaining as politics generally get, and could probably all fit straight into a new rules (bill maher) segment as the final rule. That's meant to be high praise.

Which makes it really important that I make the next point well:

You don't want to be a believer, or come off as one. You want to come off as a thinker. You want this especially, since even if you counter with _pure_ fact, you won't be able to communicate with a lot of people who are ordinarily thinkers, in your parlance. So some of your dichotomies are too simple, and some of your points a little too oppinion oriented. You want your show to work in this genre, you need to be more factual than your overthinker shows, and at least to the degree your big pictures shows are.
Otherwise, you'll risk sounding partisan, even when you're not, and you'll turn people away who are ordinarily ready to listen. I used to have another article on consumption of similar and disparate viewpoints compared to your own, and the science on this is clear; with as divided an audience as a politics show will have, you need to double down on the factual, to ensure that everybody comes away feeling like they learned something, not just those people who agree with you.

Anyway, here's the second reason you want more fact:

You already have a good following, but that's not enough. It'll get your new show off the ground, but you need to tone down oppinions. 80% of the show has to be analysis and presentation of fact.
In this first attempt, your allusions to married with children, and your assertions on the lies in marriages and relationships were just not factual enough.
If you had statistics, if you had anything more than peoples allusions to lean on, to give you just slight support, you could have built most of your case around understanding the concept, then putting weinergate into context.

So what if you can't build a more factual case? Then don't invest yourself into the subject. The statistics are clear on this; too much oppinion and you're not gonna fit the mold for a popular internet person. Since you need to live off of your internet popularity...well, you get the picture.

All that said, I hope you decide to work more with the concept. I fundamentally like your sharp analysis. For whatever reason, I was always more into that than the humor you do. Take that as you will.

Mads said...

@Reverend Allan Ironside

This country is in a pretty shitter right now, and it ain't the fault of anyone whose name rhymes with Tush. Not three years after the fact
Of course, apart from the useless wars that are bankrupting your country, but which you can't get out of because when you broke it, you bought it.

Seriously guy, politics have a reach a bit further into the future than 3 years. A country is big; it doesn't turn on a dime.

@Chris Evans

Some of us do. Yes, sarah palin has been treated horribly by part of the american media; to narratives have stuck to her, one as the mama grizzly, the bossy woman with all the right values. The other, as dumb, self-satisfied and egotistical bimbo, putting her ambition before everybody else, the people of alaska, even her own family.

The truth is neither of these narratives. When Katie Curric asked her what newspapers she read, she didn't answer. She could've quoted at least the alaskan newspaper where she ghostwrote an open letter correcting a number of factual mistakes about her, whilst pretending to be someone else. So she definitely read newspapers; just not any newspaper she felt comfortable talking about.

Tbh, I have no idea who she really is, because her political platform has taken on a surreal slant and narrative...but I do know she doesn't deserve the shitstorm aimed at her.

I do know I believe she repressents modern day populism, which I believe is a democratically dangerous it would be easy for me to write her off too, since it would fit my agenda. I don't.

So please, don't stereotype every leftist outthere and lump us all together.

6c898700-5c58-11e0-92aa-000bcdcb5194 said...

Wow, Bob is okay with a 46 year old married guy sending private messages to a 17 year old high school girl.

Who'd a thunk it?

He probably wouldn't be okay with it if the guy had an (R) behind his name, but since it's a (D)'s all good!

Hopefully this new show will act like a Leftie Douche sponge and suck up all your DU, Kos, Firedog Lake, Huffpo talking points so they won't contaminate your movie reviews any more.

Wouldn't that be great?

Chris Evans said...

Why "American Bob"? Should it be "DNC Bob"?

Mike said...

It was quite funny. Even though some of your views differ from my own, I have to agree on the overarching point. And the right to express your opinion with bold and sometimes ostentatious monologues, well pretty much is one of the alternate definitions of "American" to many people.

Though you should have pimped your site at the end, just in case someone embeds it but doesn't take a moment to make a link to your body of works.

I would like to see more of this. It is good to keep things fresh and explore different areas.

Brent said...

I'm sorry, but I just can't get behind this for two reasons.

One, the whole "I don't care about ideologies or parties as long as the guy involved fucks the patriarchy (flash image of Republican symbol)" idea. You don't care about party or ideology as long as they fuck the Republicans, eh?

Two, marriage and relationships are built on trust. I can see you're a bitter cynic, but this just goes a little far, doesn't it?

I basically spent the latter half of the video rolling my eyes at the idea of an angry, opinionated man who finds time enough to make four (increasingly complex and varied) on-going video series telling me that his experience with relationships are -all- experiences with relationships.

I've never been in a relationship based on a lie, and I know absolutely no one who isn't honest with their spouse about little things like that.

There's a difference between "You aren't getting fat, dear" and "I like you the way you are, no matter what", and the former is an example of what the people I know who are jaded with relationships in general use to justify not being in one, when they could just espouse the virtues of personal choice. The latter is what someone who cares about their spouse's feelings but doesn't want to lie to them would (and does, in my experience alone) say.

So yeah, Big Picture was already hit-and-miss in terms of carign with or agreeing with your self-important opinions - this is a miss so wide it's landed in another state.

Chris Cesarano said...

I MIGHT give this one a look. I appreciate your differentiating perspective, Bob, but you still lean a little to far left for me. There are some arguments I am sure you and I can agree on (homosexuality has no reason to be illegal, why are we still fighting about it?). But in terms of strictly political, chances are I'll just disagree with you a lot.

But this is also because we have differing personal values and beliefs based on those. When I read the Bible, I look at it as a philosophy. It's amazing how different your perspective of religion can be when you put Jesus alongside Socrates and Confuscious (only spelled correctly)! Yet not everyone follows that philosophy, nor do they see a purpose to, and thus I will naturally disagree with them.

Based on the comments given here, I'm going to have to go alongside some of what @Adam was saying. Some of the happiest people I know are in a marriage that works. What makes it work? That they put their spouses and children before themselves. This isn't going to work in a marriage where one person is more concerned with themselves rather than their family, or both are. According to comments, you brought up Married With Children. I don't know in what context, but it seems like a proof of failure considering every character in that show was more concerned with themselves. Everyone was selfish.

The big thing about Christ's teachings is that he always said to put others before yourself, and the world would be better. Can you imagine how much better it would be driving to or from work if every jerk wasn't concerned with themselves over anyone else? Or when it comes time to merge lanes people actually let you in rather than tried to close the gap and beat you?

I'll have to watch the video first, but maybe the perspective had here is that life would be better if they just catered to what felt good. Well, I've seen people do that, and more often than not it wrecks themselves and their relationships. People that cater to the whims of others before their own, however, tend to be happier and have healthy relationships.

Maybe the problem with marriage is that, well, people are just too damn selfish?

But this is all based on what I've read in the comments section. I could be counter-arguing something that doesn't exist in the video, and if that is the case I apologize.

In terms of a politician being a sexual deviant, I look at it this way. Let's say this marriage is like a contract. Remember your Overthinker Episode "The Emperor Has No Clothes"? Remember how Nintendo was diddling with Panasonic behind Sony's back? Can anyone say what Nintendo did was ethical?

Then what makes this any different? A man enters a contract of exclusivity with a woman. He tries to diddle with other women behind her back. He is caught, but tries to lie about it until he confesses he broke the contract. Now, if she was fine with it then we'd have a different argument. But what he did was deceitful and unethical.

I do not personally believe in polyamorous relationships, but there's a difference between being open to that idea and thinking less of a man because he is a deceitful liar. He did something unethical, and that's that.

(As for his saying he is going to "seek help for his problem", I think he just needs to get a divorce and find a woman that either satisfies his needs or is okay with his habits. But that'll take some time for the rest of America to be okay with. Now that I think about it, that may be the entire purpose of your rant, so...hopefully anything I said at all is still relevant. I'll get back to you after I watch the video from home rather than work).

6c898700-5c58-11e0-92aa-000bcdcb5194 said...

Bob, here's some Kleenex to wipe your eyes because your favorite douchebag demagogue is fucking GONE.

Bye bye Weiner, thanks for the 3 weeks of getting the Dems off message!

M said...

You know, I agree w. 90% of what you said. But seriously, Bob, the worst thing the guy did ISN'T lying. The worst thing the guy did was send UNSOLICITED pictures of his junk to multiple women. Dude showing his bulge to a woman without her consent, whether it's in a back alley or over the internet, is sexual harassment. I don't understand why no one is talking about pressing charges. THAT'S some bullshit. If he were a subway flasher, he'd be in jail, but because he's a pol and did the same thing via Twitter, he's just a crappy husband?


cathal said...

It was alright, but you're a bit more opinionated than you are funny. Don't turn into a mirror-image Glenn Beck.

A Tribe Called Helloween said...

"I don't care if a congressman spends his weekend fucking the ala-carte at the bunny ranch, as long as on Monday he comes back and fucks [the Republicans] just as hard."

That's the greatest goddamn quote in political discourse history.

A Tribe Called Helloween said...


a fucking unicorn?

Shattered Glass said...

Also Bob:

The Karligarchy said...

Please stay away from politics. Everyone and their mom rants and raves about this. Your appeal is partly due to the fact that you bring thoughtful analysis to things that don´t normally get that kind of attention. I like that. Politics is a different game. You can say things in movie reviews and critiques of games and comics that might irritates some fan boy, get some hateful comments maybe an increase in traffic yadda yadda. Politics is not that easy, and I´m trying to discuss from a business point of view, or at least what I imagine blogging business interests to be. Political blogs and ranting can result in much higher fluctuations and impacts on your audience base. It is very easy for one slip of the tongue to discredit you entirely in the political blogosphere. Trolling in politics is more of an all in gamble than it is in pop culture and if you think fan boy rage is bad offended political ideology is a whole nother circle of hell. Your disclaimers at the beginning of American Bob about not being affiliated with the Escapist or Screw Attack will not stop them from dropping your ass in a second if you say the wrong thing, and it causes any sort of backlash for them (and it will) when they find out you do other blogs. I would really stray from this if I were you. You like to troll sometimes, doing that in the political arena is bad and will probably have a more serious on your living as a blogger than you think. Your views are slightly left than center, not solid and consistent enough in on focus group to attract an unwaveringly loyal audience that will stick by you when you say the wrong thing. Also be prepared to do alot of apology videos. Remember that thing with Anthony Weiner where everyone dropped his ass the second he did one thing that made him look bad. Thats how politico world works. This backlash is felt by bloggers and folks on the internet all the time. Ever seen any of those videos or even facebook status quotes that go viral cause someone said something racist or offensive or something. This is not a blog world you want to be in.

Stefan Sasse said...

Great stuff Bob, more of it please!

xXx The Beast xXx said...

I like it, though it seems a better name would be "Bob's 'Fuck' Show". I'm not against cursing, but mix it up a bit, man. Throw in a "son of a bitch" and a "God Damn" every once in a while. The phrases are out there, use 'em.

Avistew said...

@M I haven't seen a single thing that led me to believe that the pictures he sent were unsolicited or unwanted. Do you have sources to back that up? (I did see the link someone else posted, that says he tried to shift the conversation to sex, but it does say it didn't send pics when she wasn't interested).

@Chris Cesarano, I think I know what you're trying to say about people being selfish, but I have to fundamentally disagree with the idea of putting your whole family before yourself.
In my own experience, it has resulted in people being miserable because they sacrificed themselves and didn't take care of their own basic needs. It can even happen when both people in a mono relationship do it, they each put themselves last and they're both unhappy.
I think you need to take care of yourself first so that you're able to take care of other people better. When you're on a plane, they always say "put on your own oxygen mask before helping someone else". That's exactly the kind of thing I mean. If you first worry about your kids' masks, you'll faint with nobody able to put yours on, and maybe you won't have time to save all of your kids.

So, that's my grain of salt to your comment. Obviously, you should have the best interest of the people you love in mind. However, remember that to take care of them properly, you need to take care of yourself first. I definitely think a lot of people are miserable in relationship especially because they take care of everyone else and have no time left to treat themselves (and some things only you can treat yourself too, even if everyone else is putting themselves last and you first too).

As far as your Nintendo example, yeah, it was unethical, and Sony was right to be pissed. But people didn't call for Nintendo to stop doing business. If Weiner went behind his wife's back and betrayed whatever agreement they had, it's wrong as a husband, and it's her business to be pissed with him, not ours.

Or maybe they failed to have an agreement at all. If I recall a survey, among couples where one member said there was an agreement to be monogamous, 50% of the partners said there was no such agreement, making their rate of guessing whether there was one or not dumb luck.
On the other hand, people who said there was an agreement NOT to be monogamous always had their partner say the same thing. I think people don't see the need to make an agreement if they think it's "normal". But hey, everyone has different things they're fine with or not. It's a good idea to try and figure out where your partner's line is, and not just assume it's the same as yours.

curtdogg said...

PROTIP: If you have to explain to your audience in the description/before the video itself that it's "comedy", guess what your video lacks?

awesome aussie dave said...

hey bob long time listener first time poster.... alway wanted to say that.
i have to say i like. my views are somewhat close to yours and its nice to see a political view on the us that is not fox ( i am from australia and good mr murdoch owns most of our media).
and there is aways some fun in seeing the crazy amreican political system . australia's prime minister is an unmarried athiest woman who is living in sin with her partner take that america. ( i assume your responce will be that america ia awesome which i will concur and sit back down )

Avistew said...

Addendum to my previous post:

My mistake, it was 40%, not 50%. And I found an article about the study (not the article I heard about the study from, but it gives you the figures so it's what matters):

Chris Cesarano said...


Thanks for the response, hopefully my points were legitimate to the conversation (still haven't gotten to check it out, though if I'm reading comments right and MovieBob actually says something along the lines of "fuck Republicans" I'm going to have to just avoid it. I don't like most extreme-left Liberals or Democrats myself, but if I wanted to run a political show I'd try and keep things fair and balanced rather than condemning the opposing side. This is America, a place where we're supposed to be more open-minded than the rest of the world. Sure, we're failing on that part, but an "enlightened" political commentator should be able to approach something from EVERYONE'S perspective and arrive at a know, like an adult).

You're right, if we don't take care of ourselves as well, we'll ultimately suffer. I think I might have made my example be a bit extreme, though, as that seems to be how you perceived it. If you go to a merge lane, stop your car and let EVERYONE in the other lane merge, then you're only going to cause harm to yourself (though this is also under the assumption that everyone else is being selfish, which is the rub: I'm saying if everyone were selfless instead, but we all know that's impossible).

When it comes to modern couples, be they married or simply dating, the happiest I've known are able to compromise, or recognize when they are wrong about something. Constant communication. Etc. Basic thing is, their partner's needs aren't forgotten, and they are always communicating so everything is clear. Couples that always have one person giving things up, being stepped on or taken advantage of, etc., yeah, those are naturally miserable. But sometimes you just have people that hit a conflict, or have poor communication, and the only thing considered is their own feelings and why can't their partner understand?

That said, I've never personally known polyamorous couples, but I've spoken with a couple people in such relationships. They've been happy as well, but that said, they've also had a lot of communication. I look at communication as being part of selfless, because if you do it right then you're taking other people's thoughts and feelings into account.

If any of this makes sense. It's a long and winding conversation in and of itself.

As for the Nintendo thing, I think we've gotten used to companies being assholes about stuff, plus, let's face it, the regular people didn't know Nintendo pulled a dickish move. Only members of the industry really knew. I don't know anyone who knew about it until years later when info was on the Internet about it. So what if Nintendo pulled that today, on a live E3 Press Conference or something? What do you think the reaction would be? I'm not certain myself, but there'd definitely be a lot more commentary now than there had been then.

But that's also off-topic. I think I will hold off until I've actually watched the video...if I can. I may try to be moderate, but I tend to lean right, and when Bob is vocal about politics, he is VERY vocal.

SPLASHD0WN said...

(clap... clap... clap) Brilliant! Whether I agree with your commentaries, reviews and columns they are always a joy to hear. You have some very interesting theories, keep them coming. Good luck with the film career, I can't wait to see your ideas reach a broader audience. Incidentally, I think you're right on the money with this one. The only person Weiner needs to apologise to is his wife, a lot.

Avistew said...

@Chris Cesarano

Totally agreed on communication. I think it's really important, actually it goes back to what I said about talking with one's partner(s) about what's okay or not in your relationship, what your limits are, etc.

My point about putting yourself first/last wasn't just about cases of one partner being last and the rest of the family treating them like crap or something. Of course that situation sucks, but I also think you usually know your own needs better than someone else will. So you can have two partners each sacrificing themselves without the other noticing, because they think it's what the person wanted in the first place and that they're happy, not that it's a sacrifice.
Sometimes it's even worse than that, they both suffer something they don't like because they think the other does, and they're both wrong. Pointless sacrifice there.
But yeah, it's about communication again. You need to be able to tell each other when you need something and compromise about it. I completely agree. I think communication is essential in successful relationship, be them mono or poly.

On that note, I've heard people say that poly relationships force you to communicate and as a result are more likely to be successful, but I think that's BS, personally. You can fail at communication in any kind of relationship, and you can use polyamory to avoid confronting your problems too if you choose to do so.

Anyways. You probably won't like the video, just warning you.

Popcorn Dave said...

Bob, I agree with your basic point that demanding that powerful men MUST be married and monogamous is pretty naive, but this isn't really a left/right issue, so don't make it one. That stuff about "keeping these assholes out of the White House" doesn't really belong in this video. It's especially problematic how you spent most of the video defending Weiner and mocking his critics, but you also said he probably should resign - NOT because of anything he actually did, but just because it's good tactics (yeah you also called Weiner stupid but it was pretty half-hearted). Are you more interested in partisan manoeuvring and "getting one over on the other guys" than standing up for your principles? What are you, a politician?

counterpoint said...

definitely agree with most of your big points here.

however, i disagree on your opinion of relationships and marriage. Essentially:

1) my relationship with my wife has thrived BECAUSE of, not in spite of honesty. have you ever tried to be completely honest in a relationship. if you find the right person, it works far better than the white-lie bullshit.

2) as a consequence, i am never worried about where my next lay is coming from.

that said, KIDS are a huge problem, i'd imagine, for an elected official. after you have a steady, functional relationship, you don't necessarily have to "worry" about what your partner thinks so often - you already KNOW it. but having to worry about raising kids and stuff - THAT would be a distraction.

after reading the other comments, i might suggest you not bill this as "comedy." it's not "funny" like some other stuff is. however, it is "overthought" and quite snarky. that's enough for me, no doubt.

MAXX1up said...

I can't say that I enjoyed this video as much as all of your other series, but you brought up some good points. I'm not really behind you on the whole "lying in relationships" thing, but I believe that what Politicians construe as "Family Values" is bullshit.

Bobby said...

I found this to work for the most part, but had a few qualms, if you will.

First off, it was snarky sure, but not all that funny. I'd say your "GL" MovieBob episode was funnier.

Second, and lastly, I find your views on being in a steady relationship (married or not), to be rather wrong. I am in a long term relationship, and am as honest as I can be.

Overall good, and with some tweaking, could be a lot more.

1337pete said...

"Stable, steady, romantic relationships live and die on a succession of little white lies told for the greater good and require an incredibly distracting, time-consuming amount of work."

Most people seem to be responding to this quote and not necessarily the concept of a political show on the whole. As far as that goes, I say go for it. I like your views on pretty much everything else, even when I don't agree, because you argue your point and make logical, rational arguments. Except when you generalize, like in the above quote. My advice is, avoid generalizing and you have yourself a good show, and frequent viewer on my part. And by the way, I'm married, and I've never had to lie to my wife about anything and rarely do I consider our relationship "work." It's a commitment, yes, and it's challenging, but the merits far outweigh the flaws. But I can see how the above quote can be true as well. Some guys like a piece of ass, but I prefer the whole ass. It's much nicer.

Phobos said...

Said this before when you brought this up, but I do care about politician sexuality being exposed when it shows them as being hypocritical in their voting / policies. For example the Anti-gay politician who voted as such who is then exposed as having gay affairs. But of course when that has happened recently it has not had as much coverage as this. Which is dumb.

As far as politicians only being trusted if married, the same could be said about religion. US politicians stand no chance of being elected unless they show how 'god fearing' they are, like that is a good indicator of how moral a candidate is......

Otherwise interesting new idea to make video's about, looking forwards to where you go with it. Love the funny posses in front of the flag...