Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"The Amazing Spider-Man" trailer...

...kinda blows. Watch it after the jump.

Before that, though, some good news: Jeff Wells - who's sort of become the "leader" of the too-many-damn-superhero-movies backlash among the old guard critical press - saw "Captain America" and LOVED it. If you're not aware of Wells, the idea that he'll get out of  ANY movie and start tweeting wild enthusiasm is a rare event, but this is a HUGE shocker... and a good sign, as the last time he reacted this way to a genre film was "First Class."

I'm well aware that, because I'm the guy for whom a minute or so of Peter Parker dancing WASN'T an apocalyptic event, everything I have to say about this is subject to outright dismissal; plus I have to head out to screen "Captain America" so I can't do a full piece right now... but my first reaction is that this is a god-awful trailer.

Sony is betting the farm on this movie - this is the movie that's going to keep Spider-Man "theirs" for the next cycle - and this is how they reintroduce him? A few shots of Andrew Garfield wandering around generic cityscapes and interiors, a goes-nowhere bit about Peter's parents (supposedly a BIG part of the revamped backstory) and a stretch of CGI that wouldn't pass muster as a Wii cutscene?

I get that they're going for "what's thi... oh! Spider-Man!," but I can't imagine an audience reacting excited to the reveal here - more like "what's thi... Spider-Man, again? Already? Seriously?" Kinda interesting that he seems to have a biological-spineret after all, and I'm amused by the bit where it looks like he's going to eat a fly; but all of the important stuff about this screams "This Fall on The CW," not "huge blockbuster next year."


GragSmash said...

Pretty damn far from amazing.

Can we get a little break from dark-and-edgy, please? It is ok to have some backstory, but that is not what is going to sell me on a spiderman movie.

Tetris Ling said...

Dude! They are making a Spider-man version of Mirror's Edge? Awesome!

MajorRed53 said...

Dang it Tetris! Beat me to the punch.

Achilleas said...

Yup, definitely more Mirror's Edge than anything else.

Mister Linton said...

Too soon for a reboot? Yes. But if they are making more Spiderman movies, it is definitely good that they are moving in a different direction.

Seriously, if you like the style of the Raimi films (which I do) there is already 3 films and it was starting to wear thin by the third. I am certainly hip to seeing an alternative take.

Making a superhero movie with a more serious tone? That's heresy and will never work! Have they gone batty or something? Ehem...

Psyckid008 said...

To me, there is not point in making a new Spider-Man simply because there is no way you can top the masterpiece known as Spectacular Spider-Man. Everything Spider-Man related (even Spider-Man 2) sucks dick in comparison.

Dave from canada said...

Bob hates something about the spiderman movie NO! HOW CAN THIS BE? THIS WAS SO UNPRECEDENTED.

Honestly how many people checked this just to see HOW he was going to hate on it?

@ Psyckid

SM2 sucked period. It had one good action sequence but aside from that it was just boring. 3 makes it even worse when you realize all of the events in 2 could have been dealt with in a couple of minutes by people being honest with each other.

And I agree, SSM was amazing. I loved how it blatantly ignored canon and still managed to fit in bits of spiderman obscurity here and there.

I liked what I saw. Pity that they seem to be moving to a more serious place. I was hoping for the spidey snark (which I fully anticipate BOB bemoaning the lack of in his review despite being adamant that it never would have worked when people called raimi on missing it.) but I like the more serious tone. If I can't have hyper comics accuracy, then make the movie as epic as possible.

I just want to see the lizard. He's a hard character to do well.

Alex said...

For everyone who complains that this trailer doesn't show a lot, go to Google and find the definition of TEASER trailer. Plus, for all of those it's too dark and edgey people, it looks actually pretty close to the old Spider-Man movie.

Chris Cesarano said...

The trailer failed HARD because of that overlong sequence from Spider-man's perspective. I feel like I don't really know the tone of this film in the long run. In fact, best I can imagine is this is purely for the benefit of the Comic-Con crowd, as it gives a peek of everything BUT The Lizard.

In general, though, it's just a bad trailer. Most people aren't going to know who Gwen Stacy is and they won't want to be bogged down in another origin story. In fact, I was kinda hoping that would be the least of it.

Samuel said...

correct me if I am wrong Mr. Bob, wasn't Peter's Parents S.h.i.e.l.d agents, or is that in only one continanity?

Adam said...


I recall them being American spies but not necessarily S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. But I got that from the 90's cartoon so who knows how accurate that is.

Anonymous said...

It's an OK trailer, but it left me without a hook. All the teaser offers is "OMG, it's Spiderman!", as if we haven't already seen this recently.

Reverend Allan Ironside said...

Well that's it. It's sold me on NOT seeing this movie. That guy looks to damn goofy to be either Spidey or Parker and I'm just not buying this. That bit of CGI looked like shit. The movie looks like shit.

Anonymous said...

Finally, an actual serious Spider-Man movie. Gonna call it right now, better than the other three Spidey films.

Chris said...

The Green Preview Screen at the start of the teaser had me more captivated than that teaser did. Too bad the director doesn't seem to have as much imagination as the person who made that Green Preview Screen.

And suddenly I have a hankering to play Mirror's Edge.

Anonymous said...

Bob, the mocking over-exaggeration regarding people's reaction to dancing Peter Parker got old a while ago. I know its hard to believe, but people did have other problems with that movie and with others other than that scene.

As far as the teaser? Eh. Garfield's body type works better for as Spider-Man than Maguire's ever did, but it seems like they're trying not to reveal too much at the moment; no shots of the Lizard, no real scenes of full bodied suit, no fight scenes, etc. The Mirror's Edge scene I suspect more as a trailer gimmick than something they'll put in the film.

I'll wait till we start getting actual trailers early next year before I start really judging it.

motyr said...

@Dave from Canada

You read my mind. I did check this out to see how Bob would tear the trailer apart.


I hadn't seen the bootlegged version of the trailer, and this was my first viewing of the official version. I have to say, I remain cautiously optimistic for this film. I hated the EW shots of Spidey's suit, but that's the only thing so far that has struck me as particularly off-putting.

I'm not sure if anyone here has seen 500 Days of Summer, Marc Webb's only other feature film, but I thought it was a very fine chick flick if there ever was one. If we could take anything from it as an indicator of his directorial skill, it would be his sense of style. He added plenty of sequences to 500 Days of Summer that pushed the extremely strict and predicable boundaries of the modern rom-com, and because of this, the film was satisfying and fun to watch.

It's because of that that I remain optimistic. So far, I like Webb, the trailer here seems to be well-shot, if nothing else, and Garfield is a very good fit for Peter Parker. Yes, the ending CGI sequence went on for a bit too long, and it didn't look great, but, this is a film that is just under a year away from release. We can't expect the footage used to be anything more than a "rough cut," and I wouldn't be surprised if this footage didn't make it into the film.

Elessar said...

No Bob, you didn't lose credibility on the new Spider-Man movie when you decided you didn't hate Peter dancing (incidentally, that was NOT the only problem that movie had, far from it, but that's neither here nor there.)

No, you lost credibility when you spent several months and let's not forget 2 Escapist articles, ranting about how terrible you think it's going to be. Sorry, you can either spend months ranting about how much you're going to hate it, or you can have your opinion on it be taken seriously. Can't have it both ways.

As for the trailer? Eh. Underwhelmed. But so many trailers underwhelm me that that's nothing special. Hell the Source Code trailers underwhelmed me and that's one of the best movies of the year so far. Didn't piss me off like Daniel Craig Solves A Mys, sorry The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Didn't leave me wanting more like DKR (can I get more people than me calling it Batception?). Just, underwhelmed.

Aiddon said...

Mr. Garfield, you're a good actor, but you are not Tobey Maguire. You're just not selling me that you're Peter Parker.

And no dice on the Captain America thing, Bob. The Avengers deal is still an annoyance as far as I'm concerned.

Blue Highwind said...

Honestly this movie looks better to me than the other Spider-Man films, which frankly, I didn't like. Not one of them.

Well, at least until it turned into Mirror's Edge, those effects looked really bad.

Matt said...

I am kind of tired of Bob harping on this film before it's even done filming. At this point I get the feeling that even if this flick turned out to be almost perfect, Bob would quote Armond White's review with the heading "I told you so."

Harp on pre-production rumours all you want, but a film will not be bad purely based on the fact that "it was a bad idea." Fucking Star Wars was a bad idea, but it ended up working out pretty well don't you think?

Like everyone else, I still have no idea if this is going to be a good movie or not. As for the teaser... well it's not that great. As a result of this and the recent EW shots, I think the marketing will be less than spectacular, but that's not too much of a surprise because marketing is almost always less than spectacular.

O.T said...

Well, I'm not any less excited. Which means I'm still at zero however.

Mr. Garfield seems to have brought a several more shades of emo into the spidey, which I cant say I'm a fan of. The costume is still a textile nightmare. The CGI sequence seemed almost hilariously out of place with the rest of the trailer. There is a criminal lack of spidey action.

Several people in this thread are bemoaning people picking on a movie that is not even finished, remarking that is could be good regardless of what we've seen so far. While I think thats fair, we are talking about this teaser right now, and it sucks.

A teaser is supposed to fill you with intrigue, and make you google search it every day for the smallest pieces of development info. This thing doesn't seem any more interested in me than I am of it. Maybe the official trailer will be better, maybe not, but I sure as hell am not seeing it at this rate.

Daniel R said...

I hated this trailer, hated it completely!

Being a huge fan of Ultimate Spider-Man I was more so optimistic about this film at the start, considering it seems as though it’s taking most of its inspiration from that. This trailer combined with that awful costume has destroyed most of what was left of that optimism.

I just can’t seem to grasp Garfield as Parker. I can sort-off see the “Spider-man” feel to him but that is perhaps the least “Parker-ish” performance I have ever seen. That’s coming from someone who’s seen “Turn of the Dark”!
I know it’s a trailer. I’m just hoping the final portrayal of the character isn’t like this.

Yeah, the First Person scene looks horrible.
I pray that’s not in the final cut of the Film.
Please, please, please don’t be in the movie.
I mean why the hell would the put this in the movi-
Wait… Is this in 3-D? Cause that would explain it.
Not make it any better but you know… explain it.

Why is this trying to be so goddamn dark and sullen?
I'm not complaining about its obsession with teenage angst. Ultimate Spiderman –which I still hold is the main inspiration for the film- is all about Peter’s anxieties, guilt, fear, and feelings of inadequacy both in relation to superhero issues and his own personal life. The key difference being that while Peter was beat down by life and in incredible emotional stress he seemed to deal with those issues in a healthier way and with a more optimistic output on life. The film –if we take the trailer and several other promotional images into account- seems to forget that angst isn’t only about staring blankly into the mirror, moping around on a pier and sinking into you’re desk with a black hoodie on.

All right looking back on my last few paragraphs, I feel a bit guilty. The film isn’t even finished so I obviously none of us can pass judgement on the actual movie just yet. But as a trailer it sure as hell didn’t get me interested in the movie. A teaser should grab my attention and make me think enjoyable things will happen in the film. This just made me hate the film before it’s even out. But whatever, I’ll try to continue absorbing news about this film with an open mind.

Hey I’ll look on the bright side, maybe this just really, really, really, really, really, really, incredibly, colossally shitty marketing.

Sarge said...

Bob why are you so fucking defensive? If you're not excited for the next Spider-Man movie than you're not excited for the next Spider-Man movie. Whatever. You don't need to pretend you've been fucking victimized by your fans.

"I'm well aware that, because I'm the guy for whom a minute or so of Peter Parker dancing WASN'T an apocalyptic event, everything I have to say about this is subject to outright dismissal."

Jesus Christ that was difficult to read. You sound like a child bitching about much his parents mistreat him because they wouldn't buy him both a 360 AND a PS3.

No one gives a shit about your opinion of a movie that came out 4 fucking years ago. Get the fuck over yourself.

Chris Cesarano said...

Re: Matt

I am kind of tired of Bob harping on this film before it's even done filming. At this point I get the feeling that even if this flick turned out to be almost perfect, Bob would quote Armond White's review with the heading "I told you so."

It's going to be the same thing as with the Green Lantern review. Remember how all he said about Green Lantern before it came out was "I have a bad feeling"? Yeah, we're going to be treated to the same thing here, only worse.

Which, again, is funny, as Green Lantern wasn't any worse or better than the first three Spider-man films. Maybe being a film guy MovieBob has some admiration for Sam Raimi or something, but he's far from being a great director. And I mean WAY far. Hell, a GOOD director would have been able to do something GOOD with the Producers getting their hands into everything than Raimi made with Spiderman 3.

I mean, let's think for a minute. Sam Raimi only had to deal with including Venom in the third film. He could have done ANYTHING with this, including ditching Sandman, or trying to make Venom interesting using his own interpretation of the character. Instead, he shoe-horned the character in, forced Peter Parker to regress, and Jesus Christ, even without Sandman, do we really need to have a brand new killer for Uncle Ben, meaning Peter Parker's emotional journey about responsibility really has less meaning since it wasn't his fault after all?

Now let's compare to David Fincher's first feature film, Alien 3, which didn't even have a finished script...yeah, Alien 3 is a MUCH better movie than Spider-man 3, and a HELL of a lot more cursed. But despite the studio fucking him in every orifice available, David Fincher still made a good film (your mileage may vary).

Sam Raimi just handled it like a whiny little bitch, really.

The trailer didn't impress me, sure, but I'm still willing to wait and give it the benefit of the doubt. Even so, seeing Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy is...well, it seems like the cast the right girl for the wrong role. Emma Stone doesn't look good as a blonde, and considering some of her past roles and red hair, she'd make a much, MUCH better Mary Jane Watson. I mean, try and tell me you can't see her smirking at Peter's front step and saying "Face it, Tiger, you just hit the jackpot".

Buuuuut, instead they bleached her hair and made her Gwen Stacy.

motyr said...

You know what? I'm tired of fucking superhero movies. There, I said it. I used to get excited every time I saw a new trailer for any superhero film, but as of late, that has seriously diminished. It's not just this trailer (as you can see in my first comment, I thought it was passable at least,) but, for example I don't want to see Captain America, I didn't see X-Men: First Class....There's just way too big a concentration of these comic-book heroes lately, and it's really off-putting. No more origin stories. No more. Please.

patrick.b.healy said...

The line "Do you have any idea what you are?" hurts me bad. A big part of the Spider-Man mythology is that he's an accident. He just stumbles into all this power. That line implies that there was intention behind his creation or some sort of convoluted master plan.
And basically, fuck that shit.

Also, could people stop pretending that this is a play-it-straight serious movie? This is going to be sold to teenagers. It's going to have those "jokes" shat out into it.

I'm not as pessimistic as Bob here. But I've got nothing to be excited about.

Smashmatt202 said...

In my opinion.... I didn't like the trailer. :/

Hyrabethian said...

"I'm the guy for whom a minute or so of Peter Parker dancing WASN'T an apocalyptic event."

Yeah this is where you and I differ Bob, that shit was worse for me than:

-When in the last Wolverine movie they decided to mute the merc with the mouth.

-Worse than when they decided to use CGI for the Green Lantern costume.

Just below being worse than.

-When they deciding to have Joel Schumacher make another Bat movie after how stupendously horrible Batman Forever was.

-When they decided Michael Bay should make Transformers.

...and the grand daddy of recent Hollywood fuck ups.

-When they decided to have Indiana Jones step into a fridge to outlive a nuke or have aliens in a Indy movie.

Lee Kalba said...

The origin story is almost always the most boring part, anyway, especially one that's so ingrained in the collective consciousness. That's why Richard Donner skimmed over it, his is Superman.
Also, I hate it when you post video from Yahoo, it never buffers right and is always choppy.

MovieBob said...


I have a REALLY bad feeling that whatever makes him Spider-Man is also what makes The Lizard; and that his dead biological parents are fundamentally connected to it.

That would be almost too perfect: they go "back to source," and the BIG thing they choose to keep - Peter Parker's parents were badass secret-agents/cops/scientists/whatever - is one of the DUMBEST parts of his mythology.

David (The Pants) said...

Parent's story aside, this doesn't look terrible, but it's a teaser trailer, so we'll see.

Mister Linton said...

@Chris C. Emma Stone is a natural blonde.

Chris Cesarano said...

Seriously? She makes such a better redhead.

Unless I'm confusing actresses...nope, according to Google, well, she makes a much better redhead.

That's funky.