Thursday, July 21, 2011

Batman Who?

I'm generally obliged not to give details as to what I thought of movies I've seen before they're officially released; but you may wish to take what you will from the following:

I am going to a midnight show of "Captain America." It is not a critic's showing or a free preview, it's a regular showing that I am paying regular ticket-price to see.

I am doing this even though I have already seen "Captain America," AND the "Avengers" teaser; for no reason other than I have an unignorable desire to see "Captain America" again.

I do not recall having done this for any other "big" movie released this summer.

Infer from this whatever you wish to infer, and make your near-future moviegoing plans accordingly.


motyr said...

Every Marvel film of the past 5 or 6 years has been a B+ at best.

Andy said...

So. The film is either THAT good, or... so horrendous and confusing you have to see it twice to take in all the awful.

But you're not speaking in a horribly depressed "I'm sick of movies ;-;" tone, so, the first thing.

MovieBob said...


I would call that a mostly correct - and probably generous - statement.

But I would also offer that I would rank at least two recent entries to be up in the "A" range. One is "First Class," the other I'm feeling may in fact be better than that.

motyr said...


Okay, I'll trust you. I've been getting pretty tired of the recent influx of superhero movies and have yet to see First Class just because I've had my fill as of now. I'll give this one a shot, we'll see how it goes.

Arturo said...

Marvel's Marketing team should've gotten this idea for a trailer first. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure copyrights and would probably have been a bit of a kick in the balls. Also, a bit of a PR problem, but honestly fuck that because I can't stop watching it.

Aiddon said...

Marvel started losing me around the time Iron Man 2 was revealed to be a directionless bore. I don't care about the Avengers. If it doesn't turn badly I will be SHOCKED.

And the only other film I'm interested in this summer is Cowboys and Aliens. The only attention I'm giving Captain America is in Marvel vs Capcom

Pat said...


I can understand you being tired of comic book movies.

But really, even if you don't want to see The Avengers because it's another Marvel movie, please go see it simply because it is a Joss Whedon movie. The guy is an undeniably talented writer who has a gift for tying together a clusterfuck of plot elements into incredibly satisfying pay-offs. And he's a huge comic book fan. If anyone can pull this off, this is the guy.

Plus it's about time the guy got to do something since Buffy that didn't bomb commercially.

Anonymous said...

@ Aiddon

Cowboys & Aliens is a comic book movie. =D

Aiddon said...

@Pat I liked Buffy, but I find that Joss Whedon is spectacularly overrated (much in the same way Nathan Fillion is). It's precisely BECAUSE he's a comic book fan that I'm worried. I don't trust him to have the required self-criticism to cut stuff for film. Comics are comics, films are films, you CAN'T make one like the other, period. And I don't Marvel understands that.

@BS Digital

But it's not a superhero movie. Let's face it, superheros are immediately what people think of with comic movies. They don't think of stuff like History of Violence or Road to Perdition.

Chris Cesarano said...


I do not disagree about Joss Whedon being over-rated in many ways, and I think the guy has gotten a huge stack o' hubris due to his massive following of "Whedonites" (if only they had read the original Alien Resurrection script, only a few steps above what the movie turned out to be).

In truth, Whedon may be the guy for this. Watching the Buffy series, I can tell that Whedon took a lot of influence from comic books in his approach to the series. Each season is like a volume, and even Angel and Buffy have comic book style cross-overs. As such, doing a comic book movie may be a good thing for him.

That said, I'm not expecting it to be good just because it is Whedon. Firefly is the best thing the guy has ever done, and even though Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse were enjoyable, neither achieved the quality that Firefly had (or was due).

So while The Avengers have a likely chance of being good, I'm not going in expecting it to be a masterpiece.

Aiddon said...

Uh, I just said "because he's a comic book fan" is why I'm worried. Sometimes they lack the required ability of being able to take a step back, examine their work, and go "well, this WOULD work in a comic, but these ain't comics people, we gotta make compromises due to the medium." And...I don't see him being to be able to do that, and him having written for Marvel just makes me even more worried. even if it's BASED on a comic, you can't write or present a movie like a comic. I can't even see it being a decent summer action film.

Pat said...


Given that Whedon has done work in both comics (Astonishing X-Men is one of the best series I've read) and film/TV, I'd say he probably has a very good idea of what would work in a film and what wouldn't.

Up until now, Marvel has basically only hired directors of film. Whedon is the first one who understands comics.

In my experience, Joss Whedon is often overrated simply because he's often under-appreciated. I disagree that he has developed any hubris basically because he hasn't had a successful endeavor since Buffy. Angel was killed just as he was starting to put his full attention to it, Firefly failed to get an audience, Doctor Horrible was popular with his fans but didn't exactly set the world on fire, and Dollhouse disappointed his fans who expected another Firefly and it just confused everyone else (plus it suffered from being an Eliza Dushku vehicle). If the guy is anything, he is not over-confident. Just the opposite, he always seems overly-critical of himself. If you listen to his commentaries, he's always pointing out stupid things that he did that you can tell he never lets go of, but he still tries to poke fun at it.

I can understand your skepticism, but I think that Whedon won't make the mistake of trying to make the movie too much like the comics if it doesn't work for the medium.

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