Friday, July 22, 2011

Escape to the Movies: "Captain America"

It's fantastic, go see it. Seriously, go - a superhero movie this good and this different "underperforming" would be a disaster for the genre.

Also: "Intermission" talks Easter Eggs - "Captain America" may feature the most obscure Marvel cameo ever.

AND ALSO: Did you watch the explosive new GAME OVERTHINKER yet??


Avistew said...

I'm sad I can't read your MovieBob article until after I've seen Captain America. Won't be out for a month here.

Definitely going to do my best to go see it though.

Kholdstare said...

Absolutely great movie. I think I liked Thor more, but that might just be my bias for Thor. >_> There was certainly no shortage of hot shirtless men in either movie, so that's a plus.

Hugo Weaving made an awesome Red Skull and villain altogether. Suitably, everyone clapped at certain *ahem* AWESOME parts of the movie. It was a very, very fun ride.

matteo said...

Definitely checking this one out, glad it's as good as we all hoped it would be. What an awesome summer for Marvel films.

Anonymous said...

The rotten tomatoes score doesn't reflect this glowing praise. It's getting out scored by "Conan O'Brien Can't Stop", "Super 8", and "Fast Five".

I intend to see it tonight either way.

counterpoint said...

sounds good. but how will it be for somebody who knows absolutely nothing about C.A. (and never really cared to)?

Sarge said...

Oh look, Bob liked this movie. What a fucking shocker.

Anonymous said...

And here I thought that this review would be just the sucking sound of Bob felating Captain America's dick...

Oh wait, it is...

I get the feeling that pretty much if any super-hero movie throw a continuity story under the main storyline and keeps bringuing up cameos that he gets (because it feels amazing to be diferent from the "normal" people huh?), he'll lap it up to the point of saying things like "perfection".

Ok, I'm being a dick, but you do know that people knew you were going to suck this movies balls hard don't you? And you know that a movie critic at least shouldn't have this strong bias to this point right?

Having a bias and subjective opninons about a movie (or anything) is fine and even necessary, but we know months beforehand that you would "love" this movie takes away any expectation to watch your show.

kevmon1116 said...

Just got back from the front-lines/My local movie theatre, having injested a healthy helping of patriotism as only the Cap can serve it. This movie is a total must-see, no question.

Also, that "special surprise" served at the end...

When it was done, I stood up from my seat and shouted "OH HELL YES!!!!!"

I have no regrets!

(Okay, techincally I was in the back row, not the "front lines," but it sounded more dramatic.)

Knoxy said...


The guy runs a movie news blog, he's made it his business to comment on the various ad-campaigns and marketing stunts pulled to get people into the theatre. All you're saying is that his opinion in this review falls broadly in line with his opinions of the trailer, the poster and the costume. All that means is there wasn't any Green Latern-esque "oh its actually this epic space opera trilogy" BSing going on.

Bob gives legitimate reasons for liking the movie in the review and they're well thought out and strongly argued, next to them in fact your cries of "BIASED BOO!" look pretty damn weak.

Anonymous said...

I don't have any problem with Bias, on the contrary, I think they make part of a critic. It's just this review, and pretty much anything he's been saying to be "great" months before it's premiere is just a fanboy rant.

Yes he does comment on trailers and such, but he's so over the top when he likes it, or don't. The whole fanboyism over Captain America that when we see his review it's ridiculous to see his act as "yep, I was right all along, the movie rocks/sucks". His "hype" takes the force of his opinion because we knew all along that he would love it.

And this review in particular does nothing more to praise the thing for being "perfect". Isn't there anything more in this moive besides not being "ironic"... or that they have a hot actress in it?

What about the support cast? it's said that Tommy Lee Jones owns. Or how about the fact that Captain America is a character with very little appeal outside USA and if the movie makes any effort to change that to foreign audiences.

Yes I know he only has 5 minutes and time is a bitch. But he wasted time about the "corn" bit, or how the little boy Bob is pleased to see his movie made, when he could have done a better job presenting the thing.

Talking about diferents aspects of the movie wouldn't make a diference on his opinion, but maybe some of his viewers, with different opinions, would have a diferent picture in what to expect about the movie.

KevinCV said...

Excellent review, Bob. I was planning on seeing this anyway, cos Cap is one helluva hero. Hell, even my mom wants to see it, and that was mostly cos of the trailer that played when we went to see "Thor" together as a belated birthday gift to her.

Also, you are so right. Alan Silvestri is a criminally underrated composer. Most people -including myself- remember him mostly for his epic themes for the "Back to the Future" movies, but the fact is, he's done other film scores that are just as awesome.

One that sticks out the most in my mind is "Van Helsing". I remember hearing the music for the first time in the theater when going to see it with my older brother and I was like "Wow! Who did the music for this movie? It's awesome!" When Alan Silvestri's name popped up in the credits, I was like "No way! The dude who did 'Back to the Future' composed this stuff?! That man's got some serious range!". Suffice it to say, when I found out he was composing for Captain America, I was overjoyed. I look forward to hearing what he did with it. :)

Andy Warth said...

@ machado42
The corny bit was actually very important (and it was, what? ten seconds?). He presented the movie exactly as it should be presented for Bob's main audience: "you are a nerd, right? Will you like it? Yes you will, because I liked it, because I'm one you guys" And what sold the movie to me was him talking about his expectations as a little kid, meeting the final product.

If you want the review to be specific about some other technical
aspects, you might as well look some other WRITTEN reviews (or check his intermission column) instead of bitching about it here. This review delivered for his usual audience.

Keep the good work Bob, love the videos.

kevmon1116 said...


Piss Off...

If you don't like what he has to say, piss off. Its an opinion show pointing out what he thinks are the selling points. Maybe he could be more descriptive, but this was more than enough to motivate me to get off my ass and check it out the first oppoortunity I got.

Plus, do we really need moviebob to tell us that Tommy Lee Jones is a good actor? Do we need him to explain that Cap doesn't have international appeal? (Gee, a superhero themed on patriotism to America doesn't appeal to people living in other countries? WOw! Who'd have guessed?) And How is he supposed to just KNOW how it's been changed for foreign audiences?

I know he was looking forward to this movie. I've been reading his blog long enough to know that. You know what else? I've read the blogs leading into Green Lanturn and his hopes that it wouldn't suck. Is his comparitive reaction surprising?

You're being a dick! If you don't like the movie just say so.

CrunchyEmpanada said...


This movie wasn't that great. It was average. On the high end of average, sure, but just average. It went through the motions as a normal every-day action adventure film, all the tropes and trappings played normally and predictably, from the female love interest who's establishing scene is to show us she's a "strong" woman in a position of authority and sure of herself (of course she then proceeds to spend the rest of the movie doing nothing but being a love interest), with the snappy one liners delivered by the military hardass, to a multicural (Because there were totally integrated units in WWII, and I can totally believe that Asian guy was most likely off fighting Nazis instead of busy being in an internment camp/sarcasm)rag-tag team of sidekicks who we're not given any backstory or reasoning for why they should actually be there helping Captain America, over anybody else. All the bad guys are literally faceless goons, and speaking of bad guys, you know that if that missile thing was crashed into that plane, being driven by a bad guy instead of Captain America, it would have exploded in a fiery inferno instead of allowing Captain America to board the plane again and save the day.

So yes. It was okay. It was a competently made action adventure. It was pretty fun. I'm okay with having seen it, it didn't make me angry. But it's not "perfect," at least beyond it being a "perfect" generic family friendly action-adventure.

Anonymous said...

@ CrunchyEmpanada
There WERE Japanese-American units that fought on the European front during WWII, albeit segregated ones.

CraftyAndy said...

It's funny I think this is the weakest of all the marvel films because I didn't feel the human side that much in the parts involving his girlfriend or his best childhood friend. But the elements you mentioned about Steve Rogers, personality, how he was played along with the Red Skull actually saved the movie for me. That variety show bit nearly killed it for me though, it just went on too long. Though I still think it's worth seeing.

Chris Cesarano said...

I feel like this, X-Men First Class and Batman Begins are probably the best happy-fun super hero films to be made, personally.

Watchmen is almost a completely different monster.

Either way, it's definitely one of the better films, and I'd say it is one of the must-see of the summer.

I do take issue with a certain spoiler regarding Bucky, though.

dkh said...


Okay, how exactly was Red Skull kicked out for being too evil? Because, as I recall, there was absolutely nothing about that in the movie. If anything was implied, ANYTHING, it’s that Red Skull was kicked out of Hitler’s inner circle simply because he wasn’t producing results. As far as the movie says, the gift of a facility was an “indulgence” because of his scarring. There was nothing about being too evil for the Nazis. Nothing.

And Hydra? They were about as threatening as Cobra. And not Cobra from the comics, or G.I. Joe Resolute, or even from the new movie – they were as threatening as Cobra from the 80’s cartoon. They successfully stop the super soldier program by… well, by blowing up the observation room where non-essential equipment is. I guess killing the only guy who knew how to make the stuff (who of course didn’t write down the 11 secret herbs and spices necessary to make more) really does prove how tough they are. And then, for the rest of the film, Hydra is a bunch of push-overs constantly on the defense. They get base after base destroyed, and even with their Magic Norse God Weapons they get their asses handed to them by even unarmed escaping prisoners. “Oh look, they captured a vehicle and are using it to blow things up! Even though our Magic Norse God Weapons can easily blow up a tank we’re not going to stop them because that would be detrimental to the story!”

Oh, and, y’know, did anybody think to tell the soldiers to flank Captain? Or shoot his feet? Or the floors around him? Because shooting him in his magical Invincoshield didn’t work the first fifteen times, so surely on try sixteen it would work, right? Zola yelling “Shoot him again!” does little but showcase remarkable stupidity. If they were going to ambush him on a train, why not rig cars with explosives? No, seriously. Why not? They’re already using weapons onboard that can destroy the trains – go a little further. What weapons finally outdo the Captain? Weapons that have spread. Flame throwers. Flame throwers, weapons that had been around for years by that point. No Cosmic Cube necessary. Nobody though to use grenades? Rockets? Anything like that?

Oh, and why is Stark everywhere? Doesn’t he have places to go, machines to invent, women to sleep with? No no no, he’s just hanging around the European Theater having fun. And so he’s flying a little dingy with Carter and they say they’ll pick up Captain America when he turns on his transceiver. Think about that. They’ll pick him up…. Behind enemy lines…. With a plane…. That has to land somewhere…. When Captain is on a mission to save approximately fifty POWs…. Who would all have to fit in said tiny plane…. Wow, the script writers really thought that one through, didn’t they?

Also, I won’t talk about Red Skull’s terrible master plan, but I will say that there was no given reason why Captain America had to ground the plane. He didn’t destroy it, he didn’t do anything special – he deliberately aimed it at the ground. If he could control pitch, then surely he could control roll and yaw and pilot it elsewhere, maybe land it so that America could get these wonderful technological secrets and so he could live. But nooooo, that would be detrimental to the Avengers timeline. He had to go down like a hero for no reason.

Look, the movie did a lot right. A LOT right. Truth is, I really enjoyed it. But that doesn’t change the fact that it bent over backwards to not make sense. It went out of its way to get things wrong. To really, really see it, all you have to do is look at the flag pole scene. In your mind, what would Captain America really do in that situation? Would he be clever and win the contest for himself, or would he suggest that all of them use teamwork to get the flag down?

Chris Cesarano said...

or would he suggest that all of them use teamwork to get the flag down?

Considering the context of that scene in the film, I'd say trying to get everyone to work together wouldn't matter. No one respected him, and more over the promise was for one person to get a ride back. I don't know if you've been the least physically fit person in a group of folks playing sports, but unless you're all friends, people will pretty much not listen to a single thing you say. I know from personal experience.

So Captain's choice to just be clever and win for himself is fine by me.

Oh, and why is Stark everywhere? Doesn’t he have places to go, machines to invent, women to sleep with?

I'd say part of it is for convenience sake, and part of it as a result of him being a major player in providing weaponry for the military. It at least explains why he was in New York for the World's Fair, which was conveniently the location of the base where Captain was serum'ed up. It also makes sense when he's around to help equip Captain with some new gear. But otherwise, well, I didn't really CARE why he was there.

Which goes the same for "why didn't anyone aim at his feet? Why is Captain suddenly clearing Hydra base after Hydra base?" It is true we never get to see the actual strength of Hydra against regular soldiers. There's no scene dedicated to a handful of Hydra troops busting up on a bunch of regular soldiers.

But focusing on this stuff feels like you are pulling yourself out of the film. It's not like these are gaping holes that contradict the film's own universe, or go against things said earlier. It's typical movie shut-your-brain-off fluff, the sort to be expected for a super hero movie.

If this were something different than Captain America, I'd care. But it's not.

I will agree that I was a bit mystified by Bob claiming the Red Skull was booted for "being too evil" as well. In fact, the Red Skull's own words were that he no longer fit the blonde-hair-blue-eyes aesthetic and was thus exiled. Whether this is true or not is unknown, but on the whole hints are either Hitler was disgusted, or the Nazi's were just getting pissed that Hydra cost a lot of money and was producing visible results.

Sarge said...

This was a terrible, terrible review, even by Bob's increasingly terrible standards. Steve Rogers having no character arc to speak of isn't a point in the movie's favor.

Hydra soldiers were less intimidating than Storm Troopers. I don't remember them killing anyone all movie, aside from the obvious German scientist.

Red Skull isn't kicked out of the Nazis for being too evil. Nothing like that happens at all.

What the bleeding fuck are you talking about? What fucking movie were you watching? Like, I even LIKED this movie. I'm really excited for the Avengers, and I don't need to PRETEND that this movie is FLAWLESS to be HAPPY with this EMOTION.

by the WAY, do you SEE how ANNOYING it is when I ARTIFICIALLY ACCENT certain WORDS in my SENTENCES for not fucking REASON? It's really ANNOYING isn't it? It's like I'm a TERRIBLE WRITER.

CrunchyEmpanada said...


I know. Nevertheless it was extremely uncommon and there is pretty much no way this random Asian guy from California is going to be rescued in a cell seemingly comprised of a multicultural unit.

And you know, about the Red Skull thing, I was under the impression he wasn't ever truly kicked out, that some Nazis were going to kick him out because Hydra wasn't producing anything useful, and that the Red Skull and Hydra basically left the Nazis because the Nazi's ambitions weren't high enough. Either way, it's certainly not the Red Skull being kicked out of the Nazis for being too evil.

Chris Cesarano said...


Hydra soldiers were less intimidating than Storm Troopers. I don't remember them killing anyone all movie, aside from the obvious German scientist.

In that case, you weren't paying attention enough. Several escaping prisoners were slain by their super-weapons, and you saw a bunch get killed in later scenes as well.

WaterBlender said...


The flight controls got busted, that's why the skull put on auto pilot, and why cap couldn't pilot it properly

End spoilers

Anyone notice the film seemed to switch to a digital camera from film in the last half hour? also only flaw I found was an edit, while cap was trying to reach there plan he swings on a chain, the next second he is running full bolt towards the plane, there seems to be two seconds missing where he hits the ground and starts running.