Thursday, July 07, 2011

Examiner Interview

Awhile back I did an interview with Charles Huang of The Examiner, the text of which is now online for everyone to bask in. ENJOY!


Aaron said...

Hitman is a flash in the pan? That deserves an explanation.

Chris Cesarano said...

Aaron, Hitman is far from being a memorable or notable game franchise. Uncharted, time may tell. But Hitman is one of those franchises that may have fooled people into seeing it because they had no idea it was based on a game. It's a title familiar to hardcore gamers exclusively, and even then it's not like it is a great franchise.

I can't hop on board the idea of a live action Mario, though. I don't think it is impossible, but what makes Mario so great is how normal the absurdity seems in its own universe. Once you bring that to live action, well, it becomes very clearly absurd. Very much "Wonderland" if you get me.

I'd love to see a very Pixar-esque Mario Bros. film. I don't just mean because it would look good in 3-D animation or what have you. I mean Pixar has a tendency to write excellent material that abandons age limitations and is just top notch work in all departments. The problem with most approaches to Mario is that no one wants to bring any heart into it. You need someone that can give it a plot like Super Paper Mario, where something serious can be said despite being an afternoon of absurd fun.

I think Toy Story is the best example of the proper tone a Mario film should have. I can't see that being similarly effective in live action, because when it is live action there is always that jarring "this isn't real, this is absurd" subconscious mantra. If it's all animated, then the world is consistence with itself and it doesn't matter.