Thursday, July 21, 2011

Game OverThinker Episode 54 is LIVE!

Here's the page on The Other Blog (updating w/details later)!
Here's the direct-link to ScrewAttack!

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Adam said...

In my opinion one of your best recent episodes. And I don't think there's anything in here I disagree with. I've participated in Op Rainfall a bit and I have really been amazed by the whole proceeding. I've never been confident that it would have the desired effect but it's been so encouraging to see gamers be proactive in this way instead of just bitching on the internet. I've never seen anything like it in the industry.

As for Nintendo themselves from a bottom-line perspective I really can't blame them for not bringing these games over but you're right: they SHOULD bring these games over. In fact they NEED to bring them over. While Nintendo themselves is not going away any time soon their reputation with core gamers right now ranges from being tepid to outright irrelevant. Nintendo needs to prove that the Wii U will have more than the latest round of Mario and Zelda titles and promises of games everyone already played six months ago isn't going to cut it. But yeah...Wii localization hasn't always great results even when it did happen (see Arc Rise Fantasia voice over).