Saturday, July 23, 2011

Post-Movie Podcast "Captain America" (UPDATED!)

I once again join the Post-Movie Podcast to talk about "The First Avenger." MAJOR SPOILER WARNING is in effect, but give it a listen if you've seen the film and please consider bookmarking their site, downloading or subscribing to the show on iTunes, etc - these are good guys, working hard.

UPDATED! I'm reasonbly certain that THIS is the commercial John Black was talking about:


Avistew said...

It's not actually for a douche. It's for a soap for that area. Using regular soap can cause irritations or infections because it's so sensitive, and not cleaning at all is just gross. External use only.

I recommend baby soap, it's cheaper and just as nonirritating.
The More You Know!

(For a second I was scared that they meant women when they kept saying "it". Which would have been a douche commercial all right, in a different kind of way).

Chris said...

Yeah, that commercial played in front of Harry Potter.


There was a lot of nervous chuckling in the theater. I can understand car commercials, but douche commercials... really?

Mads said...

Oh that commercial is absolutely brilliant.

I think it's a tad seems to say men want sex and are willing to do anything just for that. The vagina's fought over in the commercial are obviously equiped on women with a certain level of status, so it's not 100% clear-cut, but I still think the implication is there.

But it's hardly a problem; I do love me some humorous commercials when the sword cuts the other way, even though a lot of people seem to think those are sexist, so it's fair.

Here's the brilliance though: The implication is right there in the narrative, and it's pretty darn lewd. America needs more of that. That kind of commercial needs to be in front of every single movie.

It can't be censored because it's only lewd on a narrative level, but it illustrates how silly the american censorship laws are, and it seems intent on dragging the american public conciousness towards a less puritan attitude. It might play on insecurities of women, but that's a relatively minor evil if it can get people to think of sex as something that doesn't need to be covered up quite as much.

urahara75 said...

@Mads -
While I'd agree that the advert is quite creative in its delivery, personally I think it's a comedic bust (the (melo)dramaticism get's played for 10 seconds too long for my taste). Otherwise, you may definitely may be a genius regarding your other thoughts sir/ma'am.