Friday, July 22, 2011

They Have Risen

A Twitter pal linked me to this video of the new "Beavis & Butthead" relaunch from MTV. Dunno where it came from in the first place, as I haven't watched MTV in years, but I assume if it's a "bad" leak they'll take it down, so... whatever.

My impression? Wow... it's as though they'd never left. The animation looks basically the same as it did on the last season (are they still using hand-drawn cels? The original show ended well before the dawn of Flash...) and the boys are still wearing their band-T's, tormenting poor Stewart and - yes! - THE GREAT CORNHOLIO LIVES!!!

The big "new" hook, of course, is that the video-mocking interstitials have been replaced by mockery of MTV's reality-centric present-day programming; and if these examples of "Jersey Shore" whacking are any indication it's going to work out just fine. I like that they've preserved the gag that B&B somehow get exponentially sharper and quicker-witted when it's TV time:

SNOOKI: "Hello? Ya, I'm a whore!?"
BUTTHEAD: "That's how she answers the phone."

Actually, y'know what's even more genius about this? It plays PERFECTLY to the "real" target audience of this relaunch - now-grown Gen-Xers who'll be returning to MTV for the first time in a decade and HATE everything on the network now. Kind of deviously brilliant, that.


O.T said...

I'm loving this so far...

Aw godamnit. now I have to go watch all the previous seasons.

David said...

"On July 14, 2010, a spokesperson for MTV Networks informed a New York Post reporter that Mike Judge is creating a new Beavis and Butt-head series, that Judge will reprise his voice-acting roles for the show, and that the animation will be hand-drawn."

I'm not that surprised that it's hand-drawn though I am fairly certain the inking as well as the backgrounds (which rely on more vector-based line structure and uniform thickness and serve as a juxtaposition against the more free-hand organic lines and shapes of the character animation) are all computer.

Samuel said...
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Samuel said...

If they did this chart long enough, they can find out where herpes began.

HAHAHA oh wow!

Pat said...

I was too young for B&B back in the day, but I DID grow up with Mike Judge's King of the Hill, which I remember pretty fondly. I might give this a chance.

Curttehmurt said...

my mom wouldn't let me watch Beavis and Butthead back in the day, but I was fairly young so I suppose it was understandable, but I still managed to catch a few episodes and I bought the first season on DVD a few years back

REGARDLESS, I'm glad they're back!

Sylocat said...

My thoughts:

1. They took FORTY SECONDS to build up to a "he drives the screw further into his hand, rather than getting it out" joke?

Even if they'd had that happen the second after the screw went in (which is what you're supposed to do with jokes like that), it would have been incredibly predictable, but they build up to it, as if we don't know that's exactly what he's going to do?

2. So, not only "bunghole" jokes, but the same bunghole joke repeated over and over and over again, in a stupid accent?

3. I hate Jersey Shore as much as the next person with a modicum of taste (in fact, probably MORE THAN the next one), but after watching the Oscar Wilde parodies, this stuff just falls flat.

The only really "edgy" joke in this entire video was the incest joke, the rest just seemed custom-designed to appeal to thirteen-year-old boys who want to feel smug about watching stuff that their mommy wouldn't let them watch.

Samuel said...

The question now is, if the B&B revival pans out and makes boatloads of money, will MTV revivee some of it's other old shows? Like Daria (the B&B spinoff), or maybe even Celebrity Deathmatch?

If so, then there may just be a god.

David said...

Celebrity Deathmatch took a real who's who army of stop-motion animators to pull off. Many these animators went to Laika (which in the past year has scald down their animation department). Celebrity Deathmatch has been formally compiled onto a digital format for resale just recently though i believe them to mere copies of the vhs greatest hits from years ago. The series has attempted coming back before with little luck though given how well B&B does - MTV might make a new attempt if the conditions are right

Arturo said...

Ever have one of those days you're just happy to be alive??

So yeah, it's great and all, but here's a personal question:
Will Daria show up at some point?