Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend Catch-Up

I think I've mentioned this around a few times, but just in case: I'll be hobnobbing with game designers and journalists as the IGDA Summit in Seattle on Monday and Tuesday - participating in at least two panels - so if you're going too feel free to say hi.

In any case, here's everything you might have missed this past week...

TINTIN has a full trailer!

I agree with JIMQUISITION!

BIG PICTURE: "Hollywood History 101 -Part I"

DARK KNIGHT RISES teaser poster!

Fede Alvarez to direct EVIL DEAD REMAKE for Sam Raimi!

Scary-ass preacher guys!


Diablo Cody polishes the EVIL DEAD REMAKE script!

95-years-in-the-making JOHN CARTER has a trailer!

Entertainment Weekly gives AMAZING SPIDER-MAN a cover-story!

Some early DARK KNIGHT RISES teaser impressions...

A trailer for the "remakequel" of THE THING!

Scorsese makes a 3D KID'S MOVIE!

ESCAPE TO THE MOVIES: "Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows - Part II"


Sarge said...

You're gonna be in Seattle? I'm moving to Seattle. HOW IRONIC.

Baconchest said...

Have you seen the Hobbit stills of the dwarves yet Bob?/What is your opinion of the above? Am thinking there'll be a lot of nerd rage but personally I'm liking the different styles of each clan.