Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Big Picture: "The Collar"


motyr said...

That was really great. I enjoyed it lots for sure. Even though I was never a fan of Yogi Bear as a child (I loved The Flintstones for whatever reason, looking back I'm completely enthralled by how entrenched in 60s, "Mad-Men"-esque culture its "family values" were) but I found this to be great. Thanks lots, Bob.

CrunchyEmpanada said...

I seriously thought this collar thing was common knowledge.

The Joyous Insurrection Of Callooh Callay said...

Cool episode. Can't wait for more Hanna-Barbera stuff. And hey, how about just "POP CULTURE IS WEIRD"?

Lee Kalba said...

"Drawring" heh.
Anyway, it's also why anime will employ the "dramatic" freeze shots.
In comics, the cheat is to use close ups and motion line and what not, to avoid drawing backgrounds. Wally Wood was (in)famous for doing swipes, even of his own stuff and using black to obscure a lot of the background, something which Frank Miller took to another level, in Sin City. Though to be fair, when half the background is in shadow, your imagination kinda takes over and it seem much more than it is through the effect of closure. Something Gilliam used in Jabberwocky, to hide his lack of a budget.

biomechanical923 said...

WoW, I always thought the practice of putting hats and ties on cartoon characters was just to reinforce traditional gender roles to make it clear he's a male.

ex.. "Quickdraw is a boy horse, you can tell because he's wearing a cowboy hat and girls cant be cowboys duh!"

Dave said...

@Bob: this video was fine, except for the part where you brought anime and giant robots into the mix. That's completely wrong.

The manga characters from 1952 who were translated into being the first anime characters in the early '60s (e.g. Astroboy, Gigantor) happened to be robots. Following that, it just became a matter of tradition, as various studios tried to capitalize on the commercial success of "Tetsuwan Atomu," thus creating the market for robot-themed cartoons. Astroboy looks noticeably human, therefore turning your supposition (which you purport as fact, once again) on its head.

For those of us who do draw for a living, I can tell you that robots - including Gundams (Bob so thankfully showed us the RX-78 in this video) are actually loads harder and require more time to draw than regular humans. Ask anyone who draws the Transformers comics at IDW for a living, and they'll tell you just that (hence why artists typically charge more for commissions of the G1 Transfomers - if they are even willing to take on the task at all).

Also, anime seldom - if ever- used that technique Bob describes for the Hannah-Barbera toons. This is because typical "Western" animation has significantly more frames per second than Japanese animation, making a more hand-drawn approach easier and more cost-effective to do.

Other than that, everything else in the video is fine.

Fun fact - Optimus Prime's look was directly inspired by that of the RX-78 Gundam. There's a picture somewhere on the net of the two next to one another, and Prime's original concept art is little more than a palette swap of the original Gundam, with some of the details here and there shifted around.

CraftyAndy said...

this is why I draw comics instead. Can't really tell a dramatic emotional story with animation unless I have hollywood backing me up.

Lee Kalba said...
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Lee Kalba said...

Unless you're Pat Lee.
But, yeah, when you have to draw square robots, that usually ends up being like triple the perspective drawing you have to do. With rounded shapes you can fake it easier or use more reference.
Personally, I hate drawing robots and cars, though it's not as bad if I have toy/model to work from.

Max Wilson said...

This video not mentioning Ed Benedict even in passing is heresy. Yeah, Hanna-Barbera is the name of the production company, and yeah they were the heads of this movement in animation, and not just corporate heads, but Ed Benedict was what made the idea of cheap cartooning as art, work and work damn well. I hope you get to him on your next Hanna-Barbara video, but I understand if that's not what you're going for with the next one focusing mainly on the entire world of Hanna-Barbara and their evolution, or even devolution...but man, that's a fumble as far as I'm concerned, the guy deserves a name drop at the least in a show like this.

Besides that, something probably no one but animation buffs got, I enjoyed this, and am glad that you're expanding your coverage of nerdom outside of comics and stuff :) I enjoy this show and love the intellectual essay format in Big Picture and Escape to the Movies. Keep up the good work, Bob

counterpoint said...

wow, assuming you aren't BSing, this is super awesome work, Bob.