Friday, August 12, 2011

Escape to the Movies: "Final Destination 5"

S'okay. "Intermission" is a summer recap.


HDCottonJr said...

Man, sometimes your generosity makes seem ruthless in comparison.

Anonymous said...

Bob, I tried to point this out elsewhere but I guess I'll settle for here. You already reviewed a movie about invisible monsters chasing and grabbing people. It was called Paranormal Activity. You liked it. Granted, this movie may well suck, but that premise does not a bad movie make.

David (The Pants) said...

You think you can say what that scene with the acupuncture is all about? Is that those main characters killing other people in their place? Because from what I gathered from the trailers and my limited knowledge about these movies, I assumed this was one of the "doomed to die" characters who was told about it and then was like "Well, better go get needles put into me." and i though he was so fucking stupid that he deserved falling off that small wooden table. Please tell me that isn't the case.

Brady said...

shut the fuck up about the invisible aliens, the movie isnt out yet, and first of all if you go frame by frame through some of the alien scenes you can see a being inside the energy ball, so ya, there goes your reasoning

O.T said...

Brady. Brady, Brady. BRADY.

Calm down. Its just an opinion. It cant hurt you.

WaterBlender said...

kinda agree with brady, just not as aggressively. they are doing something different, and alot of great movies did come about by limitations. if i remember correctly, in 'jaws' the reason why the shark was shown in full so late was because it wasn't ready, not they were trying to build up or anything.
and not being able to see your enemy, that's scary.
reminds me of 'elfen lied', you couldn't see the 'hands' that were tearing people apart.

Lee Kalba said...

Yes, Jaws had to limit the shark money shots because the mechanical shark, Bruce, didn't work well in sea water. So, right off the bat, Spielberg became a success by accident.
Same idea behind Cloverfield, until they released the toy which kinda ruined any mystery that fans might have had.
10 to 1, they do a third act reveal of the aliens and they aren't so hot, design-wise.
I'm trying to keep an open mind, but I just have my doubts.
Oh, and yeah, Anne Hathaway in a leather catsuit, does not a Catwoman make.