Friday, August 19, 2011

Escape to the Movies: "Fright Night"

It's not bad!

"Intermission" covers "The Help."


KevinCV said...

I'm not the biggest horror fan, but I decided to watch the original Fright Night awhile back simply because of Roddy McDowell, who's one of my fave actors. I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. When I found out about the remake, I was annoyed, but decided to be cautiously optimistic since David Tennant was involved. That said, I may actually check this remake out now, since it's actually good. Thanks, Bob. :)

Ezenwa said...

Very interesting takes, to say the least, Bob. The Help is rewriting the civil rights movement? The new Conan stinks, but the new Fright Night is good? Who'd have thunk it?

Dav3 said...

Hey Bob,

I was reading something about Fright Night that named Disney as producer or distributor or something, which surprised me since it's also rated-R.

That's a surprise because I can't think of any other R-rated movie with the Disney name attached to it, can you?

I don't know if that actually means anything, it just fascinates me.

Rook in the Pumpkin said...

Oh, you're so cool Brewster!

There's no point in me seeing this remake. Nothing could possible live up to Amanda Bearse's brickhitting makeup from the climax of the original. But it's nice to know that it's not shite.

Also, so The Help turned out to be another Dances with Avatars?... bummer.

smile said...

Fright Night is actually my mother's favorite film! So when I found out they were remaking it I just though it was random... What obscure 80s film will they remake next? Alien Nation?

Goku50k said...

Does anybody actually see the point of rewriting the Civil Rights movment? the idea of "The Help" seems really contrived to me. The way Bob described it sounds a little bit racist as well, again this is the type of film where some specific race/some minority group in this case Black-Americans cant do anything on their own without the help of some young slightly hippish/rebellious White-American helping them out.
Yes I understand that Americans like these type of films but for once cant we just have a film about a minority group that doesnt involve some down and out White-American helping them. I mean a good civil rights movie is needed in my opinion, but why this? Are we really that insecure as a people that we need to keep creating films where minority groups cant help themselves? Yes this sounds like some stupid-rant, and it kind of is but i'm tired of these type of films and i'm tired of people rewriting history unless its some kind of parallel universe in a fantasy/sci-fi film.

TonyNola said...


Walt Disney company has rleased a LOT of R rated movies.

Walt Disney company owns freaking Mirimax (well it did from 93-2010 anyway),

Go take a look at all the mvoes Mirimax released in those years. Including stuff like Kill Bill.

Walt Disney Company has no problem producing & distributing movies with lots of blood & gore.

You just won't see the "Disney" company logo on them ;)

Unknown said...

Dear Bob,

Your pre-video rants for moviebob are driving me insane. Could you move them to intermission or after the video? Plus the sarcasm makes you sound really annoying.

A fan

Lee Kalba said...

Also, Disney had Touchstone. Some of Kurt Russel's break-out roles as an adult where when he was still under contract to Disney. Yeah, Kurt Russel started out in the same position as Miley Cirus (without the singing part), as a Disney brat.
Disney also own ABC.
I knew the new Conan would suck as soon as soon as I heard "I do not wancher kingdom, I wancher head." Am I correct in assuming that guy isn't chewing the scenery but devouring it whole and shitting it out on the other actors while fighting an ADD barrage of CGI monsters?

CraftyAndy said...

new conana is good to. Blood gore, fighting, gore sex! Khal Drogo! woo