Monday, August 01, 2011

This is Batman fighting Bane

ComicBookMovie (spoiler-tastic site, be forewarned!) has a ton of "Dark Knight Rises" set pics up showing Batman, Bane and others whose presence might be considered spoiler-y. A few of the pics, borrowed from eyeprime, give the first really good harsh-lighting look at the rest of Tom Hardy's "Bane" getup. Pics and speculation that will require a BIG SPOILER WARNING after jump...

I'm still not sold on Bane in general, but I like the idea of Batman fighting in daylight (assuming this isn't a day-for-night shot) with the caveat of hoping that they've found a way to shoot hand-to-hand combat in a manner that doesn't come out looking like Christian Bale is trying to claw his way out from under a pile of tires - otherwise, this will be the 7th movie where Batman is again rendered obviously immobile by his godawful rubber armor. More to the point: The leather(?) plate-armor on Bane's torso looks awfully League of Shadows to me.

Possible-spoiler discussion from here out, last chance to turn back...









Some of the other pix floating around from the same shoot show Bane carrying a torn scrap of paper, which many had assumed was director's notes or something to that effect. Well, at least one of the new snaps caught it from the facing-side, and it's not - it's a photo of Harvey Dent. Which means... who knows, but it's interesting.


Angry Man said...

Is that the crew around them or are they supposed to be fighting in the middle of a crowd of people on the steps of the courthouse in broad daylight? Cause that just looks awkward as crap.

Fett101 said...

The expressions on Batman's face are exceptionally hilarious.

TheDVDGrouch said...

I just like the idea that Bane is allowed to wear an actual honest to god shirt for a change. Instead of the strange tank top/ vest/ nipple thing he's usually stuck with.

On the story side would it be so strange for the League Of Shadows to break Bane out of Santa Prisca in exchange for his service? The last on had a bank job a prison break is the logical evolution.

Timzor said...

Batman looks WAY too happy about elbowing Ban in the chest.

John.E said...

@Angry Man

I saw an amature video someone took of that scene and its and big fight scene between cops (and maybe some civilians) and Bane's men with Bane and Batman fighting in the middle.

Dave said...

@Bob: this armor actually offers more mobility than any of the previous armors worn by the other actors, and not just in his ability to turn his head. The problem is not even that he's screwed/bolted into it. THE PROBLEM IS ITS HEAVY!!!!!