Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Big Picture: "Out of The Park"

In which I risk incurring the wrath of die-hard "South Park fans."

ALSO! The Game OverThinker episodes are back up on ScrewAttack!


Anonymous said...

A lot of those points could also be made about The Daily Show.

Sdcav said...

i didn't know you liked tf2, I mean it's not gray brown, but it is a shooter

David (The Pants) said...

I never really noticed that South Park had no philosophy like that, but I knew that it was stuff Trey and Matt liked and disliked. I also don't let it be my philosophy, but I agree with T&M most of the time and it's really one of the best shows on television IMO.

Sage Gaidin said...

Um... Heinlein was strongly libertarian (as a general label) in his outlook, and extremly leary of militarism in any form, and fascist militarism especially. Starship Troopers was written specifically as a warning to prevent that kind of society. And, despite just about creating the sub-genre of military sci-fi, it's really a political commentary and not a celebration of military life.
Just saying.
The rest, by the by, I either pretty much agree with or don't feel qualified to speak to. Good show. :)

Ralphael said...

Bob.... you just compared scientology, to mormonism.




O.T said...

Your just going to fly past the point aern't you?

Good episode Bob. The video form of Hulk's biting write up.

Ralphael said...

@O.T. The Point? The Mormon episode WAS about acceptance, but it was for well intentioned good hearted people that really didn't harm society and humanity as a whole.

IT IS NOT contradicted by the scientology episode. Scientology is a PROVEN cash-grabbing, life taking, dangerous cult that needs to be DESTROYED.

WHY would you consider the charitable good hearted Christian, as terrible as the scientologists who fed Lisa Mcphereson to cockroaches?

Matt and Trey could tell the difference, which is why they are two episodes regarding religion/cults instead of just one combined one.

I'm just surprised that it seems that Bob couldn't tell the difference.

Lee Kalba said...

Ask gay people in Utah how good hearted Mormons are.

jojjo said...

And ask a Scientologist how he feels...

The only difference between a cult and a religion is that a cult is small and exclusively accepts devout members, a religion is widespread and has a lot of casual members as well.

Keith Braithwaite said...

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