Friday, September 23, 2011

Escape to the Movies: "Machine Gun Preacher"

Holy, crap.
Frankly, this week I'm more enamored of "Intermission," which compiles all of the questions still unanswered from the pre-"Avengers" Marvel movies.


motyr said...

Bob, by this point everybody knows how enamoured you are of the 80s and of your disdain towards the 90s. But stick to video games and comics, keep your opinions of music to yourself.

Dave said...

@motyr: Correction - Bob needs to stay the fuck away from comics.

motyr said...


Whatever you say. I've never followed comics so I don't know what to make of Bob's opinions. However, I follow music religiously and I know he has the worst type of 80s-vision ever when it comes to that (ie. he's one of those 80s kids that loves hair metal and thinks Nirvana was the worst thing to happen to popular music.)

BTW Bob, you'll be surprised to know that REM is an 80s band, but they were rather progressive for the time and didn't gain much popularity until 1992 - nine years after the release of their first album.