Monday, September 12, 2011

Is Richard Castle an "Avenger"??

No, of course he isn't.

I'd feel worse about running grossly-misleading traffic-bait headlines, but this IS basically Disney/Marvel's whole promotion-strategy at this juncture, so really I'm just playing the game...

I wonder... have "Firefly" fans accepted yet that Nathan Fillion is now "Castle" to about 98% of people who actually know who he is now? (Oh, but don't worry kids - that Trek-level syndication-juggernaut-followed-by-massive-pop-cultural-revival is still toooootally just around the corner. Totally.)

In any case, here's the "story": A month or so back, ABC Network president Paul Lee teased a "secret" about a "marvel superhero character" being somehow related to an episode of the series' upcoming third season, which most people figured was a jokey reference to the title character putting on a Halloween costume (he went "as" Mal Reynolds in Season 2, so there's some precedence for this.) Now, - your #1 source for bizzarely-tantilizing non-news - thinks they've figured it out... and WHAT they think they've figured out is that it's not just a reference but a full-fledged 'real' character(s?)-cameo that would add "Castle" to "The Avengers"-continuity.

The "evidence": Lyle Lovett (seriously?) is listed on the IMDB as playing an "Agent Westfield" ("of S.H.I.E.L.D," presumably) in "Avengers," which is also the name of a vaugely S.H.I.E.L.D./Men-In-Black-esque agent character he played on an episode of "Castle" that involved a UFO/spy coverup.

FWIW, there's a certain amount of precedent for this: It's an ABC show, which puts it under the requisite Disney umbrella, and the series is big on "metafiction" - Fillion's title-character is supposed to be a mystery-novelist who teams-up with actual cops to solve murders (it's that kind of show) and ghostwritten 'real' versions of the books attributed to him are actually sold.


J.C. Hedges said...

I thought this was leading in to the rumor that Fillion was slated to star in the Ant Man film. Which he would be totally perfect for because he's Nathan Fillion right?

Puddle Jumper said...

The man is like Bruce Campbell. He's Nathan Fillion, simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm really looking forward to that Firefly revival that absolutely can't possibly not happen, I just wonder how Fillion will fit it in with playing Ant-Man and the Green Lantern and Nathan Drake and Ash and Jesus and Harry Potter while saving that school of drowing orphaned puppies.

Chris said...

Castle is still on the air???

Who knew?

Anonymous said...

I thought this was going to be about the Punisher. Regardless the answer would still be no.

That Ant-Man & Wasp movie does need to get around to being made though.

mstieler said...

@sewingrose: Nathan Fillion is Richard Castle as Frank Castle as The Punisher in [insert subtitle here]

Actually, that would be kinda funny to see.

john said...

So, uh, Bob, did Firefly fans steal your lunch money when you were a kid, or something? Because I find it kind of odd that every time Fillion's name comes up in relation to anything you run through this "ha ha, it's dead and you can't do anything about it" schtick.

Oh, wait, this is about the fact that half the cast went on to have voice roles in Halo games, isn't it?

Some of us just like Firefly for being Firefly, and Nathan Fillion for being Nathan Fillion, and hell, some of us even like Castle (well, up until that stupid fucking twist at the end of the last season, anyway.)

But that's okay, just another of your target groups to paint with the broadest possible brush in order to feel superior to.

Sarge said...

Hey, did you know that naked traffic baiting is frowned upon among people who like to blog responsibly?

oh, wait. You lampshaded it. That means it's okay.

Philbo said...

I don't get it. Are you in some kind of money trouble? You could always ask your readers for help.

I'm presuming thats the reason you are constantly traffic baiting nowadays: for increased ad revenue.

See the thing is, whether you say everyone does it or not, this traffic baiting crap is just getting annoying, and it's actually worse when you admit you are doing it.

From now on I am not clicking a post where I can see you say you are "playing the game" with readers.

This is just like your drama bits in the GameOverthinker. Just because everyone else does it doesn't mean you have to; and to be honest, the reason you didn't is why I (an a lot of former vocal others) turned up.

Ankhwatcher said...

So your saying that Mal Reynolds plays Jessica Fletcher?

Keith Braithwaite said...

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